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Samsgranny Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 8:07pm
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Does anyone know of a chart that lists how many boxes of cake mix it takes to fill the different sizes and shapes of pans? I know Wilton lists by cups of batter, I just don't think it is a good use of my time to stand there and measure every cup plus what about the wasted batter pouring it into a cup and then trying to scoop it out into the pan. Waste of time and batter. I'm hoping that someone knows where this is or has already taken the time to find out. If not I will keep track myself and post when completed. TIA!

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AmyBeth Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 8:09pm
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As far as I know, one cakes mix doesn't always yield the same number of cups. It also depends on if you dr the mix. That changes the yield. The reason Wilton goes by cups is because not every cake mix is the same. Sorry I can't be more help.

kerri729 Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 8:17pm
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I too, was curious about this. I made the first two tiers of my wedding cake on Friday. I used the 'enhanced cake formula" from this site with PB cake mixes (which yield 5-6 cups if mixed by box directions). I found that each mix with the extender yielded between 8 & 9 cups, and the 14" 2" high pan holds 10 cups, the 12" 2" high holds 7-1/2 cups. So, I am guessing that the 14" would take 2 boxes for one layer, and the 12" would take 2 (but waste most of the second one) But, as AmyBeth said, not all cake mixes yield the same amount. I was keeping track out of cuiosity. I will let you know what I find with the 10" one tonight. Just my 2 cents.

alicia_froedge Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 8:23pm
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Pan Size Pan Volume
(amt of batter) Bake Time
6" x 2" deep pan 2 1/4 cups 35-45 minutes
8" x 2" deep pan 3 3/4 cups 40-50 minutes
10" x 2" deep pan 6 cups 45-55 minutes
12" x 2" deep pan 8 cups 45-55 minutes
14" x 2" deep pan 11 cups 45-55 minutes
16" x 2" deep pan 15 cups 45-55 minutes
18" x 2" half round 10 cups 50-60 minutes
11" x 15" x 2" deep pan 12 cups 45-55 minutes
12" x 17" x 1" deep pan 10 cups 35-45 minutes
12" x 18" x 2" deep pan 15 1/2 cups 37-47 minutes
18" x 24" x 2" deep pan 27 1/2 cups 43-53 minutes

This is from the Duncan Hines website. Hope this helps

ozzynjojo Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 8:32pm
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I wish I could help right now. I have my list at home that one of my teachers gave me. It's by the box not cup. Believe me it's a big help. Before I go to the store I just look it up and I know exactly how many boxes to buy. When I get home I'll try to post it. Hopefully I can find this topic in the forum later on tonight.

alicia_froedge Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 8:44pm
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Oh and if this helps. One box of Duncan Hines equals 5 1/2 cups of batter.

leily Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 9:14pm
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I use the DH box mix with the addition of one small box of pudding and one whole egg. It yeilds exactly 6 cups for me. I tried the BC with the same additions and I only got 5 cups.

I am looking forward to seeing ozzynjojo's list. Having a quick reference for groceries will be nice, and to figure cost. However I would still recommend measureing. Have you tried an icecream scoop or cookie scoop? They both come in all different sizes and make it easier to move from bowl to pan. Just make sure you figure out the amount the scoop holds =)

Hope this helps.


stephanie214 Posted 18 Apr 2006 , 11:03pm
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I use Pillsbury and add sour cream

Sq. and rectangular pans

9x13=2 boxes
11x15=3 boxes
12x18=4 boxes
16 square=6 boxes

Round 3" pans

6"=1/2 box
8"=1 box
10"=1 1/2 box
12"=2 boxes
14"=2 1/2 boxes
16"=3 boxes

I collar my pans so that I can get a good height.

ozzynjojo Posted 19 Apr 2006 , 3:33am
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Okay I'm home with my info. I hope this helps! I only use Duncan Hines. That's what my teacher taught me and she's the one who gave me this list:

Round Pans
6"----1/2 mix
8"----3/4 mix
9"----1 mix
10"---1 mix
12"---1 1/2 mix
14"---2 mixes
16"---3 mixes
18"---3 1/2 mixes

Sqaure Pans
6"----3/4 mix
8"----1 mix
9"----1 1/2 mixes
10"---1 1/2 mixes
12"---2 mixes
14"---2 1/2 mixes
16"---3 1/2 mixes
18"---4 mixes

