Is It Me? Or Does Fondant Taste Horrible?

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drurys Posted 14 Mar 2006 , 7:54pm
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Hey Gals,

I have begun to experiment with Fondant and all I can say is that is tast horrible.

Are you suppose to eat this stuff?

I have used the Wilton and it is very 'chemically', so I made MMF, which is better but really not that edible in large amounts.

Is there something that I do not know about Fondant?


Another thing, is my MMF does not harden. Any ideas?

Thanks and Happy Caking

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Florimbio Posted 14 Mar 2006 , 7:58pm
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MMF should get hard, and you can flavor it if that helps...

Have you tried a rolled butter cream? The taste is way better! Some people use 50% mmf 50% rolled BC

drurys Posted 14 Mar 2006 , 8:00pm
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Thanks for your input.. icon_smile.gif

What is rolled buttercream?

wendysue Posted 14 Mar 2006 , 8:05pm
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A lot of people like Satin Ice, so you might give that brand a try! : )
Wilton is horrible, MMF is better, but like you said you can't eat very much of it. To me, it tastes too much like candy so I try and use it sparingly, like only for decorations. icon_wink.gif
I need to check into the rolled buttercream too. Never tried it and not all together sure I know what it is! icon_rolleyes.gif

Florimbio Posted 14 Mar 2006 , 8:06pm
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You can find it on this site under the recipies section. It is simalar to fondant, tastes much better, but tends to be greaser. It is hard to cover large cakes with it, that is way alot of people use the 50% 50% trick.

I do not care for marshmellows, so I do not care for mmf, but I do mostlt kids parties and they all love it, but more of them like the rolled BC or candy clay.

CarolAnn Posted 14 Mar 2006 , 9:13pm
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You're right, it does taste horrible! I use what's called faux fondant. It gives the smoothe look of rolled fondant/MMF but the great taste of buttercream. I have used it on two wedding cakes and been very pleased, and the brides loved it. You can see them in my photos if you want. There is a very good tutorial for the faux fondant method in the Articles file on this site. The recipe I prefer for the icing is the Crusting Buttercream II in the Recipes file here. I love it and my customers and family have loved it too.

Euphoriabakery Posted 14 Mar 2006 , 9:17pm
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Wilton fondant is nasty! Worse than eating playdough! I have made homemade fondant and it is better, but still very heavy like a candy. I really like MMF, just made it for the first time and used it last night in my course 3 class. I would actually prefer to eat it to buttercream. I find buttercream too sweet and greasy. But most people don't like the texture of fondant. Rolled buttercream sounds interesting to me. I will have to try it sometime.

sofiasmami Posted 14 Mar 2006 , 9:23pm
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I've read that you can add lorran oils to your mmf ... I have them there but I haven't had the nerve to try them yet ... they come in all kinds of flavors .. I bought chocolate and cheesecake ... personally I prefer MMF to buttercream

acookieobsession Posted 15 Mar 2006 , 1:23am
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Just a thought but, are you just eating the mmf straight? I think that is gross too, but on a cake with buttercream icing as a nice crumb tastes ok. granted I like sweet, but still most people eat the cakes and like it. I do use 50/50 mmf and rolled buttercream.



Euphoriabakery Posted 15 Mar 2006 , 1:29am
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Originally Posted by acookieobsession

Just a thought but, are you just eating the mmf straight? I think that is gross too, but on a cake with buttercream icing as a nice crumb tastes ok. granted I like sweet, but still most people eat the cakes and like it. I do use 50/50 mmf and rolled buttercream.



Hmm? Is it bad that I love MMf straight? I can sit down and eat a big old hunk of it with a cup of strong coffee. I know I'm pretty wierd.

LisaMS Posted 15 Mar 2006 , 1:32am
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I love playing with it but I don't like eating it either.

acookieobsession Posted 15 Mar 2006 , 1:32am
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Euphoria I don't know about "wierd" but certainly "WIRED" witha hunk of pure sugar and coffee! icon_lol.gif

jjbrink Posted 15 Mar 2006 , 1:47am
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i have not yet used fondant, or anything other than buttercream icing at that. i want to though, just havent had they time to experiment. i have always wondered why you would cover a cake with fondant if it taste so bad? i know it makes it look pretty and smoother, but i just dont understand why you would put it on there if you have to peel it off before eating your cake??
i also have seen cakes on here where the top of the cake is made of all sorts of things (fondant, ect.), making faries, people, flowers...where there is pratically a whole set-up sitting on top and around the cake, and they are beautiful!! but can you actually eat this stuff?? i couldnt imagine how long it would take to make something like that, and the patience to go with it. there are some really talented cake decorators here, and cake artist icon_smile.gif

Sherry0565 Posted 15 Mar 2006 , 2:02am
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Wilton fondant is definitely terrible tasting! I finally tried the Satin Ice, and it tastes much, much better. My problem with Fondant is not so much the taste, but the texture. When I have a piece of cake, I like it to be nice and soft, so I find myself peeling the fondant off anyway. My daughter wants a fondant wedding cake, and I'm trying my best to talk her out of it!

Florimbio Posted 15 Mar 2006 , 2:33am
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Has anyone tried to pour fondant?

MelC Posted 15 Mar 2006 , 3:02am
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Poured fondant is completely different! Basically a sugar coating.

