susanmm23 Posted 14 May 2005 , 11:29pm
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ok so my son has decided on a army/camo party. I was thinking of making a tank for his cake. But was wondering if anyone had any other ideas. Also what color/colors should i use to get the camo look?


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momof3jotynjake Posted 14 May 2005 , 11:50pm
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here are some coloring pages with army stuff?

for colors.. maybe like Green and mustard yellow and a dark green

susanmm23 Posted 15 May 2005 , 2:42am
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ok i think i am going to do the tank cake. i will probably use my 12 inch square for the base of the tank and either my 8 or 6 inch round for the top. for the canon i will use either a pretzle or one of the hazel nut cookie things (i cant for the life of me remeber what they are called) now i am trying to figure out the wheels and treads. i dont want to use fondant i would rather not shape a cake im trying to thik of a food item i could use. i dont know i may have to use cake for it. any suggestions

debsuewoo Posted 15 May 2005 , 4:17am
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for the wheels and the treads you might consider using Oreo cookies with some of those sour belt candies that the kids like so much. If not the sour belt candies, get some tootsie rolls and roll them flat lengthwise. Good luck!

cindycakes2 Posted 15 May 2005 , 4:26am
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I just made for a groom's cake a couple weeks was a big hit! Very easy to make, used faux fondant icing, put different colored incing on in patches, then barely smoothed over with spatula to run the colors together. Ran "dirt" road (brown sugar) through the colors, and added tanks, helicoptors and army men. Hope this gives you another idea! Pixels are too big to upload here, but email me at and I will send you the pic.

momof3jotynjake Posted 15 May 2005 , 5:07am
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here is a cool cake i came across

susanmm23 Posted 15 May 2005 , 6:06pm
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my husband suggested using cup cake for the wheels and fruit by the foot for the treads. have any of you guys ever seen army men candy molds??? i would like to try to find some i always make some kind of molded candy for their parties. i think little army menwould be sooooooo cute.

littlebubbieschocolates Posted 15 May 2005 , 7:21pm
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try ebay i just bought some from there

susanmm23 Posted 16 May 2005 , 12:20pm
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I got the pic Cindy. You did a great job. I love the dirt road. What colors did you use. Im still not sure if i will do that or just make my tank solid green. I know there are both. I looked on ebay and could not find any army men molds. I may try to make my own, I will spend today looking at Micheals and hobby lobby in their soap areas. Hopefully i can find something. Thanks for all the help guys.


cindycakes2 Posted 17 May 2005 , 2:14am

Susan...I mixed colors...used moss green, leaf green with bit of black added, brown, and gray(I think). Have fun making your cake, whatever design you use!

susanmm23 Posted 17 May 2005 , 6:52pm

Thanks cindy. Im so excited about this cake. I made the invites Sunday night. They are sooooooo cute. My sister in laws are excite about the party. We are going tohave a huge water balloon fight. We alreay have about 700 balloons. My husband will be busy on the 10th filling them all up. lol everyone will be dressed in camo and we even have the war paint. we will have a slip in sllide set up and also one of the cheap pools from walmart for the smaller kids to play in. WOw im so off subject now but im soo excited.

thecakemaker Posted 17 May 2005 , 7:09pm

nashsmom shared instructions for a tank cake back in February. If you are interested in them pm me your e-mail address and I will forward the directions to you.


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