Help! Chocolate Frosting Tastes....

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emf7701 Posted 21 Apr 2007 , 12:12am
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way too much like butter! icon_cry.gif i used the chocolate frosting recipe from here... Chocolate Decorators Buttercream by knoxcop1. all i taste is butter. anything i can do to make it taste more like chocolate? melt some chocolate candy melts and add them in? add some cocoa powder? any ideas? i'd really hate to scrap the whole batch.... so hopefully there's something i can add to it instead. with all the brilliant cc'ers out there, my guess is that somebody's got a great idea!!! icon_smile.gif TIA! icon_smile.gif


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Melvira Posted 21 Apr 2007 , 12:33am
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Definitely try more cocoa powder!

mizshelli Posted 21 Apr 2007 , 2:26am
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Looking at the recipe I can see why it doesn't taste like chocolate. There is 3 times more butter than chocolate in the recipe! I would increase the chocolate to at least 4 squares and add one more tbs of corn syrup, and some more powdered sugar, that should help. If it's still not chocolately enough for you, add some cocoa powder, but no more than 1/4 c unless you want to add a little more sugar and milk.

emf7701 Posted 21 Apr 2007 , 3:36am
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melvira and mizshelli~

thank you both for your input! i ended up "doctoring" it between both of your posts.... i added 1/4 cup of cocoa powder... still too buttery, so i grabbed the bottle of chocolate syrup out of the fridge and LIBERALLY added some! it helped.... we'll see what my sister thinks tomorrow. i am making the cake for her and my hubby - they share a birthday (he'll be 30!)... so the bottom tier (10")is chocolate cake with fudge filling and chocolate frosting (all her request!), hubby's tier (8") is chocolate with buttercream, and the top tier (6") is chocolate cake with cherry filling and buttercream icing (dad loves chocolate and cherry, so since the shin-dig is at his house....) ... i'm attempting to make it whimsical/tilted.... kinda nervous about the whole hammering of the dowel rod through the cake... so we'll see how things turn out. plan on decorating it with candy clay accents. i'll post a pic when it's done. thanks again for your help! much appreciated!!! icon_smile.gif


Melvira Posted 21 Apr 2007 , 3:45am
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Good luck erica!! I have had a hard time finding a decent chocolate icing recipe that can be piped. I think I've found it now that I've switched to the hi-ratio shortening! Good luck and it sounds luscious!!

debster Posted 21 Apr 2007 , 3:55am
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Does anybody have a good tasting chocolate icing that pipes that they are willing to share the recipe? I posted something along these lines a couple weeks ago and got nothing so I'm wondering why it's so hard to find a good chocolate icing. I tried the chcolate syrup one from here but it still wasn't what i wanted, I'm looking for a deep dark looking tasty chocolate frosting you can pipe with, I know that's asking alot but I know someone somewhere on this earth has to have one. icon_lol.gif

Melvira Posted 21 Apr 2007 , 4:07am
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Debster, I have one, but it requires hi-ratio shortening to make it really taste good. Do you use that? Just PM me and I'd be happy to share!! icon_wink.gif

hillmn Posted 21 Apr 2007 , 4:26am
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I got this recipe from a Petit Four class. It tastes good and pipes too.

Chocolate Buttercream

14 oz. Semi Sweet or Milk Chocolate chips or candy coating (melted)
1# Butter softened
1# Powdered Sugar

Blend butter and melted chocolate. Gradually add powdered sugar and whip until light and fluffy.

*hint...make a well in your mixer bowl with the butter, it helps catch any melted chocolate splatter from hardening when it hits the side of the bowl.

The finished consistency is medium, I think it works well for piping and can be thinned for frosting. The semi sweet makes a darker frosting.

JanH Posted 21 Apr 2007 , 5:17am
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Tips on getting a REALLY dark chocolate buttercream:


monizcel Posted 21 Apr 2007 , 1:00pm
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hillmn what does 1# in your recipe mean. Does that mean 1 part sugar to 1 part butter? For a normal quantity of buttercream how much butter and sugar do you use?

Sugarbunz Posted 21 Apr 2007 , 3:31pm
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Debster, I am not sure how well it works for piping, as I didn't use it for that, but I tried Toba Garrett's chocolate buttercream and it is sinfully rich. Still isn't that dark, had to add food coloring for that. It does use ganache as well.

JanH Posted 21 Apr 2007 , 5:57pm
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Toba Garrett's Chocolate Buttercream recipe:


heidisuesmom Posted 21 Apr 2007 , 6:34pm
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monizcel...I think that's the symbol for pound, so it's 1 pound of butter and 1 pound of powdered sugar! It sounds yummy doesn't it?!!

hillmn Posted 22 Apr 2007 , 5:01am
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It is 1 pound of butter and 1 pound of powdered sugar, sorry about that. It is really yummy. The dark chocolate gives it a little darker color and richer chocolate taste.

gnymont Posted 28 Apr 2013 , 2:22pm
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AI have the same problem with finding a good chocolate frosting my mother use to decorate cakes and made the most delicious chocolate frosting would not share it and now she is 83 and can not remember it.

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