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Cakes_By_Bright Posted 12 Oct 2008 , 3:53am
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Originally Posted by marccrand

A couple of months ago I used this thread to ask what a PITA is. A couple of very nice people responded that it is a "Pain In The A**" Now I get it! icon_wink.gif

Today, after the crash of March '08 I was reading a thread that used that acronym and I wondered if it was still here. Nope, it was lost in the crash. Here it is again if anyone wonders about it in the future.

Wow I feel like an as*...I saw it today and SWORE the person spelled PETA wrong, and I couldn't get why the person referred to the other as "PETA". Oh well...

I saw today CS...I thought it was confectioner's sugar, but not sure because another person referred to both CS and PS and PS is powdered sugar, so I'm lost. (nothin new, actually)

Rose_N_Crantz Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 1:23am
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I would have checked through the thread to make sure this question has been answered, but there are 11 pages, so I'll just ask.

What does SPS mean? I just saw it in a thread and I can't figure it out.

fiddlesticks Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 1:26am
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kwim.. Anyone know that one ??

dragonflydreams Posted 27 Oct 2008 , 5:44am
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kwim . . . know what I mean . . .

SPS . . . single plate separator . . .

frostingfairy Posted 5 Nov 2008 , 5:33pm
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enoid Posted 6 Nov 2008 , 3:19am
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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

dragonflydreams Posted 6 Nov 2008 , 3:31am
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Originally Posted by frostingfairy


random act of kindness . . .

RebeccaC Posted 7 Nov 2008 , 4:40am
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dragonflydreams Posted 7 Nov 2008 , 7:07am
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. . . BUMP . . . "Bring Up My Post" . . . we are encouraged not to use this unless we are the original poster and our question has not been responded to for several hours . . . it causes our post to circulate back to the top of the pile (so to speak), so that hopefully someone will see it and be able to respond to our question since it was "overlooked" the first time around . . .

appletaffy224 Posted 29 Jan 2009 , 2:29am
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Lisa, Thank you so much for the list! I am fairly new to C.C. This was very informative. Thanks again!

Creative_chika Posted 7 Mar 2009 , 12:43am
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I was wondering what MMF, DD was when I first found this wonderful website...

Michellers Posted 3 Apr 2009 , 9:17pm
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Usually I'm pretty good at figuring out these acronyms, but this one is throwing me for a loop.


As in "I am a CSM"..


EnjoyTheCake Posted 5 Apr 2009 , 6:14am
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I've noticed on alot of comments in the galleries it starts with CSM

I can't figure out what CSM might stand for. anyone?

Adria_NyxxTX Posted 20 Apr 2009 , 8:04pm
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I often equate DH to 'Doodie Head' when referencing my husband....

G_Cakes Posted 28 Apr 2009 , 12:53pm
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ok after scrolling through page after page of comments can anyone tell me is there an updated list with all the acronyms and their meanings?

This thread is to long to search through every comment for the answers...thanks icon_smile.gif

GM1654 Posted 18 May 2009 , 4:37pm
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I surely was glad to come across this! I am quite new on here and had written down several letters that I hoped to sometime figure out what they meant. Thanks!

RainbowCake Posted 26 May 2009 , 7:52pm
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This a definite Must Read for newbies. Thanks.thumbs_up.gif I was surprised this post started in 2005 .

mbt4955 Posted 3 Jun 2009 , 2:11pm
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Is there a list in this thread that has been updated since the original post (or a Google page)? I just recommended this one to someone and hadn't checked ... I didn't know it had gotten so long!


Uniqueask Posted 7 Jun 2009 , 2:26am
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Some of these I did not know

7yyrt Posted 8 Jun 2009 , 12:10am
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CSM : Critique Subgroup Member
A subgroup of Gallery Supporters who critique each others work. Information on them are on the Gallery Supporter page.

Michellers Posted 8 Jun 2009 , 2:34am
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Originally Posted by 7yyrt

CSM : Critique Subgroup Member
A subgroup of Gallery Supporters who critique each others work. Information on them are on the Gallery Supporter page.

Thank you so much! I've been wondering what that means.

helen3743 Posted 9 Jun 2009 , 4:25am
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do you already have Michele Foster's Fondant / MFF?

missbeth5281 Posted 22 Jun 2009 , 3:52am
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What is SPS?

sweet-thing Posted 5 Jul 2009 , 3:35pm
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klallen21 Posted 14 Jul 2009 , 3:07pm
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Yay! Thanks for these..I'd been wondering about a few!

threeforhim Posted 4 Aug 2009 , 1:49am
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what is RTR or RTR icing/fondant?

delilahmarie Posted 3 Sep 2009 , 1:04am
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What about SPS? I don't see that on the list. And I'm clueless.

bmmcleod Posted 21 Mar 2010 , 5:21am
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I am fairly new to site...What does RFT stand for

JanH Posted 21 Mar 2010 , 6:18am
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Originally Posted by bmmcleo

I am fairly new to site...What does RFT stand for

Were you referring to this RFT post:


bmmcleod Posted 21 Mar 2010 , 12:45pm
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It was not a forum post I saw RFT in. It was some descriptions of peoples cakes and what they were made of.

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