Rude And Unfriendly Site Admin.???? Wow!!!!!!!!

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KayDay Posted 10 May 2005 , 6:15am
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Thanks for pulling my contest entries and sending me the rude should have pulled my accidental photos that I ASKED you to pull so quickly. It was done totally unknowingly and not in any kind of malice or sneakiness as I own the prize already and stated clearly I was entering to show the cakes and for fun...ohhh...I am guilty!!! Of not reading the rules...SHOOT ME!! I have been a very nice person here and enjoyed the forum..but wont be treated like a child or criminal for a mistake..I worked VERY hard on that cake ...and you jerk it offf there like it was a thought for you..LEARN SOME MANNERS! And learn to make nicer cakes...maybe then it wont bother you so much!

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Heath Posted 10 May 2005 , 7:05am
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I normally just lurk around here but these whiny posts have brought me out of the woodwork.


ohhh...I am guilty!!! Of not reading the rules...SHOOT ME!!

Yeah you are guilty of not reading the rules, a pretty standard expectation for any contest. Imagine if no one read the rules and it was a free for all which the site admin had to then follow closely and clean up the messes non-stop as they occured.


LEARN SOME MANNERS! And learn to make nicer cakes...maybe then it wont bother you so much!

yeah I am sure her response to your contest entries was due to her dissatisfaction with her own cake skills, that makes alot of sense.

Seriously grow a thicker skin, don't take everything personally, and recognize that the site admin and moderators are trying to manage a user base of 5800 people, there are going to be inpersonal form notices regarding various situations on the site and they are not necessarily reflective of any feelings regarding the recipient of the notice.

ok I am done my rant and returning to lurking in the shadows.

KayDay Posted 10 May 2005 , 7:13am
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I was simply stating my displeasure at being banned from something for a mistake and NO I don't think ANYONE reads all of the contest rules to ANYTHING.I truly thought by seeing that someone else had posted 2 that is was OK. I think it would have been nice for someone to contact me and say.."Hey! Ya can't do that!. I can pull all but one ...or something like that! It is NOT like I have been rude to anyone here b4. Also I had heard what a WONDERFUL person this Jackie was so I expected a little better treatment. I was simply posting for the few here who have been truly wonderful to me to let them know what happened and where I went..Thick skin? Nah, internet or not people have feelings and I will simply find somewhere that the admin. is nicer. icon_biggrin.gif Thanks anyway for your opinion!

lastingmoments Posted 10 May 2005 , 7:27am
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why where you banned, while theres another post that someone had a similar situation and they just had to pull there 2nd post.

confused i dont think it something to get upset over but shouldnt everyone be treated the same.

Jackie Posted 10 May 2005 , 7:39am
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KayDay was not banned from the site. There was a contest rule violation that made it extremely unfair to the other particpants in the contest.

Yes, there were some other members who had uploaded more than 1 entry, or made a mistake and uploaded the wrong cake or something, and I have dealt individually via private message with everyone else.

I really did not want to post any of this in the public forum, but I do feel that I need to reply here.

I would have liked this to have been a discussion done in the Private Message area as to not embarrass any of our members that made a mistake, or did not read the rules before entering.

In this thread KayDay has posted a copy of the PM that was sent to her:

cyndilou1273 Posted 10 May 2005 , 8:21am
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Hmm....if it was a mistake and as others have said this has happened before and all the others had to do was have all but one removed, why wasn't she given the same chance? icon_confused.gif

Jackie Posted 10 May 2005 , 8:27am
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Originally Posted by cyndilou1273

Hmm....if it was a mistake and as others have said this has happened before and all the others had to do was have all but one removed, why wasn't she given the same chance? icon_confused.gif

Each person chooses to deal with it in thier own way. KayDay has chosen to disuss it publicly, and requested removal from

veejaytx Posted 10 May 2005 , 9:53am
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The question Cindilou asked "Hmm....if it was a mistake and as others have said this has happened before and all the others had to do was have all but one removed, why wasn't she given the same chance?" doesn't seem like it was answered.

Why were all of her photos removed instead having the option of leaving one, which I believe is the way other multi-photo postings have been handled?
I'm not sure I understand what making the situation public has to do with the initial removal of all her photos.

