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sweet_as_tisse Posted 26 Apr 2007 , 7:32am
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Hey guys

I dont know how long i have been trying to figure out how to get the look of these big whimsical roses but today i tried again and i think i got it...

thanks for looking!



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alibugs Posted 26 Apr 2007 , 7:49am
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looks good

CakeRN Posted 26 Apr 2007 , 7:52am
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They look so soft and fluffy like they are made of fabric....nice job....!!

Daniellemhv Posted 26 Apr 2007 , 8:53am
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Great!! I tried these before and failed! Congrats! I wish I could get it.

BabyC1985 Posted 26 Apr 2007 , 8:57am
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They are lovely, I have never tried them but i want to now i have seen how nice yours are. (Idont think mine will look anything like yours!!!) Congrats and well done.

Piamarianne Posted 26 Apr 2007 , 10:39am
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Very nice!

How do You do it??

carrielynnfields Posted 26 Apr 2007 , 10:58am
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OK Kylie,

Time to give up the goods...how the heck did you get that so beautiful and fluid and fluffy? That is fantastic! Will you teach us? Please?

amycake Posted 26 Apr 2007 , 11:03am
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That is great. Have not done those yet. There is still so much for me to learn and try it just never ends. I LOVE IT!

sweet_as_tisse Posted 26 Apr 2007 , 11:45am
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Originally Posted by carrielynnfields

OK Kylie,

Time to give up the goods...how the heck did you get that so beautiful and fluid and fluffy? That is fantastic! Will you teach us? Please?

thanks guys

carrie i have no idea why it worked this time when in the past i could not get them to look like this.. i will try to explain as best i can...lol

i used about a golf ball size of fondant and rolled it out ( i use normal cooking spray so it doesnt stick to the bench) i just rolled out a longish sausage probably about 7" long and 5" or 6" wide then folded this over and kind of gathered it up in places then just rolled it up like you do for the normal ribbon roses... instead of rolling it so the edges were level i rolled them lower each time i went around (am i making any sense...lol).

for the leaves i cut triangles out of fondant then folded the corners into the centre puckering the fondant as i went...

i hope this makes sense i am so terrible at describing how i do things...


carrielynnfields Posted 26 Apr 2007 , 12:37pm
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Thanks Kylie,

IT makes sense. I will try it today and let you know how it goes. Thanks again you great woman!


Sunshine93 Posted 26 Apr 2007 , 12:59pm
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I love it! I really need to try these!

icing_fever Posted 26 Apr 2007 , 1:10pm
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That really is beautifu!

CakesbyMonica Posted 26 Apr 2007 , 1:14pm
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You should make a tutorial with pictures! that looks great!

makeminepink Posted 26 Apr 2007 , 1:20pm
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This may be a silly question, but what is the rose on? A cake? It looks so perfect!

StaceyC3 Posted 26 Apr 2007 , 1:22pm
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Those are exactly what I've been trying to make! I can't do it yet, but maybe using your tips will help.

Your rose is gorgeous, and I also think you should write a tutorial with pictures!!!

Marksgirl Posted 26 Apr 2007 , 1:24pm
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imartsy Posted 26 Apr 2007 , 1:34pm
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cakesbybert Posted 26 Apr 2007 , 1:42pm
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awesome - and I am in awe

bellejoey Posted 26 Apr 2007 , 1:45pm
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They look just like the ones Colette Peters makes in her book "Cakes To Dream On". Nice job!

tinascakes Posted 26 Apr 2007 , 1:45pm
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Your rose is very pretty. I would love to learn to do them.

jsmith Posted 26 Apr 2007 , 1:56pm
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alibugs Posted 26 Apr 2007 , 3:05pm
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to make it more fluffy put cornstarch in the middle so that the fondant doesn't stick together.

sweet_as_tisse Posted 26 Apr 2007 , 9:10pm
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A tutorial with pictures, gosh i have never done that before, i wouldn't no where to start.

the only good advice i can give it to just practise and try different technique's for rolling them up. its basically a ribbon rose, same method just puckered more and larger. i just used a picture to look at until mine resembled something like it..



cambo Posted 27 Apr 2007 , 1:40am
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I LOVE the way these roses look....and have never "got" it! Thank you for your instruction....I'm going to try some this weekend! Yours turned out beautiful! I vote YES to a tutorial!

CakesbyMonica Posted 27 Apr 2007 , 6:47pm
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Perhaps a moderator could help you with how to make a tutorial, or ask someone who has made one? Thanks for the pointers, though!

mbarbi Posted 27 Apr 2007 , 6:51pm
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looks good..congrats!!!

tenleysmommy Posted 31 May 2008 , 1:53am
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