Mill Lane fondant tastes NOTHING like Wilton (shudder) or MMF... it's REALLY good!

sweet_honesty Posted 15 Mar 2006 , 3:03am
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Fondant doesn't taste horrible. The amount of people that say that on this site gives people the wrong impression. I've never tasted the Wilton stuff but homemade fondant tastes like a slightly chewier royal icing to me at least. Which you prefer is just a matter of personal taste and cultural differences. What you grew up with as a child has a great influence on what you find tastes good. I'm going to share the fondant recipe I use for anyone who wants to try it. It is really easy and most certainly doesnt taste horrible. You be the judge.

3 Tbsp cold water
1 1/2 level tsp powdered unflavoured gelatine
1 1/2 Tbsp liquid glucose or light corn syrup
2 tsp glycerine
1 lb icing sugar

Put approx. 2/3 of the icing sugar in a bowl and make a well in the centre.

Pour the water into a saucepan and sprinkle on the powdered gelatine shaking the pot slightly to avoid lumps if necessary. Do not stir

Dissolve the gelatine water mixture over a very low heat.

Stir in the glucose and glycerine and then remove from the heat.

Pour gelatine mixture into the well in the centre of the icing sugar and stir with a wooden spoon from the centre outwards to avoid making a lumpy mixture.

When unable to stir anymore turn out onto a table liberally dusted with icing sugar and knead in reamining sugar until a smooth pliable paste is formed.

I find that sometimes you need a bit more icing sugar than the 1 lb so that u have enough to dust the table. Any adventurous person can give it a try and let me know what they think.

fearlessbaker Posted 15 Mar 2006 , 1:47pm
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I have some chocolate Saatin Ice and it doesn't taste bad. I too hate fondant but do use some to make decorations like bows etc. I am going to make some choco-pan this weekend and will let you know how it tastes. has anyone here tried the choco-pan. I think you can get a fondant effect using the water spray bottle method because it gets the frosting so smooth. From my understanding fondant is used more in the British Isles and Australia than here. Although it does seem to be catching on in the U.S. Fearlessbaker

MomLittr Posted 15 Mar 2006 , 1:50pm
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SweetHonesty, can this be flavored at all? I want to try it as it sounds pretty good.


lotsoftots Posted 15 Mar 2006 , 1:57pm
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Fondant does indeed taste nasty. Too sweet, too chewy, too ew.

KittisKakes Posted 15 Mar 2006 , 2:01pm
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I'm a fan of MMF also. It can be rolled thin and is easy to work with. It's cheap too! I tried the rolled buttercream last night. Gotta work on that one!! It tears very easily and I wound up going 50/50 with MMF. That worked much better. MMF will eventually harden, but if you want to speed up the process a bit add some gumtex or tylose. You could also go 50/50 with gumpaste. Another tip I learned (from SquirrellyCakes) was to add 1 tsp of powdered fixodent to a wad of MMF the size of a baseball. It will harden. I can't always get gumtex or tylose in my area, but the powdered fixodent is readily available. It works well. In my photos, I've got pics where I used "fixed MMF" - the red robot appendages, Tink's wings, Cross on the holy hand grenade and the rays of the sun.

MariaLovesCakes Posted 15 Mar 2006 , 2:06pm
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drurys: I improve the taste the fondant by adding almond extract. It does wonders for the taste. I try to roll as thin as I can and as thin as it is possible for decorating...

It is not bad.

ellepal Posted 15 Mar 2006 , 2:28pm
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Fondant is really just a candy that can be rolled out, and certainly is not as fluffy and creamy as buttercream. I had to get myself out of the mindset that fondant replaces does not.

So my way around using fondant is to make sure that cake is moist and torted on a few levels with the most delicious filling, so the lack of buttercream is compensated for.

It really is decorative. I make mine homemade, and some people will eat it it, others will peel it off and eat the cake. It is for beauty.
However, I found a recipe where the fondant just melts in your mouth. You make white chocolate candy clay, and knead it into the marshmallow or homemade fondant . (DO NOT under any circumstances, use wilton.) The fondant becomes smooth and delicious with a great white choc flavor.

lemoncurd Posted 15 Mar 2006 , 2:31pm
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I wouldn't call it horrible, but it is very sweet.

It doesn't even come close to an Italian Meringue buttercream. However with a good cake and filling it's not that bad.

sweet_honesty Posted 15 Mar 2006 , 8:09pm
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Momlittr I have only ever flavoured it with a bit of almond essence. I am not sure how the oil flavours favoured by many on this site would work.

ddog Posted 15 Mar 2006 , 8:21pm
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is it ironic that as I sat down to play on the computer for a little while, I had a coke in one hand and some mmf in the other. Proves that either I too am weird or that I will eat whatever is in front of me!

Euphoriabakery Posted 15 Mar 2006 , 9:39pm
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Ha Ha ddog! I am not alone yeah!

MariaLovesCakes Posted 15 Mar 2006 , 10:04pm
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Originally Posted by ddog

is it ironic that as I sat down to play on the computer for a little while, I had a coke in one hand and some mmf in the other. Proves that either I too am weird or that I will eat whatever is in front of me!

Oh, my gosh, that is toooo funny!!!!! icon_lol.gif

Zamode Posted 16 Mar 2006 , 3:13am
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Coke flavored MMF.....the kids would love it, ddog!

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