How Do You Know You're Good Enough To Do This For A Living?

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randel Posted 10 Apr 2006 , 6:34am
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Like everybody else I would like to do this for a living, I have had a few orders for cakes. They are now starting to get even more regular. I live in NSW Australia. How do you know your good enough to do this for a living? How do you get people to know about you?

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LeeAnn Posted 10 Apr 2006 , 7:17am
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You only really need to look at peoples work, yes you are good enough, advertis and word of mouth gets around. Good luck From Adelaide Live in London.

franjmc Posted 10 Apr 2006 , 8:04am
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No one can answer that question. The only way to tell is if you can sell your product for the price you ask. Even if you can't do that, it doesn't mean you're not good enough, it may just mean your target audience is not being reached.

I am in Melbourne and I have just registered my kitchen, business name and have begun marketing my cakes. I donate to the local school raffles, I advertise in newsletters, I had an article published in the local newspaper about me and I'm about to exibit in my first Bridal Expo.

After all this effort, I have the sum total of one order! But I'm not discouraged, I have made my mind up that I want to be a cake designer, not run of the mill, bakery style, but exclusive and therefore expensive.

I've already had customers say no because of my prices but that's ok, I will continue to price my cakes according to what I think they are worth and hopefully the customers will arrive, eventually.

I'm doing something I love, and therefore it doesn't feel like work to me. If you want to do this for a living, then just do it.

You're good enough so long as you believe you are. icon_smile.gif


beany Posted 11 Apr 2006 , 3:13am
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Originally Posted by franjmc

I have just registered my kitchen, business name and have begun marketing my cakes.
I had an article published in the local newspaper about me and I'm about to exibit in my first Bridal Expo.

Congratulations Fran!

Sorry for the delayed congrats.....I didn't know!

I know you'll do well. icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif

mmdd Posted 11 Apr 2006 , 3:16am
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I've heard that you can live off of it when you have so many cakes to do that you have NO time for anything else, but sometimes cake orders don't just happen.

So, I'd say that if you live in an area that is accepting of it and you know they'll always be a need for cake around, go ahead if you're financially stable.

And, good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kris_813 Posted 11 Apr 2006 , 3:22am
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After looking at your cakes, I think It's safe to say that you're ready. You do beautiful work.

candyladyhelen Posted 14 Apr 2006 , 12:18am
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When people start asking you and won't take no for an answer! When they see your cakes at a party & want you to do their cake!

spottydog Posted 14 Apr 2006 , 12:22am
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I was just going to say the same thing Kris did. You do incredible work! If it is what you love and like mmdd said go for it if you can.

Schmoop Posted 14 Apr 2006 , 12:23am
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I kindof fell into this whole thing after people saw my kids birthday every party I make a cake for, I get 2-3 orders soom after from people who were at the party. I didn't plan on this, I feel like I am not that experienced yet, but people seem to love my cakes?!?

If the orders are coming in, TAKE THEM!

kimburkett_83 Posted 14 Apr 2006 , 12:31am
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I think your cakes are awesome, go for it!!!!!!!!!!! icon_smile.gif

chuelchie Posted 14 Apr 2006 , 7:10am
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fran - what did you have to do to register your kitchen and is this your home kitchen?


eriksmom Posted 4 May 2006 , 3:23am
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So you are self taught? I am absolutely floored by your work! Don't even question whether you are good enough. Looking at your cakes, it looks like you've been doing them for years! I say, GO FOR IT!!!!

YanaK Posted 4 May 2006 , 9:42pm
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I won't tell you anything new from others, I guess. If people like your cakes, if once seen on a party someone else wants the same, or another one, but from you - you are ready! If you enjoy doing it - do it. With practice you will learn to cut corners and speed up the process. You won't make a very comfortable living out of it though. You will never recover all the time you put into a cake. There are lots of people who prefer cheap and nasty from Cheesecake shop. However, as an extra income and food for your ambitions - this is very worth while!

Along the lines, I have a question. How do you, ladies from Australia, work out the price for your cakes? The last and only time I made a cake to order, I had to go to cake decorating shop to get an idea. They were kind enough to give me a quote, but she referred to a magic book for something or rather. For 9" fruit cake with the swan & lace and gumpaste flowers (in my picture gallery) she quoted AUD $250 and up, and added that nowadays there are not many people who make such designs as they are very time consuming and expensive.

So, how do you know how many slices are in a certain size cake? How much is it per slice?

When someone learns I make cakes to order they ask how much and I'm perplexed. Is there any book / place where this info can be reached? I hope, I'm not alone in my frustration. icon_smile.gif

Thanks a lot.

Once again Good Luck! icon_smile.gif

Pootchi Posted 4 May 2006 , 10:42pm
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WOW!!!! just amazing!!! You're soooo ready !!!!! Go for it!!!! thumbs_up.gif

tiggy2 Posted 4 May 2006 , 11:01pm
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You are definately ready, your cakes are beautiful. I say go for it if you can since it is something you love to do.

alemrac978 Posted 4 May 2006 , 11:05pm
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