tawnyachilders Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 5:53pm
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Hi everyone,

We have just finished my cake shop. I expect to be inspected and licensed next week. Hopefully everything will go o.k. I just wanted to share the pictures with all of you.

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golfgirl1227 Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 5:59pm
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It looks great! Congratulations, and keep us posted on how things progress!

angelas2babies Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:01pm
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Congratulations and good luck!!! It looks great!!


ps3884 Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:02pm
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Thanks for sharing! What an exciting time for you. Congratulations and best of luck with your inspection. thumbs_up.gif

fooby Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:03pm
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Looks wonderful! I'm sure you're excited. Congratulations!!! thumbs_up.gif

awolf24 Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:04pm
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It looks great! So clean and organized. I love the pink in your sales room. Love it! Best of luck with everything! You'll do great, I'm sure.

sweetsbycheryl Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:04pm
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Hey Fooby-
The dog in your avatar could be my dog's twin!!

DianaMarieMTV Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:05pm
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I'm so jealous! Is this is your home or a storefront? Is that a tabletop oven I see? Just curious! I can't wait to hear how things work out for you, good luck!

Sunshine93 Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:06pm
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Very nice! How exciting for you!!!

justsweet Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:06pm

looks great you are off to a great start.

PistachioCranberry Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:06pm

Congrats....I know you are more than ecstatic!!!!
Wishing you the best of luck.

BrandisBaked Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:06pm

Wow! Great job! Good luck. icon_biggrin.gif

girltrapped Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:06pm

How absolutely AWESOME for you! I am so jealous of all that organization, room, etc. Fantastic setup!

KittisKakes Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:07pm

Well, a big congrats to you!! It looks exceptional!! I hope all goes well with the inspection and your business flourishes!!

Audrey551 Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:08pm

Best of Luck on your new venture. Very nice bakery. Congratulations.

rezzygirl Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:08pm

Congratulations!!! Your shop looks fabulous. Lots of room to work. Thanks for sharing these photos!!


fooby Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:09pm
Originally Posted by sweetsbycheryl

Hey Fooby-
The dog in your avatar could be my dog's twin!!

Really? Cool! icon_biggrin.gif

notsoperfectcakes Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:10pm

That looks so NICE. Your SO LUCKY!!! GOOD LUCK

riveritaly Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:11pm

Oh I am so jealous! I'm no where near your talent, but I hope to be one day. Good luck with your shop!

shamley0701 Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:12pm

I love it! It looks wonderful.

tyty Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:18pm

Good luck and Congrats to you. Everything looks very nice.

diana Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:18pm

Best of luck to you!!!!! Everything looks great!!! thumbs_up.gif

acookieobsession Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:20pm

YOur kitchen looks awesome! Please show us pictures of the front shop when you get it done. That is SOO awesome.

Curious, how large is the kitchen area and then how big is the front shop? I know you are busy, but whenever you get the chance. or if you feel like gushing. i usually wan tto talk about stuff non-stop and I see people's eyes start to glaze over. WE won't glaze over. Gush as much as you want!


Janette Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:20pm

You have to be so proud, wishing you the best of luck.

step0nmi Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:24pm

WooW! How beautiful! Looks like you have put a lot of work into your shop! Hope that everything goes okay! Keep us posted! thumbs_up.gif

Katskakes Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:25pm

wow!! it looks great! very nice.
Congrats!! i wish you the best with your new business.

elmkb Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:26pm

Congratulations! That is sooo wonderful! Best of luck to you!

nefgaby Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:27pm

Wooow, CONGRATULATIONS! It is so organized, looks soo pretty! I want one too!! Love everything about it! I´m also curious about the oven, if you don´t mind sharing!
Tell us more and Congrats again!
Best of Luck!!!!!!

jelligirl Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:28pm

it looks wonderful! oh good stuff!

tinascakes Posted 27 Mar 2007 , 6:30pm

You did a fantastic job. It looks great!!!

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