Just wondering. Janice

flayvurdfun Posted 10 May 2005 , 10:24am
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I have no idea there..but it sounds like it was purly accidental and the member that accidentally posted two cakes realized it and tried to correct it right away, whereas it sounds like there were alot more cake entries for Kayday, and she only wanted one removed or something... I reread this post and another one and I think thats what happened... I dont know for sure though... maybe it was one extra entry a mistake but more then that its not... Kayday said she didnt read the rules... but yeah I think a second chance would have been ok, since I really dont know what happened.

cyndilou1273 Posted 10 May 2005 , 2:04pm
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Yes, Kayday posted more than one photo, she did several that were donated to a church for mothers day and posted them all , thinking that after seeing others post 2 that it was OK. She asked in one post that one be removed because she accidentally posted the SAME photo twice. I spoke with her and read ALL the posts and she DID admit to not reading the rules and making a mistake. She even put under the photos that one was the main cake to enter and the others were just being put there because they were mothers day cakes she knew they werent to win.

How was that violation more serious than anyone elses? Two cakes or 5 who cares a mistake is a mistake, I see that one of the others who did the same still has one of her cakes in the contest, why were kays pulled immediately?If it was deliberate sneakiness would she has posted them under her own name? Someone wanting to be dishonest would have simply created a new name and entered all they wanted. Just my opinion, but I say relist her cake.

briansbaker Posted 10 May 2005 , 2:18pm
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I say delete these darn forums and lets talk about cakes. This is a community build by us now lets keep it together. Let's all take deep breaths and keep PM's just that. Private Messages..
I still love this site Jackie. Keep up the good work and thanks for allowing us this great opportunity to make friends and beautiful cakes!!

peacockplace Posted 10 May 2005 , 2:25pm
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Well, I think her cakes were beautiful, but I read the rules. I posted a questions last night about entering more than once... trying to be tactful to get the point across. I do think that having like five pictures of diffrent angles of the cake is an unfair advantge. Once we've all seen them we can't errace our minds. I'm sorry she got her feelings hurt but rules are rules. I wish her the best of luck with her cakes. She does great work!

Loucinda Posted 10 May 2005 , 2:42pm
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(IMO) The five different views is why they all needed to be deleted. Peacock is right - once you have looked at all of the different views posted, it definately stands out in your mind - it was a gorgeous cake, no doubt about it. Having all of those posted for all to see unfortunately gave that cake an unfair advantage (even thought it was only on there for a short while) It made lasting impresssions in MY mind. She is obviously a very talented cake decorator, and it is too bad that rules were broken and actions had to be taken.

The other one in question were 2 different cakes, not different views of the same cake.

luceymoose Posted 10 May 2005 , 3:00pm
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I really don't know what happened but it seems like alot of people are looking for trouble lately. I think that if it is a private matter, keep it that way. Don't come on to these forums to rant and rave about other people. I am under the impression that these forums are to be about cakes and only cakes and I think they should stay that way. Personal attacks are childish and if you have a problem with someone, PM them and leave the rest of us out of it!

Loucinda Posted 10 May 2005 , 3:06pm
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Good points there LucyMoose! You can't argue with that at all. thumbs_up.gif

tcturtleshell Posted 11 May 2005 , 4:33am
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Sorry but this site has never just been about cakes... It's also about friends, family & getting to know one another, different techniques & a lot of everything else. That's what this site is about.

Everyone needs to remember that we should be nice to one another~ Help someone, make a few new friends. Have fun on CC~ You know you came here for a reason... Everyone needs to sit back & take a look at themselves before anyone gets hurt even more~

Let's stop all the arguing & get back to being kind again!!

cyndilou1273 Posted 11 May 2005 , 7:20am
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I joined a few days ago because a friend of mine referred me, told me this was a great place too.Then she calls me telling me about how she was yanked from this contest because she didn't know she could only enter one in this contest. I see there is another double entry and am certain that RC's should be removed too? As should all the double entries? If things are truly fair here? And a family like atmosphere. Families are fair right?

luceymoose Posted 11 May 2005 , 1:39pm
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I just meant that we should keep private matters private. Of course I know that this site is about fun and family, etc. I didn't mean for it to come off otherwise. Why can't we all be nice and quit attacking eachother?

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