Ice Cream Cone Cakes

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kelleykakes Posted 21 May 2006 , 8:55pm
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How do I make those ice cream cone cakes? Do I do it just like I was making muffins? Do you bake them just as long? Please help.


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hockeygirl658 Posted 21 May 2006 , 9:04pm
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I presume you mean cupcakes made in ice cream cones?

Check here:

I made these a few weeks ago for childrens church, except I did green frosting for grass, gummy worms on top of them and rice krispy treat flowers (just cut out with a cookie cutter) and skewered them on a stick. They were really cute! Wish I would have taken a picture.

Hope that helps!

fat-sissy Posted 22 May 2006 , 12:58pm
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I have always baked mine with the batter in the cone. Has anyone tried the method where you put batter in muffin tin and place cone on top of batter and then bake as referenced in the link above? Would like some feedback on which method you like best. I have a church baake sale this weekend and am planning to make 4 dozen cupcake cones.

debbie2881 Posted 24 May 2006 , 4:06pm
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I would like to know about this too. I want to make some for my son's christening in 3 weeks. When you bake in the cone cups does the taste or texture of the cups change? how much do you fill them? oh and about what temp do you bake it at?

debbie2881 Posted 25 May 2006 , 3:55pm
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jewels97 Posted 25 May 2006 , 4:19pm
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Baking the batter in the cones seems to make the cones softer. I don't really like that aspect of the ice cream cone cupcakes. If baking them in muffin tins and then putting them in the cones afterward works, that would be great.

Katydidz Posted 25 May 2006 , 4:24pm
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Maybe you could just put cupcake liners in the cones like you would muffin tins. That way you wouldn't risk breaking the cones trying to shove the cupcake into it icon_smile.gif. I've never done this though, so I don't know.

Nitu Posted 25 May 2006 , 4:55pm
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I saw in Paula Deans program she baked her ice cream cone cake.
She actually poured her cake batter in to ice cream cone and baked.

Here you go-,,FOOD_9936_24185,00.html


debbie2881 Posted 25 May 2006 , 6:43pm
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Thank you for the link. I'll try 1 the next time i'm baking a cake and see what happens. I was wondering about the cup after being baked and if it gets soft thats not good.

Nitu Posted 25 May 2006 , 6:47pm
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Oh ya! I am also worried about cup cones.
Try it and send us your experience.

Good Luck!


jeanair Posted 25 May 2006 , 6:54pm
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fat-sissy Posted 25 May 2006 , 7:08pm
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I made some using the Betty Crocker link that hockeygirl had posted. here's what they look like before frosting them. I bit into one because I wanted to see how far the cupcake rose into the cone. I'll post another pic after I get them frosted. I'm not sure which I like best-baked with batter in the cone or with the cone on top.

mis Posted 25 May 2006 , 7:13pm
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Thanks jeanair I was wondering how much to fill the cones. I didn't want to end up not putting enough in them. Thanks. icon_biggrin.gif

fat-sissy Posted 25 May 2006 , 7:21pm
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Meant to post a pic of a cone w/batter baked in it too, but forgot. I'm a little obsessive-compulsive, but I wasn't sure which way was best. So here's the pic. I found a box of 18 cones at our Dollar General store for a buck. Good deal. It's the cone on the left.

mis Posted 25 May 2006 , 7:34pm
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When you bake the batter in the cone do you fill them with icing or no? I figured because you would eat the icing on the top first then have all that plain cake and cone left. icon_confused.gificon_confused.gif Thanks fat-sissy for posting the pics of both ways. I think I like the batter in the cone better. thumbs_up.gif

cashley Posted 25 May 2006 , 7:44pm
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I have made them with the batter in the cone and just set the cone in the muffin tins so they won't fall over.. I fill them 2/3 full at 350 degrees. The cone always has come out crunchy for me. I then ice them to look like ice cream cones.

debbie2881 Posted 25 May 2006 , 8:05pm
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I definately like the pic with the batter baked in the cup. The 1 with the cone on top of the muffin didn't go very far into the cup.

Fat-sissy how much did you fill the cone cup with batter? I would want my cake a little higher so i'm just wondering. oh and when you bit into the cup was it crunchy?? thanks

fat-sissy Posted 25 May 2006 , 8:37pm
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Debbie- The cone was still crunchy. I experimented w/how much batter I put in. What worked for me was the exact amount I use when making cupcakes. I use 1 scoop with the small Pampered Chef scoop & 1 scoop w/the medium scoopper cone. If you put to much in it overflows and doesnt look pretty, to me anyway.

Nitu Posted 25 May 2006 , 8:43pm
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Sally, your cupcone cakes are just looks perfect.
I will try it sometime.


unixboymd Posted 25 May 2006 , 9:04pm
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I've made these lots of times. The kids love them. They think they are getting ice cream until they bite into it. It is so funny to see their faces.

I put the batter direclty into the cones (regular or colored cones, NOT sugar or waffle cones). I place the cones into a metal muffin pan that is lined with scrunched up foil. The scrunched up foil helps the cones stand up straight so the cake bakes as evenly as possible.

