April Cookie Club

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BarbaraK Posted 9 Apr 2007 , 4:59am
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Zamode - Maybe you could throw a right ROYAL tantrum and submit some cookie crumbs!! icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

bonniebakes Posted 9 Apr 2007 , 8:10pm
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Originally Posted by Zamode

How about if cookies are royally a pain in the arse? Then I'll post my Easter cookies. dunce.gif

You crack me up!!

darcat Posted 9 Apr 2007 , 9:39pm
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Hmmmmm just a thought but since we just about all use Royal Icing then wouldnt that make all or any of the cookies we make ROYAL lmao then we can just submit away lol

Cake_Princess Posted 10 Apr 2007 , 3:39am
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Originally Posted by BarbaraK

Zamode - Maybe you could throw a right ROYAL tantrum and submit some cookie crumbs!! icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

Please don't encourage her... lol

nsouza Posted 10 Apr 2007 , 4:01am
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Those cookies are so awesome!

darcat Posted 10 Apr 2007 , 6:38pm
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Sheesh come on guys WHERE ARE THOSE COOKIES lol we are into the second week of april already lol I need a cookie fix icon_lol.gif lol ok talking to my self "be patient" tapedshut.gif

Zamode Posted 11 Apr 2007 , 4:11am
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Originally Posted by Cake_Princess

Originally Posted by BarbaraK

Zamode - Maybe you could throw a right ROYAL tantrum and submit some cookie crumbs!! icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

Please don't encourage her... lol

Muahahahaha! Barbara,, excellent idea! icon_lol.gif See my avatar? Cookie sheets going through the window....

Cake_Princess Posted 11 Apr 2007 , 8:33pm
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Come on guys it's time to post your cookies to the thread.

freddyfl Posted 12 Apr 2007 , 6:30pm
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This is a hard theme to come up with something original. I am still pondering.

Cake_Princess Posted 12 Apr 2007 , 11:48pm
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Come on guys, where are all the cookies? You were all so eager to get started what's going on?

Melvira Posted 12 Apr 2007 , 11:52pm
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I'm in Florida visiting the in-laws and am absolutely JONESING to bake, I hope I can make it until I get home... then I'll make you some cookies to post!! I can also post my easter cookies when I get home.

nsouza Posted 12 Apr 2007 , 11:57pm
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so when april ends will it be the May Cookie Club! icon_rolleyes.gif

Kos Posted 14 Apr 2007 , 3:01pm
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I haven't posted in I-don't-know-how-long. I'm not even sure I remember how to download a picture. Here goes... This is a princess cookie using the ice cream cutter upside-down.


BarbaraK Posted 14 Apr 2007 , 3:05pm
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Love it. What a great idea to use the ice cream cone cutter. thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif I can never come up with ideas like that.


Kos Posted 14 Apr 2007 , 3:07pm
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Thanks Barbara for the kind words!


shanzah67 Posted 14 Apr 2007 , 3:09pm
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What a clever idea! I wouldn't have thought of that. Cool! icon_cool.gif Great job!

tayesmama Posted 14 Apr 2007 , 7:53pm
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Kos, welcome back! Great job! I LOVE it! What kinda icing is it?

mitsel8 Posted 14 Apr 2007 , 10:48pm
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Kos, you are so clever!!! That is the cutest cookie!

mis Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 4:44pm
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Love your princess. Clever idea.

Zamode Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 5:29pm
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Kos your beautiful cookies have been missed!

ShyannAutumn Posted 16 Apr 2007 , 3:45am
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I have some cookies that have been a royal pain in my tapedshut.gif ....backside all week. Does that count? icon_lol.gif

I was in a zamode mood...Cookie sheets threw the window. icon_cry.gif

NancysFancy Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 5:10pm
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Here are my entries for the April cookie club theme "royalty."

One entry is obvious. The other tells you that my brain is weird.

tayesmama Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 5:21pm
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icon_surprised.gificon_surprised.gificon_surprised.gif OMG!!!!! Nancy, those cookies defy words! THEY ARE SO GREAT! I love that Roy-Al-T; excellent idea! LOL icon_lol.gif

Kos Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 5:22pm
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Wow NancysFancy, you're a genius! I love the "roy-al-t" cookies. I can't decide if I like them or the headless wife better. I love her expression.

Do you handcut your cookies?

Fabulous! thumbs_up.gif


debilou68 Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 5:22pm
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Nancysfancy, --- love the Roy Al T. Now thats creative!
Great job on all the cookies everyone,,,

mitsel8 Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 5:24pm
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Please, when are you going to have a class????
I will go anywhere to learn from you.


Zamode Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 5:26pm
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That's some patience and a steady hand Nancy!

mis Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 5:39pm
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WOW! There is no words to describe yor talent. WOW! Now that's being creative with Roy Al T.

nefgaby Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 5:42pm
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OMG, again, I have no words for your work.... just icon_surprised.gificon_eek.gificon_surprised.gificon_eek.gificon_surprised.gificon_eek.gificon_surprised.gif AMAZING!! You have a true gift!

Gapi Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 5:44pm
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Wow, Nancy! Your cookies are great! You have to do a tutorial telling us your secrets.

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