Furious, Ticked, Miffed And Hurt!

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SweetResults Posted 24 May 2007 , 3:36pm
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I'm waiting too!!

bobwonderbuns Posted 25 May 2007 , 12:15am
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I hate cliffhangers! icon_rolleyes.gif

marcy11 Posted 25 May 2007 , 2:45am
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Not hearing the end of this situation makes it feel as if I have just watched the season finale of a good T.V. show! I am reaaly interested in seeing how this turned out!

bobwonderbuns Posted 25 May 2007 , 2:48am
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cakesbyamym... where are you... please come and put us out of our misery... icon_rolleyes.gif

Erika513x2 Posted 25 May 2007 , 2:50am
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DON'T DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DON"T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MORSELSBYMARK Posted 25 May 2007 , 4:58pm
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This thread is better than any tv show out there! What ended up happening?

Tramski Posted 25 May 2007 , 5:03pm
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It looks like her last post on CC was the 13th, I hope her family situation didn't get worse.

Katskakes Posted 25 May 2007 , 6:08pm
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omg, i'm just done reading each and every reply of this post. i too can't wait to see what's happened. I hope all is ok with the family and gma. Looks like the cake was for this wknd, so we'll have to tune in on Tuesday to find out. Hugs to you and you've handled yourself well.

bobwonderbuns Posted 25 May 2007 , 6:13pm
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I PM'd her and haven't heard a response.

Ironbaker Posted 25 May 2007 , 7:47pm
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Add me to the addicted and waiting list now...

I hope her family is OK.

The original post did say the wedding was in 2 weeks...2 weeks exactly is today. But it may be a saturday wedding.

This reminds me of that looong thread we never, ever received an update on almost a year ago! Does anyone else remember it? The title of the thread was "I've been snubbed!" but it wasn't the original post, it was a post within the thread we were all enthralled by. It was the woman whose coworker asked her to do her wedding cake and she wanted a lot for nothing and was snooty about it. Told her "it's just cake" and said she was going to make her own wedding cake then because it "can't be that hard". LOL

I'm still heartbroken that we never heard the end of that one. icon_razz.gif I'm afraid to post to it and bump it because I know a whole new group will read the thread and be disappointed at the end. icon_lol.gif

icing_fever Posted 25 May 2007 , 8:14pm
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It's like a great novel that has the last few pages torn out..... I'm sure she'll be back icon_wink.gif

cakesbyamym Posted 25 May 2007 , 8:16pm
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Hello everyone. I'm SORRY that it's taken this long to get back with an update...it wasn't intentional. After my husband's g'mother passed away, thing went from crazy to frantic. Now, his g'father's health isn't what it should be, plus, I've been in bus driver training at work, etc. It's been CRAZY!!!

Okay, the check DID arrive via Fed-Ex. I held onto it for several days without doing anything with it. I contacted the bride again, and she's been so apologetic about her mother's actions and antics. Apparently, it was just the case of mom wanting to run it all, and make all of the decisions. I have not spoken with the mother another time. I've kept all of my contact with the bride. After all, the contract was between she and I. I felt sorry for the bride, being in the predicament that she was in, but it was only after she *guaranteed* that mommy would be nowhere around me during set up that I agreed to continue as contracted and do her wedding cake, cookies, etc. So, this weekend (Sunday) is the wedding, and I have to tell you, this is one that I can't wait to have behind me.

Thanks so much for the insight and advice, ya'll!!! I am now ammending my bridal contract to where the balances are to be paid in full 30 days prior to the wedding. No more last-minute questions of whether the wedding will be done or not.

Thanks again!!!

Please continue to keep our family in your prayers and thoughts. It's still pretty rough for us all. We are a tight-knit family, and it's tough. icon_sad.gif


Tramski Posted 25 May 2007 , 8:21pm
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I'm happy it all worked out and will keep my fingers crossed for you until Sunday it over icon_wink.gif

Sorry about your loss and will keep your family in my prayers.

Katskakes Posted 25 May 2007 , 8:31pm
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I'm sorry to hear about gma and now gpa's situation. your family is in my prayers. ((HUGS)) you've been thru a lot. Good luck this wknd and have fun making it, you have a good heart. i think most of us would have thrown in the towel wks ago. i can't wait to see the picture of the cake and hear how it went after setting up.

Ironbaker Posted 25 May 2007 , 8:54pm
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I'm sorry to hear of your family's loss and I hope grandpa makes it through. icon_sad.gif

You've handled this situation very well, the best of luck come Sunday! I really hope that "mommy dearest" stays away.

cakesbyamym Posted 25 May 2007 , 10:04pm
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icon_smile.gif I appreciate the support and most importantly, the prayers. Papaw seems to be doing better...day by day...but after 57 years of being with Mamaw, I can only imagine how heartbroken and lonely he is. We're hoping to have a break from monster amounts of cake orders in the coming weeks to where we can go back up (mountains of NC) to visit with Papaw. Ethan and Gracie (our children) LOVE it at Papaw's. His home is located in a "holler"...you Southerners know what I mean...LOL...creek running through the front yard...mountains as far as the eye can see. Who wouldn't love it there? Ethan and Gracie went "crawdad huntin'" after the funeral in Papaw's creek. That was their first time. LOL. Papaw had such a grin on his face watching their excitement! icon_smile.gif

Again, thanks so much for the support and prayers!!!


