Mexican Themed Cake?

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wendysue Posted 14 Jun 2006 , 12:53am
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Looking for ideas and don't find a gallery for this theme. Maybe I'm missing it, hopefully! Seems like there would be a lot of ideas out there for this, but not finding many. Anyone have ideas?

I need to make a 11"X15" sheetcake (single layer) for this Sat. Just looking for cute ideas on how to decorate it. I've been given free license to do whatever I wish, so long as it's a mexican theme. It's for a 12 year old boy's bday.

Any ideas would make my day!
Thanks. icon_wink.gif

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Doug Posted 14 Jun 2006 , 12:57am
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Jenn123 Posted 14 Jun 2006 , 1:01am
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Make or draw sombrero, maracas, cactus, burro, flag, or dancers etc. Make vines and jalapenos around the edge. I have a cute one with peppers for a bridal shower in my gallery.

gabbs Posted 14 Jun 2006 , 1:12am
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I was going to suggest "un traje tipico" it's like a a wardrobe that simbolizes Mexico, until I saw it was for a kid, but i have another idea, u could make a "tipical mexican pinata" with candies and surprises coming out of it ...

patton78 Posted 14 Jun 2006 , 1:15am
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I was going to suggest the same thing as Jenn123. I think that would make a really great cake and include many Mexican themes.

tripletmom Posted 14 Jun 2006 , 1:21am
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I have done some sombrero cakes that were a lot of fun to do, they are in my gallery. I did add maracas and a serape to one as well. Here is the link to the instructions from Wilton:

You could also try doing a search for cinco de mayo (sp?) cakes, which I believe is a national holiday in Mexico.

You do beautiful cakes so I can't wait to see this one as well!

Jenn123 Posted 14 Jun 2006 , 1:24am
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cordy Posted 14 Jun 2006 , 1:46am
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Oh one of my favorite Hispanic holidays is Dio de Los Muertos( I think that's right, Day of the Dead) there are very cool archaic skeletons and bright colors... do a google search and see, since the boy is 12 I think it would be pretty cool, my kids like them... There are also these bright colored flag type things... anyway see what you think

wendysue Posted 14 Jun 2006 , 5:52pm
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Originally Posted by Jenn123

Did you try a search? Here is one for "Mexican"

Jenn, this is what I was looking for but apparently lacked the brain cells to find! Thanks!! icon_wink.gif

Thanks to everyone else too for the tips and links! Appreciate it! Wish me luck. thumbs_up.gif

pinkopossum Posted 14 Jun 2006 , 8:54pm
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gorgeous cake! good luck wendysue!

Jenn123 Posted 14 Jun 2006 , 9:07pm
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When you go to the gallery, look up at the top center. There is a tiny "search" text under the page name. We want pictures when you are done!!

twomamasgirls Posted 13 Jun 2013 , 3:19pm
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AAre there any instructions for the skipyjon jones fiesta cake?

Lynne3 Posted 13 Jun 2013 , 7:47pm
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On google put in "Mexico Cake" instead of Mexican

There are a ton

hbquikcomjamesl Posted 13 Jun 2013 , 9:11pm
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The first thing to pop into my mind, seeing the thread title, was "Tres Leches." That, by itself, would have a Latin American theme, even utterly devoid of decorations.


Likewise, remember that it was the ancient Mexicans (and other ancient Mesoamericans) who discovered both vanilla orchids and cacao beans, and invented chocolate (although the latter was originally a drink, and was spicy and bitter, rather than sweet).

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