In each cone I put 1 scoop from a #20 (ice cream/cookie scoop) and 1 scoop from a #60 (ice cream/cookie scoop). I lightly tap the cones a bit so that the batter settles into the bottom. I then bake at 325-350 until cake is done (tested with cake tester). I cool them in the muffin pan on the counter.

The colored cones stay the same color, the uncolored (regular) cones may get a tad darker, but not much.

When frosting them, I put the frosting into a plastic decorator bag (or Ziploc baggie), with a large star tip and then swirl on the icing - giving the effect that it's soft serve ice cream. Add some sprinkles and jimmies and voila!

--Roger R.

debbie2881 Posted 25 May 2006 , 11:55pm
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Sally thanks for the info, i dont want them to overflow so i'll play with the amount also to see what works out best for me. I dont have any scoops so i was just planning on spooning it into the cups, i was thinking also the same as you would a cupcake. I'm guessing with the frosting your's came out pretty high.

Roger thanks also for the info, the colored cups sound pretty good. This is all new to me so thats a great idea.

debbie2881 Posted 26 May 2006 , 12:04am
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sally so funny i was looking at the pic again of the batter baked in the cone and my 2yr old passed by and said "ice seem ice seem".

what flavor cake did you use? I cant wait to try the conecake. I need to make a good flavor because kids are so picky.

fat-sissy Posted 26 May 2006 , 1:28am
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Debbie- I used strawberry DH, didn't even doctor it up since it was a practice run. Pink is my 4y/o daughter's favorite color. My 2 y/o like the cone where the batter was baked in cone, but 4 y/o seemed to like the othe kind because she doesn't really like the cone itself. Kids are so funny. icon_wink.gif

debbie2881 Posted 26 May 2006 , 2:57pm
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I will be making these for ages ranging from 1-10 so i'm not sure how it will go. I am thinking of making a batter that has sprinkles in them, i think they would like that. thanks for all the info.

jen1977 Posted 26 May 2006 , 3:08pm
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Originally Posted by debbie2881

I will be making these for ages ranging from 1-10 so i'm not sure how it will go. I am thinking of making a batter that has sprinkles in them, i think they would like that. thanks for all the info.

You may want to check and see if any of the kids you're making them for have a known allergy to red dye. I made some for my boys to take to school, and couldn't use rainbow sprinkles because a few kids had red dye allergies. Just wanted to put that out there!

fat-sissy Posted 27 May 2006 , 2:15am
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Ok Girls- Here's my finished product.

tammiemarie Posted 27 May 2006 , 3:28pm
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I just made these this week to take to our last playgroup for the school year - and they were so cute! I baked them in the cones, my cones stayed crunchy and didn't brown at all. I did find I had to bake them longer than the 15 minutes @ 350* my recipe called for - but I did it a few minutes at a time so I don't know how long exactly, sorry. I stood them up in mini muffin tins, the hole is the perfect size of the bottom of the cone.

I had 2 problems though. First, I bought a box of "kid's cones" which I found out when I got home were teensy weensy. I have never seen them before - they would hold a scoop of ice cream about the size of a quarter. I got them at Walmart, so beware! I had to make a special trip to the store for cones.

My second problem came when I went to load them into the car. I never made it off my counter with these! I thought I would put the mini muffin tins in a large plastic box, and transport them the 5 minutes to playgroup that way. Wrong. They are top heavy, and spilled all over the counter. Multiple times. I know I read a post about cutting holes in a box lid, and setting them in that. I would say that's the way to do it. I didn't have time, so I left without my cupcakes icon_cry.gif

One last note - they do not stay moist longer than about a day. The cone draws the moisture out of the cake. So eat them right away!

debbie2881 Posted 28 May 2006 , 2:49pm
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sally and tammiemarie your conecakes look great. What tip did you guys use for the frosting?

tammiemarie thank you for the whole description. i was planning to make them a day or 2 in advance but i guess i'll have to do it the same day, they shouldnt take that long anyway. sorry about yours tipping over i was worried about that too because if it tipped then the frosting would be ruined. i was planning to frost at the serving table but great advice.

jen1977 it would take too much time to find out if each kid is allergic so i'll be better off making a regular butter yellow or another regular flavor. Thanks for the tip.

Liana Posted 28 May 2006 , 3:27pm
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Thank you Fat-Sissy for doing the leg work and showing both ways of doing these. I made these a few years ago and am going to make them again now. I like filling the cone with batter so you''ll have cake throughout the cone, but I do remember the cone tasting a bit stale. Maybe I made them too far in advance (can't remember exactly when I made them and served them, but I'm thinking it was the day before). Maybe it was soft like some of you have experienced. Are you baking and serving these all same day for a crunchy cone? I can't do same day. It's for my daughter's school so I have to bring them at 8:00am.

fat-sissy Posted 28 May 2006 , 9:33pm
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I baked them the night before and filled & frosted them then also. They were still ok that way. I just left them out uncovered on the kitchen counter and delivered them the next morning. I had read the suggestion about making a carrier out a a large box here on CC. It worked perfectly. The were very secure for transport and served easily from the box.

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