tayesmama Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 5:21pm

icon_surprised.gificon_surprised.gificon_surprised.gif OMG!!!!! Nancy, those cookies defy words! THEY ARE SO GREAT! I love that Roy-Al-T; excellent idea! LOL icon_lol.gif

Kos Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 5:22pm

Wow NancysFancy, you're a genius! I love the "roy-al-t" cookies. I can't decide if I like them or the headless wife better. I love her expression.

Do you handcut your cookies?

Fabulous! thumbs_up.gif


debilou68 Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 5:22pm

Nancysfancy, --- love the Roy Al T. Now thats creative!
Great job on all the cookies everyone,,,

mitsel8 Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 5:24pm

Please, when are you going to have a class????
I will go anywhere to learn from you.


Zamode Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 5:26pm

That's some patience and a steady hand Nancy!

mis Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 5:39pm

WOW! There is no words to describe yor talent. WOW! Now that's being creative with Roy Al T.

nefgaby Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 5:42pm

OMG, again, I have no words for your work.... just icon_surprised.gificon_eek.gificon_surprised.gificon_eek.gificon_surprised.gificon_eek.gificon_surprised.gif AMAZING!! You have a true gift!

Gapi Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 5:44pm

Wow, Nancy! Your cookies are great! You have to do a tutorial telling us your secrets.

Zamode Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 6:16pm
Originally Posted by ShyannAutumn

I have some cookies that have been a royal pain in my tapedshut.gif ....backside all week. Does that count? icon_lol.gif

I think it should icon_lol.gif

Originally Posted by ShyannAutumn

I was in a zamode mood...Cookie sheets threw the window. icon_cry.gif

It's liberating....then you'll be ready to try again later icon_razz.gifthumbs_up.gif

ShyannAutumn Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 7:06pm

Okay, I give up.... Didn't see the first time "the Royal pain" was suggested. I guess i was to frustrated to even pay close enough attention.

then after seeing Nancy's cookies... flip me over, I am done on this side.
sheeshhhhhhh what a week.

**sets up a garage sale, with notice of mostly bakery items.***

Zamode Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 7:47pm


Shyann, look at your signature.....no giving up. If I can keep going, you can. thumbs_up.gif

NancysFancy Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 8:45pm

Thanks very, very much Tayesmama,Kos,debilou68, mitsel8, Zamode, mis nefgaby, Gapi !!!!!!!!!
You guys are super nice. Glad you like the weird one. That's in my mental comfort zone.
In answer to a few comments and questions:
1.Kos, thank you but I'm soooo not a genius. Okay, I can draw but if you ask me to add 2+2, I would hesitate. Really. My skills are VERY limited. And yes, I handcut the dough but only if I'm doing one or a few, otherwise I'll annoy my hubby 'till he makes me a cutter.
2.mitsel8----you're very sweet. So, really, you'll follow me?? How about next week in Barbados on the beach!!! My fee? Hmmmm- let me check airfares,etc. LOL !!!!
3. nefgaby, you crack me up. Could you use any more emoticons??? Thanks
4. Gapi, thank you. I'd be honored if anyone wanted a tutorial. But it would be short!!! Here it is: google images, do sketch, draw sketch on cookie with edible pen, fill it in with royal. That's it. In other words, no good secrets. I
wish I had some 'cause these are so labor-intensive that they will NEVER be repeated.

ShyannAutumn Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 8:51pm
Originally Posted by Zamode

.....no giving up. If I can keep going, you can. thumbs_up.gif

LOL.... I love your emoticons.

BarbaraK Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 9:40pm

Superb cookies Nancy!! thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif I love all the details in the Henry VII cookie but my fav is the Roy-Al-T. Great thinking. icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

darcat Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 9:46pm

Ok now that I have picked up my jaw from my keyboard lol I can say Nancy I'm floored those cookies are beyond belief. When I see how much some of those celebrity bakers ask for their cookies you could easily get like 100 dlrs a cookie for the henry the 8th it is fantastic. And talk about imagination lol with the roy al t I mean how cute is that? lol Take a bow girl you deserve it.

mis Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 10:02pm

Here is my addition. I think it can be part of royalty. icon_biggrin.gif If you kiss them it will turn into a prince which is part of royalty. Although it doesn't measure up to what's been posted but here they are. Oh and they are Sarah's (baking 911) in trial still peanut butter cutout cookies with Sweet Annie's icing.

NancysFancy Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 11:41pm

Thanks BarbaraK
And darcat!!!! Your comment MADE my day because I'm in the middle of a STUPID, TINY wedding cookie order where the client beat me and my price down mercilessly!!! So I'll just imagine that I can charge more someday,thanks to you.

NancysFancy Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 11:46pm

mis,ADORABLE frogs!!!!! Yeah, we gotta kiss alot of 'em before we find our prince!!!!!!

MystiqueFire Posted 18 Apr 2007 , 12:18am

Nancy, those cookies are AMAZING!!!! My fave is the Henry the 8th... partially because I'm a huge history buff icon_cool.gif

(yea, I'm cool.)

And those froggies came out really well! I think they count! =)


NancysFancy Posted 18 Apr 2007 , 12:39am

Hi Jasmine,
Thank you! Ummm, "Cool History Buff"??? (oxymoron, perhaps!!) LOL !!!!
Hey, I had to look up which # wife Anne Boleyn was AND I could not spell her surname. Bet you knew both so who's the cool and smart one here!!!!!

EverlastingSweets Posted 18 Apr 2007 , 12:48am

here are my cookies! I made them just in time for Easter

Melvira Posted 18 Apr 2007 , 12:49am

Adorable!! Those are the cutest!!! I can't even comment on Nancy's!! I am not worthy! Hahaha! Those are amazing!!

bobwonderbuns Posted 18 Apr 2007 , 12:58am

Geez, I was all set to post mine but forget it now! I am sooo not worthy!! icon_cool.gif

darcat Posted 18 Apr 2007 , 1:22am

the frogs are sooooooo cute and I love the easter ones especially the bunny lol they all put a smile on my face thank you everyone.

cakesonoccasion Posted 18 Apr 2007 , 2:09am

Nancy_ I visited your website. Words cannot express....I know you said you just draw with edible pen and fill in with royal. I noticed that a LOT of your images were outlined in black...do you outlne with black RI??? And then fill in with the colors??

NancysFancy Posted 18 Apr 2007 , 2:30am

Hi cakesonoccasion,
Thank you very much.
Yes, you're right. Almost all of my cookies are outlined in black royal icing with a #2 tip. I just like how it looks--similar to the way I draw any illustration.

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