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tysmom Posted 4 May 2006 , 4:42pm
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O.k. everyone I revised my website - with A LOT of help from Suzette - Thank you SO much - you rock!!!!!! Please take a look and let me know what you think - I have a few more things to add - but overall do you think it looks o.k.? Your suggestions and comments are appreciated. icon_biggrin.gif

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mmdd Posted 4 May 2006 , 4:45pm
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How should I go about viewing your website?

tysmom Posted 4 May 2006 , 4:54pm
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Well I suppose it might help if I put the website in: http:://

mmdd Posted 4 May 2006 , 4:56pm
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LOL!! I'll go and check it out!

mmdd Posted 4 May 2006 , 5:00pm
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Well, I like it!! icon_biggrin.gif

I really the like "creat-a-cake/cookie party". I think that's a neat idea.

I think it looks great!!

tysmom Posted 4 May 2006 , 5:42pm
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Thanks mmdd! I appreciate the feedback.

Pootchi Posted 4 May 2006 , 8:07pm
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Wow I really love your site!!! good job!!!
Can't wait for my hubby to finish mine so I can share it also icon_razz.gif


tysmom Posted 5 May 2006 , 12:00am
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Thanks again for looking and for your help.

TPDC Posted 7 May 2006 , 5:23am
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Your site looks wonderful. And I love the idea of the cookie and cake party.

GHOST_USER_NAME Posted 7 May 2006 , 5:30am
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Hello again. I saw a small error, a typo. Just want to point it out: In the Bride guide section

You put: (change if to is)


Buttercream is the most popular icing for wedding cakes. Another option if Fondant or Royal icing.
There are other possibilities such as Chocolate buttercream or Buttercream with Chocolate Ganache poured over top.

Otherwise, It is awesome. ~Josie icon_smile.gif

tysmom Posted 7 May 2006 , 2:42pm
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Ambercakes - thanks for pointing out the typo - really appreciate it!!!! icon_redface.gif

candygirl Posted 8 May 2006 , 9:04pm
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Girl, you are not charging enough!!! I charge $25 for 1/4 sheet one layer, $35 for 1/2 sheet one layer, and $50 for sheet cake. YOU DESERVE IT!

Also, for my suckers, I charge $10 for 3.

You need to raise the prices big time.

What is a cookie cake?

Otherwise it looks great!!

tysmom Posted 8 May 2006 , 10:20pm
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candygirl - I wish I could charge those prices - but in my area Im just not able to (yet).

A cookie cake is a pizza size (round) chocolate chip cookie.


candygirl Posted 9 May 2006 , 3:33pm
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But, do you ever find that, after the customer sees the finished product - they realized they underpaid?

I always charge my first time clients the prices you are charging. Then, after they see what a fantastic cake they are getting - they usually realize that they are getting a heck of a deal and that they should be paying more.

Believe me, it is hard for me to ask my prices, but it's hardly worth the time if you aren't making a good profit, right? I just hate to see you work so hard for so little money. Plus, I know it's not cheap to maintain a website!

tysmom Posted 9 May 2006 , 3:39pm
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I agree it is hard to make a profit - I did a teacher appreciation cake last night and charged $40 (12x18 sheet with gumpaste flowers and fence) and I felt like I was overcharging.
I'm sure the more I do this the less I will have that overcharging feeling.
Thanks for all your help!!

candygirl Posted 9 May 2006 , 4:44pm
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That's the problem right there. $40 is fine for just the cake. But then when you throw gumpast/fondant in the mix, your cost skyrockets. That's why I don't quote a price until right before.

If you tell them $30 initially - then they start adding things like fondant, filling, ribbon, etc, and it's hard to say "well, I'll need to add another $10 for that".
That's one thing I've learned is don't quote a price until the FINAL design is decided on b/c they'll just take your initial price and add a bunch of fancies to the mix.

*sigh* You are too nice! That's why I think a website is a good idea. You can just direct folks to the web and there's no awkwardness of quoting a price.

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