Fondant In The Fridge

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kshep93 Posted 1 May 2006 , 7:26pm
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I'm making a wedding cake in June and have read all about freezing the layers in advance. I'm wondering if I finish the cake on Thursday (it's a Friday night wedding) can I refrigerate with fondant on the layers or will it sweat or do something else weird? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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StandingForJesus Posted 1 May 2006 , 7:50pm
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I have one due in June also, and was wondering the very same thing. Bump!

Chefgirl Posted 1 May 2006 , 8:19pm
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I am doing one in a few weeks and asked the same thing earlier, but it got lost in the forum.

ladyonzlake Posted 1 May 2006 , 8:23pm
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I probably won't be much help but I have read on here some people refrigerate with no problem while others have sweating problems. I wonder if the sweating occurs because it's wrap in saran wrap so mabey if you don't wrap it in anything it would be fine?

an_g3la Posted 1 May 2006 , 8:25pm
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i have a fondant cake sitting on the table too...i read somewhere here that you shouldn't put it in the fridge..can i?

alicia_froedge Posted 1 May 2006 , 8:32pm
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The way I understood the Wilton instructions was that you could put it in the fridge but not to seal it or cover it. ?? I stressed so much that I just left it out over night and I didn't have any complaints from my coworker about it being hard or to soft.

dsoutherngirl Posted 1 May 2006 , 8:40pm
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I have always put my cakes in the refrigerator, fondant covered or not because I'm terrified of something going bad. If I have buttercream decorations on top of the fondant, I usually let them set in the fridge for a few hours and then I shroud the cake loosely with cellophane or wax paper. That may be a moot point but it makes me feel like the cake is at least partially covered anyway.

Crimsicle Posted 2 May 2006 , 1:35am
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I never put my cakes in the fridge because I worry about the cake picking up fridge odors and taste...and then there's the ever-present sweating issue. Why don't you make a little test cake and see how it behaves for you? A wedding is not the time to be traveling on uncharted territory!

dsoutherngirl Posted 2 May 2006 , 1:40am
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Crimsicle has a good point. A practice run would be a great idea. That way you will know. We all have different climates, different refrigerators, different recipes..etc. And you don't want to find out any upsetting surprises the day of the event.

golfgirl1227 Posted 2 May 2006 , 2:18am
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Apparently FondX can be refrigerated (although I read somewhere on here that some people put Satin Ice covered cakes in there too).

That being said- I use FondX. The cake in my gallery (the only cake there because I'm way too lazy to upload pictures!) is covered with it. I had the cakes in the freezer because it was very hot and humid the day I made them and I didn't want the icing all soft and squishy when I was putting the fondant on and smoothing it out. Anyway..... I took the cake out of the freezer and put the fondant on and immediately it began sweating. So much so that I couldn't smooth it. I had to make sure the fondant was on properly, then I trimmed the majority of the excess from the bottom and let it set until it was closer to room temperature and the "sweat" was dry. Then I smoothed it.

SO.... hopefully those who refrigerate fondant will comment so we can figure this out. Maybe that was supposed to happen. I have no clue. I don't think I'll be doing that again however, because I wasn't super happy about the results.

dsoutherngirl Posted 2 May 2006 , 2:41am
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Hmm..I do use Satin Ice fondant mostly. Sometimes mmf. I usually freeze my cakes first but I always freeze the layers, then ice, cover with fondant, decorate and refrigerate.

ladyonzlake Posted 2 May 2006 , 2:43am
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Do you frost frozen cakes?

dsoutherngirl Posted 2 May 2006 , 2:47am
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Not completely frozen..I let them thaw a while before icing but I do like to work with them while they are still cold especially if they need to be carved or torted.

DDiva Posted 2 May 2006 , 2:52am
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I use FondX, Satin Ice and MMF all of the time. I also freeze my cake layers. However, I remove them to the refrigerator to thaw. If filling, I do that and let the cake sit for several hours so gravity can do its thing. I then remove and crumbcoat. Back into the fridge. I roll out my fondant, remove cake from the fridge and cover it with the fondant. I smooth it, trim it and finish decorating it. I've never had a problem with sweating. I do refrigerate the finished cake, especially in warm months or if there is a perishable filling.

