Anyone Else Notice Crisco..

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SweetConfectionsChef Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 3:09am
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Ok, I could be losing my mind....but the "new" crisco...with 0 transfat is messing with my icing consistancy! Has anyone else noticed this??? My icing is not as firm and has air bubbles! icon_cry.gificon_cry.gif I had about 2 cups left of the 'ole regular kind so I made some and it was fine!!!!!!!! Walmart informed me that this is the only crisco they will be getting from now on because it's like New Coke....messed with a good thing and ruined it! This 0 transfat is the "new" recipe!! icon_cry.gif

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msauer Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 3:14am
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Please don't tell me this!!! Crapola!!!

I just bought two really huge containers of the "new stuff" from Sam's Club the other day. I had heard at a class I took in January that the recipe for Crisco was going to change, but I was hoping it wouldn't mess with the icing!!!!!

I'm gonna watch your thread to see what everyone else has to say.


step0nmi Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 3:19am
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OHH NO! icon_surprised.gif I just bought a huge tub too! I hope my icing is still the same! Maybe if we just add a little more powdered sugar it should be fine???!!

SweetConfectionsChef Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 3:23am
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Originally Posted by step0nmi

OHH NO! icon_surprised.gif I just bought a huge tub too! I hope my icing is still the same! Maybe if we just add a little more powdered sugar it should be fine???!!

I tried that....and it made it dry. So then I added some more water and it looked ok (just ok, not normal or great) but it was so freakin' soft!! It's like it doesn't "hold up" anymore!

Kitagrl Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 3:27am
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I stopped using Crisco because to me it smelled like chemicals, so I use generic anyway...some stores have a really nice generic, firm shortening, you might try a few different store brands and see.

gateaux Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 3:49am
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Sorry I am ranting and this is a bit long....

Icing is not suppose to be transfat free, we do not need to be saved by anyone but ourselves. If I needed for someone to tell me to not eat something because it's bad for me, I would have to move back home and be 4 years old! ARGH. Oh yeah and that would probably not work, since my mom always said, moderation is the key, it's important to enjoy good food, well prepared with good tasting ingredients. She was always thin and ate properly, but enjoyed her little sweets and what not! I miss her...

To continue...
Why can't "they" and "I MEAN THE BIG THEY" just let us choose if we want bad or baddest (is that even a word)!

Well if this is the case, no more Crisco for me either. I just used my last container of the old bad crisco. Good thing I have a class next, week, I will ask my teach what she thinks about all of this, she is very wise!

Maybe we should start a petition or maybe (no offence to any lawyers, I have friend who are and I love them).. but maybe that is why crisco changed, it's because they want to get ahead of the curve and not have to be part of any lawsuits that might come up.

Anyhow, in the meantime, we have to either change our recipes and find a work around or start using butter - until THEY decide to take the transfats out.
Here I thought we were safe!

Good Luck

mommyinaprilx2 Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 3:58am
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Yep I know what you mean! I bought some the other day and it took forever to get that cake smooth! I could figure out what the probelm was until later I had the shorteing and was like why is this stuff so soft???!!!

mekaclayton Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 3:59am
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icon_surprised.gif ...I just used some about 1 hour ago and noticed all the air bubbles. Earlier, I noticed the package had that on there but paid no attention to it. I did a basket weave...air bubbles everywhere...hadn't had that major of a problem before. Still thought maybe it was me. I added some more water (thought maybe my icing was too stiff)...still air bubbles. I got some old that I can finish the cake up with but I guess it's time for me to find a new way to make icing or find a way to get this "new" Crisco more like the old. The cake looks okay but I still hate air bubbles.

MamaBerry Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 4:03am
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Whole Foods and other overpriced-earth friendly stores have a couple of shortening products that work like the old Crisco.

Earth Balance and ...shoot I just forgot the name of the other it's in the baking aisle of Whole Foods and is in a big ol' tub.

Good Luck

mcdonald Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 4:11am
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I wish companies would let US decided what we want to eat and what we don't want to eat. I think that after raising two kids and being married for 24 years, I am responsible enough to figure out what I want to eat.

I have tried a couple off brands before and had no luck. I guess I better get started trying out some different ones before my next cake is due.

AnythingSugar Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 4:11am
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I had a problem with the new Crisco a few weeks ago. I had lots of bubbles in my icing and there were tiny specks of shortening that I could not get to blend in. I could not understand why I had those specks of shortening and then I discovered that it was the new Crisco. I haven't used it anymore.

darcat Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 4:13am
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I use tenderflake shortening I dont know if you guys have that or not but I find it just as good as good as crisco and about the same price and so far they havnt messed with the recipe lol

MaryV Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 4:14am
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I thought it was just me!

I have been noticing the air bubbles too! AND I delivered a cake yesterday, only to discover once I got to th site that one of my BC (Crisco BC) boarders had "slid" down from the cake onto the cake board thus exposing my not so neatly trimmed fondant cake! icon_sad.gif

I guess I'll have to start shopping around for a new "old school" shortening...maybe we should all get together and start a business selling "TOTAL TRANSFAT" SHORTENING??? -I'd buy it!


SweetConfectionsChef Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 4:16am
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Thank you so much everyone for letting me know that I am not crazy!! I was starting to worry!

