One Huge Cake!!!!!!!!!!

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joanmary Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 5:41pm
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Wow! You did an awesome job!!

lasidus1 Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 5:42pm
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oh, and happy canada day! try to enjoy it, although i'm sure you are exhausted icon_razz.gif

Momof3boys Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 6:04pm
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AWESOME CAKE!! Wow! I couldn't even begin to imagine undertaking something so huge! Great job! I KNOW everyone will absolutely love it!! thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif

cindy6250 Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 6:15pm
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You did a fantastic job!!! Congratulations. Your little mountie is darling... Don't be so hard on yourself, we are, after all, our own worst enemies.


angelas2babies Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 6:20pm
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You did an awesome job!!! You should be very proud!


daltonam Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 6:22pm
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icon_biggrin.gif BE PROUD, YOU DESERVE IT--AMAZINGLY AWESOME JOB icon_biggrin.gif I COULD NEVER EVER DO WHAT YOU'VE DONE, AGAIN BE VERY VERY PROUD icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif

bekahd Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 6:32pm
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Gibson, I'm floored. I just read this entire post for the first time today, and you did a terrific job!
Now go get some sleep! You should wake up feeling rightly pleased with what you just accomplished.
All the best,

ps3884 Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 6:34pm
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That is one big cake! icon_eek.gif You are being WAY TOO HARD on yourself!!! What an AMAZING cake!! I love the maple leafs and the little mountie is soo cute. I can't imagine how you got the cake so level. Please give yourself a well deserved pat on the back. You deserve it! thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif This cake is sure to generate orders!! Congrats on a job well done! icon_biggrin.gif

koolaidstains Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 6:42pm
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That is such an incredible cake. You should be very proud of yourself!!!

carrielynnfields Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 6:45pm
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AMAZING job! Be sooo very proud. You did fantastic!

countrygal Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 7:25pm
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*gets up from floor* wow, that is awesome! thumbs_up.gif I fell out of my chair when I saw it. icon_surprised.gif Amazing. Simply amazing! You did a great job so don't be so hard on yourself!(i'm that way too) I didn't see anything wrong with it.

I'm sure you will get many orders.

I have a question though, (and it maybe somewhere in this thread and I just overlooked it) how did you get it that big?


loves2bake Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 7:26pm
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Gibson, The cake looks FABULOUS!! The border you added really makes the cake and the maple leaves are the perfect final touch!! You worried over this, but you really excelled in the end - GR8T JOB!! thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif

Molliebird Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 7:33pm
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What a wonderful cake! You should be very proud and should own your own business with all the orders you will get from it. Happy Canada Day!

TheCakeSmith Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 7:38pm
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icon_surprised.gif WOW! That turned out AWESOME!!
We'll make sure and say I told you so when you come compalining that you can't keep up with all the orders you get out of this cake!!
You did a WONDERFUL job! I'm really proud of you!

casebit Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 7:48pm
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You did an awesome job! You should feel very proud of yourself for taking on this huge challenge! I can't wait to here all the positive responses you got for this cake!!!

greenhorn Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 8:01pm
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That cake is incredible. You should be very proud of yourself to taking on the challenge and meeting it!

sara1596 Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 8:28pm
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You did an excellent job. the cake was perfect.
You should be very proud of your self for taking the challenge and get ready for all the cake orders you are going to get soon. thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif

mgdqueen Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 8:48pm
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What a terrific job you did!! I love the colors of the provinces, the beaver, the maple leaves, LOVE it all!! It's amazing! You will have SO many orders coming in after this one!!

camcat Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 9:30pm
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I'm a newbie--just joined this week--and have been following your cake saga. I just got home from grocery shopping and had to come check your progress before I put all the groceries away! Your cake is AMAZING!!! I'm so happy for you that you so successfully accomplished what you once doubted. Great job!!

canoewoman Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 9:48pm
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ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. I hope you sent a ton of business cards with this. Amazing job. Where can I go to get a piece???

Lemondrop Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 9:57pm
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WOW! Gibson!! It's amazing!!! You should be soo proud of it!!! So, what did they say???

I LOVE it!!!

rezzygirl Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 10:06pm
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I have to join the other posts and say Wow!!! icon_surprised.gificon_surprised.gif Great job! Dont forget to post it in your gallery!! You have to let us know what happened!!

NEWTODECORATING Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 10:14pm
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Unbelievable! I have been following this post and have been sitting on pins and needles waiting to see the finished product! I am sooo proud of you and you should be very proud of yourself!! I can't wait to hear what they have to say!!

morgiana Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 10:24pm
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This cake is just great!!! it turned out very impressive! you should be proud of yourself!
You did such a great job, I know that there always are things that we are willing to improve, but you still shouldn't make yourself smaller, only because sth went not completly as you wanted! (eventhough I think that it's perfect)

Ironbaker Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 10:57pm
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Gibson you should be SO PROUD!! I am for you. I'm just now reading this thread and was going through every emotion with you. lol

IT IS FANTASTIC!!! We are our own worst critics but please listen to your cake buddies, it is awesome. And if we think so, the average Joe at the celebration today who does not decorate, will think it is the best cake ever!

I can't wait to hear how it was received and I hope you are able to enjoy the day and get some much needed rest later.

And may you get tons of business from this! (and maybe a bonus too! $300 was a steal for them)

jen1977 Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 11:09pm
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WOW! You did a great job pulling that off! It looks wonderful! You really should be sooo proud of yourself! I hope you get tons of business from this!

imartsy Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 11:09pm
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WHOA!!!! You have got to be kidding! This is AMAZING!!! I don't know ow you can NOT be BUSTING AT THE SEEMS WITH PRIDE!

Once you recover, you'll have to post a tutorial on how you did this! (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!)

BTW, how did you do the beaver guy? Is he a FBCT? You are amazing

JamesSweetie Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 11:55pm
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OMG icon_eek.gificon_surprised.gificon_eek.gificon_surprised.gificon_eek.gificon_surprised.gificon_eek.gif

I had to go and get my husband to come see this, it's ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!! As a fellow canuck you did the country PROUD!!!! Seriously, even my husband's jaw dropped to the floor, he couldn't believe it. You should be beaming at this, I know you are probably just utterly exhausted right now!!!

Congratulations on a job amazingly done, you're going to need a new phone line after all the orders you're going to be getting from this cake!! thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif

mysticamethyst Posted 2 Jul 2006 , 1:56am
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I am a very new member, joined this week. I don't think there is anything that I can say that hasn't been said. That is just an outstanding cake. The size, the maps, everything. Make sure to enjoy a hot bubbly bath and relax.


leily Posted 2 Jul 2006 , 2:13am
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Wow Wow WOw icon_eek.gificon_eek.gif ABSOLUTELY amazing. Your cake is wonderful! Those maple leaves on the sides are the perfect touch. I can understand why you were so nervous with this cake, but girl it was ALL worth it, Relax and enjoy it, It is Wonderful! *as I am sure you can tell by all the post before me too!*

Can't wait to hear how the cake went over with everyone (we already know it will go GREAT!)

Congratulations on a Job well done

Take a Bow, then enjoy a nice bath, and maybe a week off icon_smile.gif


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