Sheet Pans
1/4----1 1/2 mixes
1/3----2 mixes
1/2----3 mixes

Novelty Pans
Character Pan----1 mix
Magic Mold--------1 1/2 mix
Lg. Book Pan-----2 mixes

Servings Sizes

qtkaylassweets Posted 19 Apr 2006 , 3:40am
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This is wonderful! Thanks so much for the list!!! This will be a BIG help!!!

sectheatre Posted 19 Apr 2006 , 3:19pm
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That chart is great, except do you know what depth of cake they are talking about? There is a big diference between one layer of a 1 1/2" cake and a 2 layer 2" pan.


ozzynjojo Posted 19 Apr 2006 , 3:23pm
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Hi there. The list is for 2" pans.

Samsgranny Posted 19 Apr 2006 , 3:26pm
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Thanks ozzynjojo, one more this for one pan or for two? I can't imagine using 1 whole cake mix for 1 9" pan. Thanks for clearing this up for me!

ozzynjojo Posted 19 Apr 2006 , 3:32pm
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It's for 1 pan. I thought 1 mix for 1 9"pan was alot too, but it rised well and I just leveled the top. I like my layers to be high so that I can use the leveler.

ljhow623 Posted 19 Apr 2006 , 7:03pm
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Wow what a great topic. This certainly helps me out a lot. I ussually use 2 9" round pans and no wonder why they never look right. Thanks.

Pyxxydust Posted 20 Apr 2006 , 9:47pm
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Wow -this is the coolest! I've always wondered about this too cuz I never bother to measure cake batter - it's messy and time consuming. So now this will be very, very, very helpful! Yay ozzynjo - you're my hero!

cakeatty Posted 20 Apr 2006 , 9:57pm
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You're such a angel Ozzynjojo!! I have something similar to this but it isn't NEAR as detailed as your chart. This is certainly something I'm going to have laminated to refer to often!

ozzynjojo Posted 20 Apr 2006 , 9:59pm
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I'm so happy that I can help and share. Lets also thank Samsgranny for such a great topic......


donnajf Posted 21 Apr 2006 , 9:24pm
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Thank you very much for that list.


Zmama Posted 23 Apr 2006 , 6:46pm
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Question - serving sizes

Is this for two-layer, wedding sizes (1x2") or real servings?

Thank you!

ozzynjojo Posted 24 Apr 2006 , 3:18pm
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The serving size is for a wedding. The 6" of course going to the bride and groom.

Granpam Posted 17 May 2007 , 1:18pm
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Thanks! this will be very usefull.

lakaty Posted 17 May 2007 , 2:41pm
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Great info! Thanks for sharing!

Tisha___ Posted 13 Nov 2008 , 3:59pm
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I'm getting a little bit of information overload, so I want to ask something and I'm sorry if it's been asked a million times. I just want to make sure I get it right.

I am going to be making a 3-layer round cake for my cousin's Birthday this weekend.

My mom gave me my grandmother's layer cake pans to use. They are round, about 9.5" across, and about 2 inches deep.

To make the 3 layers, how many boxes of cake mix should I buy? My cousin wants the cake to be the Pilsbury Funfetti cake, if that makes a difference.

Thanks SO MUCH for the help!!!

Rebelady Posted 13 Nov 2008 , 4:16pm
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icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif What an awesome chart!! Thanks for the info!!!!

panchanewjersey Posted 13 Nov 2008 , 4:21pm
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SHADDI Posted 13 Nov 2008 , 4:41pm
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thank you so much for this info.


handymama Posted 13 Nov 2008 , 4:49pm
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Wow, I do so appreciate this chart. Thanks!

grannys3angels Posted 13 Nov 2008 , 5:56pm
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WOW! this is a wonderful thread and topic, glad it has came back up.
I would also like to know if there is a chart for Pillsbury cake mixes.

God Bless,

EDIT TO SAY: Sorry just saw the post for Pillsbury with the sour cream, would this also be the same amounts without the sour cream? Thanks again.

noyhoward Posted 13 Nov 2008 , 6:16pm
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Great info, thanks!

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