Wilton Candy Melts Do They Expire Or Old?

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Mistyscakes Posted 11 Mar 2006 , 2:19am
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I have been buying wilton candy melts orange (Halloween), red, green (xmas), and yellow (easter). I know here where I live they don't sell these all year round so I thought I'd buy some in case I need those colors throughout the year. Do they get old, expire? Thanks

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Florimbio Posted 11 Mar 2006 , 2:23am
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I do not know what the exact self life is, but I know they keep for a long time....

With that said, I did have some old ones at my house that I tried and they just did not melt right, seized up on me, tasted funny, etc...

So when in dought do a melting and taste test.... icon_biggrin.gif

Kellie1583 Posted 11 Mar 2006 , 2:35am
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Candy melts technically don't go bad. When they get a white look to them it just means the fat has started to seperate in them. All you need to do is add Paramount crystals, or a little Crisco to them. They will melt like normal and be as good as new. The funny taste is not from the chocolate itself, but from something you have stored it near. One time I put my chocolate in with some other candy, including bubble gum. When i went to use it I noticed an awful flavor. It had picked up the bubble gum flavor. It is very sensitive to smells.

Florimbio Posted 11 Mar 2006 , 2:47am
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Good tip....

Thanks! icon_lol.gif

Mistyscakes Posted 11 Mar 2006 , 2:56am
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Thanks!!! for fast replys. They are still in package unopened. I do have one opened i put it in a tupperware container but it hasn't been that long to till thats why I asked. Thanks again

auntiecake Posted 11 Mar 2006 , 2:56am
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I do think it gets an old taste even when stored properly. It also gets hard to melt properly! Crystals do help, but they still aren't like the fresh ones.

Kellie1583 Posted 11 Mar 2006 , 3:01am
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I don't use Wilton, I use Merckens. I used some today that I have had since Christmas 2004. They melted fine with paramount crystals added, and since I stored them in a place not around strong odors, they taste great!

TexasSugar Posted 11 Mar 2006 , 6:22am
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Okay this is an cut and paste from the WMI board. A lady there emailed Wilton to ask if the candy melts ever go bad. This is the responce she got from Wilton....

"The expiration date is a 5 digit number imprinted or stamped on the
packaging. Please disregard the first number as it is the batch number.
The second number is the year the product was produced.(ex: 5=2005,
9=1999) The last three digits is the day of the year counting from
January 1st. (ex: 31=Jan 31st, 365=Dec 31st) Wilton Candy Melts are
freshest if used within 18 months of this date. Store in an airtight
container in a cool, dry place (do not refrigerate)."

DeliciousIntent Posted 21 Jun 2012 , 5:48pm
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I'm confused. Everyone is posting that there is a 5 digit number on the bag, but the numbers on my have letters. The top number is 0055CA3, and underneath it is 0043WH80CL12. Can anyone help me translate the expiration date? Thanks!

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