I guess I'm gonna have to take the pludge to high ratio shortening. I can't find a place around here to buy it and I surely don't want to pay shipping on that stuff! I go through about 4 of the biggest tubs of Crisco a week... I guess I better look harder!

indydebi Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 4:35am
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Ok, I dont' know what I'm doing right or what I'm doing wrong, but I didn't notice any difference. My photo "first FBCT" was made with the zero-trans and you can see the icing is pretty smooth. icon_confused.gif It still passes our taste test (first thing I checked out with the first batch out of this can).

I'm going to keep an extra close taste-bud on any future batch though! I appreciate this thread for bringing the topic up.... if I run into these problems in the future, I won't panic (too much!) icon_lol.gif

gateaux Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 4:39am
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Originally Posted by darcat

I use tenderflake shortening I dont know if you guys have that or not but I find it just as good as good as crisco and about the same price and so far they havnt messed with the recipe lol

darcat, I am pretty sure Tenderflake is only available in Canada, I have not seen it here in MN. Only when I go home.

Bonne Chance!

LisaMS Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 4:48am
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Hmmm...this really concerns me. I made a batch of icing and it just didn't seem right but I thought it was because I used some new almond emulsion instead of the almond extract I normally use. Now Im thinking it may be the Crisco. :-/ It was softer and "whippier" than normal. :-/ I managed to do fine with it; but agh! I hate when companies go changing the recipes on me.

cambo Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 4:49am
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I've been using the new Crisco a few weeks, and the only difference I've noticed are more air bubbles than normal. After I mix it in my KA, I mix it real well with my big rubber spatula and that seems to get rid of the bubbles....I've noticed no real difference in taste, smoothing or softness....all the same! Thank goodness!

dolcebaci Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 4:52am
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Up in Canada tenderflake is shortening however it a a LARD shorterning unlike the Crisco which a veggie shortening.

tyty Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 4:56am
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The first thing I noticed about the new Crisco was my icing never looks smooth in the bowl but after I frosted the cake it did smooth out. I did not effect the taste. I guess I just have to get over how it looks in the bowl.

CarolAnn Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 5:29am
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The Crisco I have doesn't say no trans fats on the front but does on the label. I've used two whole 3# cans and just started on the third. I don't notice any difference in taste or consitancy in the can but it does seem like it makes my icings a little softer. By that I mean the liquid I use initially for a dbl batch makes a medium consistancy rather than a stiff icing. But that's fine with me because I don't often need a very stiff icing. When I get all my ingredients mixed together I scrape the bowl then mix on med for 2 min, stir it down again and mix for 5 min on almost high speed. It makes my icing very smoothe and light. Then before I use it I stir it down with a big spoon to take out some of the air. That seems to help a lot and I haven't had any problems with bubbles. Sorry to hear about those of you who are.

Cakepro Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 1:13pm
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I had a student go through Courses 1, 2, and 3 with me recently who had been buying the specially-labeled green container of Crisco that was trans-fat free, and she never had a problem with it. I didn't find out until C3 that she had been using a different Crisco!

I dipped into my first tub of the new formulation of Crisco in the blue can and didn't notice any difference at all with my icing. In fact, it was the first time I used the Melvira method to smooth the cakes and it worked like a dream!

Maybe it will take much less creaming/mixing of the icing for everything to be incorporated so y'all don't get so much air mixed in your batches.

CarolAnn Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 1:24pm
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What I have is in the blue can. I don't think I saw those little green cans that say "no trans fats" on them last time I bought Crisco. Don't know why they need them though, since there's no tf in the blue cans.

fourangelsmommie Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 1:29pm
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I noticed when I spooned the crisco out of the can that it was much softer and I thought maybe we had the heat turned up too high in the house and it melted some.

I didn't notice any airbubbles, but I did have to cut the amount of liquid back and add a little bit more PS to get the consistency I needed, but it didn't seem to change the taste or anything.

Maybe it is time to buy the high-ratio shortening. Hum...why do they change this stuff all the time?

bethola Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 1:39pm
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Oh My Word! I thought it was ME!! I could NOT figure out what the problem was! The last two cakes I made had air bubbles (I RARELY get air bubbles) AND it was sooooo soft!

I'm glad I "checked in" this morning! So NOW what do we do?

Beth in KY

Granpam Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 1:40pm
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I agree with Carolann. I didn't notice any change at all I also make my icing in the same manner she does. The amount of time you beat the icing and stirring it down may be the difference. I have no trouble smoothing no matter which smoothing method I use. Although eversince I tried Melvira's method I only use Viva where the roller wont reach the details.

kjt Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 1:46pm
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Originally Posted by AnythingSugar

I had a problem with the new Crisco a few weeks ago. I had lots of bubbles in my icing and there were tiny specks of shortening that I could not get to blend in. I haven't used it anymore.

I have BOTH those problems, too icon_mad.gif
Which shortening are you using now, AnythingSugar?


IHATEFONDANT Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 2:00pm
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I did notice that my icing seems "drier"?? Had one heck of a time getting my BC to smooth out, even using the roller. And it seems like it wants to crack more...I'm thinking it is drier and I'm sucking moisture out with the towels or the roller.

What if we added a stick of butter and put 4oz less of the Crisco in? Would the butter replace some of the moisture? And what would that do to the "crusting" effect?

SweetConfectionsChef Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 2:06pm
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I've also thought about replacing some of the crisco with butter (don't know what I'll do with the 2 gallons of butter flavor I just ordered) but I'm afraid....the summer months are approaching and I'm in Houston! icon_cry.gif

hnogden Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 2:18pm
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I think the reason they changed the formula is because of the new laws that passed in NY. All NY resturants must remove all Trans Fat from their recipes. Sux for the rest of us though.

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