Graduation Cake Ideas ??

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Loucinda Posted 3 May 2007 , 5:46pm
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Help! My youngest is graduating from high school this June. I have tried and looked to come up with something for her that is special. I am just at a loss as to her cake. It needs to feed around 100. Some background on her and some of her interests:

She is in the National Honor Society
She is identified as gifted in the visual arts (Starry Night is one of her favorite paintings)
She loves science
Her high school colors are black and orange (YUCK)
The college she will be attending is Bellarmine University in KY (colors are maroon & silver)

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!

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hoped Posted 3 May 2007 , 7:09pm
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One idea that came to mind is doing a couple of tiers, with the base containing decorations related to high school, and the top having the theme of graduation and college.
Are the mascots from either school something you could create from fondant, or fbct?
Starry Night is a beautiful piece of art, maybe you could try and create something similar in design using chocolate transfer?

Good luck!

Loucinda Posted 4 May 2007 , 1:42pm
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Thanks for the idea....the high school mascot is a horse (Pacers) and the College one is a they wouldn't clash anyhow! I am not good at drawing, maybe a transfer would work.

I've seen a couple of cakes that were totally of that painting (Starry Night)...but I think that is too dark for a graduation themed cake. A small chocolate transfer would look nice though.

Thanks Hoped for the response.

shannonfl Posted 4 May 2007 , 1:58pm
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What about this? Its my favorite!!!!

shannonfl Posted 4 May 2007 , 2:01pm
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Oh I mean the starry night one not the ham hehe! icon_confused.gif

Estrellita Posted 4 May 2007 , 2:09pm
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Can someone please tell me what is fbct. I've seen it in the forum a few times, I think it has to do with some kind of transfer.
Can someone clarify. Thank you. icon_rolleyes.gif

dhawkins Posted 4 May 2007 , 2:13pm
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Frozen Butter Cream Transfer

Go to the articles to find out all about it.........

Estrellita Posted 4 May 2007 , 2:35pm
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Thank you so much. thumbs_up.gif

Loucinda Posted 4 May 2007 , 3:14pm
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Doug ~ where are you???!

thecupcakemom Posted 4 May 2007 , 3:31pm
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I just perused your pix...beautiful work. Do Starry can handle it. The colors will be gorgeous and a beautiful theme for a girls graduation that is so talented.

Loucinda Posted 4 May 2007 , 4:09pm
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I am still on the fence on that don't think it would be too dark for a graduation cake? Megan is very into the art thiing, but I don't know if those attending would "get" it!

Thank you for the nice comments too!

Doug Posted 5 May 2007 , 8:14pm
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oh go for it!

this would be a sheet cake w/ lots of detail on top.

a knight rides on a horse.

so the horse is black w/ orange saddle and bridle -- to represent HS --- which supports her on her way to college.

on the back of the horse, the mascot of her new college -- a knight is shining sliver armor w/ burgundy cape, plume and jousting lance (which would look better if stripe w/ silver --- OR have a sword like the statue at the college carries)

strip out the town area from the painting and replace w/ image of her dorm or the main building of the college (edible)

the loops and swirls form the painting the background.

and put the message in that one band near bottom that follows a very lazy S or around the edge of the cake


to make 3-D;

1) horse cake w/ knight on back (same colors as above)

2) multi tiers
> top --> starry night
> middle --> the college
> bottom --> the knight on horse.


and if anyone would catch the pun....

put little stars all over the knight's cape or armor

"Starry Knight!"

gateaux Posted 5 May 2007 , 8:25pm
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Originally Posted by Doug


oh go for it!

this would be a sheet cake w/ lots of detail on top.

a knight rides on a horse. ...

That is so cool! I like all 3 ideas.

Good Luck.

Loucinda Posted 5 May 2007 , 8:47pm
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OK - I've never drawn a horse before, I guess I better google an image for the horse and knight! Megan would LOVE what you have come up with, I just knew you would think of something outside the box! THANKS! I am more nervous about doing this cake than I have been for wedding cakes. icon_confused.gif

Doug Posted 5 May 2007 , 8:55pm
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the image of the knight and horse is clip art that comes w/ Microsoft office (and should be on their office website too!)

I recolored it in MS Paint

DEBBIE157 Posted 9 Apr 2008 , 8:53pm
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How did this story end???

I was searching for "KNIGHT" as I am trying to whip up some ideas for my son's birthday, and found this thread.

How did the cake turn out?

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