PS: I'll let you all know how it goes when we get back Sunday afternoon!!!

GO TONY STEWART IN SUNDAY'S COCA-COLA 600!!!! icon_smile.gif

HollyPJ Posted 25 May 2007 , 10:15pm
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Thanks, Amy, for letting us know what happened. I'm glad the bride is more reasonable than her mother!

My best wishes and prayers for your family.

Please post on this thread when the wedding is over. I'd love to see the cake and hear how it all went. (The reason I specified "this thread" is sometimes people will post a follow-up to a story on a new thread, and since not all of us catch every thread on CC, it's easy to miss) Thanks!

marthajo1 Posted 25 May 2007 , 10:35pm
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Amy I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers next week.

BTW - --I agree Holly! Thanks for specifiying here! I always go back to threads and will ask what happened!

cakesbyamym Posted 25 May 2007 , 10:39pm
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I promise to post my update right here. thumbs_up.gif I like following up with posts, too, and get confused when I can't find the updates within the original post.



yh9080 Posted 28 May 2007 , 1:26am
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Hi Amy! I hope all went well today with the cake!

I also wanted you to know that your family is in my prayers.

cakesbyamym Posted 28 May 2007 , 2:40am
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Hi everyone. Just wanted to check in to wind this post up with a report back on the wedding. I had a heck of a time out of my fondant for some reason...had help from folks right here on CC...worked through it and everything turned out beautifully. I'm going to attempt to upload the pictures...

Thanks again to each of you for the advice and prayers!!! Ya'll are the best!!!


cakesbyamym Posted 28 May 2007 , 2:42am
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My pics are too large, apparently. I'm not sure how to decrease them, so I'll just say that they're up on my website home page (upper right corner) and more are on the wedding cakes page (far left side).

Thanks again!!!

bethola Posted 28 May 2007 , 3:17am
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Looked on your website! GREAT JOB! So, now it is finally OVER! Kick back and relax!

Beth in KY

BeckySue Posted 28 May 2007 , 3:19am
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thumbs_up.gif Great job Amy!! thumbs_up.gif

Cakes, cookies, AND strawberries with all the drama from MOB?!?! Amazing.....

So sorry to hear about the loss of Mamaw. Sounds like Papaw will be ok. Crawdaddin is just the thing!! (Especially with your kids ) You and your family are in my prayers - I hope you have a little peace now that this wedding is over.....

cakesbyamym Posted 28 May 2007 , 3:21am
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Thank you, Beth and Becky.

You know, I forgot to add in on my update that when we had finished with the cakes, cookies, pictures, etc., we glanced around the room, and there she was....THE MOTHER OF THE BRIDE!!!!!!!! Okay, I'm not positive that it was her, but she had the corsage on...formal MOB gown...I just know it was her. Anyway, we high-tailed it to the service entrance. Our job was done anyway. No need to have me in tears... LOL. I'm so happy with the job that I did...and I don't say that often. I'm my worst critic. I guess that all decorators are like that. We see the flaws and imperfections that others don't. Anyway, it's over and I'm pleased. I hope that the bride and groom are as well. They are truly a very sweet couple!


marthajo1 Posted 28 May 2007 , 3:35am
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I am going to go to your site and look at the pics but if you would like to have them here... try www.shrinkpictures.com I love it to shrink my photos!

zoomitoons Posted 28 May 2007 , 4:36am
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Amy, the cake is beautiful!!! you did an awesome job and the MOB should have been kicking herself for what she did.
I have been praying for your family since I first read this.

BarbaraK Posted 28 May 2007 , 9:08am
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Had a look at your website and the cake, cookies and strawberries look really good. Glad all turned out well. My condolences on the loss of Mawmaw and I will keep your Pawpaw in my prayers.

Just off topic, I was wondering why you put your schedule with the names of your client and other details on the web?

cakesbyamym Posted 28 May 2007 , 9:11am
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Even though I send out confirmations for deliveries/pickups the week prior to the scheduled time, my clients requested "reminders" on my website. This has proven a valuable, and appreciated tool for the clients. They love it, so I keep it updated for them.


beccakelly Posted 28 May 2007 , 2:15pm
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another question about your website amy, did your "preferred" vendors pay for you to advertise on your site? or is it a "i refer to you, you refer to me" kinda thing? you have so many unique features on your site!

the wedding cake looks beautiful, im glad it all worked out for you!

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