May's Cookie Theme

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bakincakin Posted 12 May 2006 , 4:14pm
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Those are beautiful. Love the colors thumbs_up.gif

momsandraven Posted 12 May 2006 , 5:11pm
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Your bouquet is arranged so nicely and the cookies are beautiful Laura! What a wonderful contribution to a wonderful cause.

MissJ Posted 12 May 2006 , 5:19pm
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I wish that I could join in on the fun.....but I'm just a beginner and I can't seem to get the decorating of the cookies down yet to where they're pretty enough to be in the public's eye.

craftst3 Posted 12 May 2006 , 5:21pm
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Laura, I love your design. I also like the way that the different sizes really stand out. I like the technique that you used. I may try that this weekend on mine and see how they come out.Someone is gonna be lucky to win this.

bonniebakes Posted 13 May 2006 , 8:25pm
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craftst3 - the little tulips are so cute!

zamode - very nice! I especially likethe one with the little hearts.

laura - I LOVE the pink and wthe flowers!!

great work, everyone!

Zamode Posted 14 May 2006 , 2:18am
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Originally Posted by NEWTODECORATING

Ok guys and gals out there who were all excited about the cookie club and said they would jump on the band wagon-- You know who you are--I WANTA SEE COOKIES!!!!! icon_cry.gif Don't make me go back thru post and name names! icon_evil.giftapedshut.gificon_evil.gif



NEWTODECORATING Posted 14 May 2006 , 2:21am
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How long should we give'em Zamode before we start the copy and pasteing? I say if we can't eat their cookies we should make them eat their words. LOL LOL

Zamode Posted 14 May 2006 , 2:23am
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Tomorrow is May 14th so the month is half over almost, I'd say one week at best! icon_lol.gif

NEWTODECORATING Posted 14 May 2006 , 2:26am
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Well this post has 1857 views to this point and only 67 responses. I know your out there cookie people....don't make me beg!!!

momsandraven Posted 14 May 2006 , 3:11am
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Between now (Saturday) and Wednesday I have 4 cakes due, including a wedding cake, but I promise that after this week I'll get some done and posted!

cakecre8tor Posted 14 May 2006 , 1:23pm
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Ok I finally got a chance to sit down and load my cookie photo - though I don't think it can compare to everyones cookies here they are all so fantastic!!

These are done with no fail sugar cookies and royal icing....

Kos Posted 14 May 2006 , 1:36pm
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Great job cakecre8tor I like the colors and I especially like the butterfly patterns. Love 'em! thumbs_up.gif

Originally Posted by momsandraven

Between now (Saturday) and Wednesday I have 4 cakes due, including a wedding cake, but I promise that after this week I'll get some done and posted!

Wow momsandraven how do you do it? I think you should relax for awhile after all those cakes. I'm kind of wishing we had gone with your aquatic suggestion for May since I just finished my "under the sea cookies" this weekend and I have to make "water day" cookies for both of my girl's classes. icon_biggrin.gif I don't think I can squeeze in flowers. (my mermaid does have a tacky tiny flower in her hair though icon_twisted.gif ) icon_lol.gif

slejdick Those cookies are awesome. I love the design! Sooo coool.


Zamode Posted 15 May 2006 , 3:27am
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Cakecre8tor, good job! Great colors!

Kos, I want to see those pics of the cookies and all the party stuff! icon_wink.gif

lacie Posted 15 May 2006 , 3:32am
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here are my cookies, i did these for my mothers day orders. they were placed in a cute little basket

Zamode Posted 15 May 2006 , 3:35am
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Lacie great job, I love that shade of green.

Kos Posted 15 May 2006 , 11:18am
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Beautiful lacie, the detail and colors are terrific!



dawnrunner Posted 16 May 2006 , 3:38pm
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I am one who said I'd love to join in and make the monthly theme cookies. I haven't been able to participate due to the fact that I am still recoverying from major surgery. It will be a few more months before the doctor will allow me to do more than rest.

coffeecake Posted 16 May 2006 , 3:49pm
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Dawnrunner -
So sorry to hear that you are down. I can not imagen going months without playing in the kitchen! icon_sad.gif

Zamode Posted 16 May 2006 , 5:53pm
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Dawn get better! We should be sending the cookies to you!

dawnrunner Posted 16 May 2006 , 6:56pm
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CoffeeCake & Zamode, I don't mind the resting part, but I am going stir crazy and itching to get back in the kitchen so I can have some real fun! I've been checking out the cookies posted here and we have us some really talented people, and others well on there way there.

bakincakin Posted 16 May 2006 , 7:13pm
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Hope you feel better soon too!!!

pinkopossum Posted 16 May 2006 , 9:55pm
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get well soon, dawn - best wishes! try and not look at the kitchen thumbs_up.gificon_lol.gif

Zamode Posted 17 May 2006 , 3:58am
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Originally Posted by dawnrunner

I am going stir crazy and itching to get back in the kitchen so I can have some real fun!

Well we had better look out then for when you are on the mend--a baking fiend will be loose and full of ideas! icon_wink.gif

edited cause I cannot spell

dawnrunner Posted 17 May 2006 , 4:27am
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Zamode, you are too funny! You are assuming that I can bake and decorate on par with the rest of you icon_smile.gif
Wish that were so, but I can dream...baking fiend is right on the money - one look at my cookies/cakes and you'd know the truth icon_redface.gif .
Thank you all, for brigthening up my day with your kind words. I really appreciate it thumbs_up.gif .

babynewyear Posted 17 May 2006 , 5:07pm
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Hey is everyone thinking on next months theme. My camera should be working by then. You have all been making such great cookies. Cant wait to see next months theme. The cookie voyuer,soon to be cookie chef. icon_biggrin.gif

NEWTODECORATING Posted 17 May 2006 , 5:25pm
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OK I am going soft cookie on you all and letting you off the silpat. LOL There have been many beautiful cookies this month! I fear I love decorating cookies! The fear comes when I realized I have NO supplies for this and I am out of money and storage due to the cake stuff! What is a girl to do??

My idea for a theme for next month - - since there is no major holiday in June and..... It is my birthday.....Maybe birthday cookies. Then I can pretend that all the beautiful birthday bouquets were for ME!!!! thumbs_up.gificon_lol.gif

babynewyear Posted 17 May 2006 , 10:29pm
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Hey I was thinking it was going to be JULY! LOL icon_lol.gif
But the cake idea is great, How about cake cookies, birthday and wedding since theres alot of weddings going on too. birthday.gif

grammacookie Posted 19 May 2006 , 2:25pm
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I finally got around to making my May Cookie Club cookies.
So many things going on this month.
I chose Pansies because they are my favorite flower!
This month I tried Martha's cookie recipe with buttercream frosting.

NEWTODECORATING Posted 19 May 2006 , 2:34pm
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grammacookie-Those are great!! I love them! What did you think of Martha's cookies? How do they compare to the No-fail ones? and last but not least Do you have a cookie cutter for those or did you freehand them?

pinkopossum Posted 19 May 2006 , 3:25pm
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great job gramma! those cookies look awesome!

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