I think covering a frozen cake with fondant will definitely cause problems. I encourage you to read the use instructions that are on these products. They won't lead you astray.

swoboda Posted 2 May 2006 , 4:48am
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I use the recipe from Toba Garrett that someone posted on this site a while ago & in the directions it says to let it sit in the fridge before using it. I don't do that but I do put the cakes in the fridge with the fondant on them & I've not had any problems. But I've heard that you don't want to touch the fondant until it comes to room temp or it may ruin it somehow... think that was from a different post here as well....

redred Posted 2 May 2006 , 10:48am
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If you're covering it on Thurs for a Fri night, why don't you just leave it out?

I have refrigerated Fondant with and without sweating. If the temperature is warm, it will sweat. If winter or coolish, it won't.

MikeRowesHunny Posted 2 May 2006 , 11:16am
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I refridgerate uncovered fondant cakes all the time with no problems - even in the height of summer (but then it rarely gets above 25C here!).

boring Posted 2 May 2006 , 12:23pm
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You all know how to worry someone being me. I am coming to America to make and decoarte my nephews wedding cake for 1 July in Cleveland Ohio. As I am from Australia and have never had to put cakes in the fridge/freezer and the only reason I would be doing that is if I was making the cake weeks ahead of time. I would then bring to room temp and ice. If I have a problem with sweating of fondant, there are 2 ways of fixing that problem one is to put in oven with the light on not the actual over just the light in it or place the cake under a fluro light. Both these methods dry the fondant and stop sweating. I am really worried now.

kshep93 Posted 2 May 2006 , 8:05pm
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Thanks that does help. I will try a practice run to see what happens sometime before the end of June.

bakenbetty Posted 2 May 2006 , 8:19pm
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hi, i use mmf on my cakes and i also always put my cakes in the fridge when they are finished, and i have not had ant problems with sweating.

ladyonzlake Posted 2 May 2006 , 8:44pm
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Do you cover your cake with anything (plastic wrap ect) or do you just place it in the frig. uncovered?

traci Posted 2 May 2006 , 9:05pm
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My experience with fondant is not to put it in the refrigerator. I ruined a cell phone cake by putting it in the refrigerator and ended up redoing it in buttercream.

I have never tried it...but have heard that FondX will do fine in the refrigerator.

Do a practice cake just to be sure.

Good luck! icon_smile.gif

kt10 Posted 15 Nov 2014 , 2:18pm
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AHi everyone. I have to make chocolate cake thats needs to be in fridge but ehenever i cover it with MMF and refrigerate it. The fondent becomes hard. So please anyone can guide me what should i do for fondent covered cakes that needs to be in fridge but fondent remains soft.

leah_s Posted 15 Nov 2014 , 4:09pm
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why does your cake have to be n the refrigerator?

I've been making cakes for 50 years and I don't make them that have to be refrigerated.

That said, fondant doesn't stay soft.  It's suppossed to get firm (maybe not hard, but definitely firm).

julia1812 Posted 15 Nov 2014 , 5:21pm
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ADepending on the icing / filling she might have to refrigerate the cake. I live in a place where it's 86'F/30'C all year around and super humid. That's why a always used abc. My homemade mmf actually hates the fridge, it gets very soft and extremely sweaty when removed and sitting outside for only a few minutes. But just yesterday I made a cake covered in "regular" fondant, I'm using a similar recipe to Michelle Foster, and it was firm and super dry in the fridge and not sweating at all when removed! The only way to find out is by trying, because you'll find all sorts of opinions on the internet, but you'll only REALLY know, once you tried it! A small sample cake with left overs will do

kt10 Posted 15 Nov 2014 , 8:57pm
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AYes im making chocolate cake but my icing have to be refrigerated. Thankyou so much julia. I will try it soon. Will let you soon if again i need your help. Regards.

leah_s Posted 15 Nov 2014 , 11:04pm
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What type of icing has to be refrigerated?  Not whipped cream under fondant, surely?

julia1812 Posted 16 Nov 2014 , 7:36am
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AI guess it depends a bit on the climate you live in and the time between you finish the cake and it gets eaten, leah_s. I know that fondant preserves frostings for a while, but if you live in the tropics like me where it's 76'F+ all year round, you wouldn't want to rely on that, lol! In Europe (not summer) whipped cream is fine outside f.e. But here it's different. Not to speak of cream cheese frosting... I don't want to risk that someone gets sick

kt10 Posted 16 Nov 2014 , 6:35pm
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AIts simple chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting but if i keep it outside it melts so needs to be refrigerated to keep the taste better.

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