TheCakeShak Posted 14 Apr 2005 , 7:54pm

icon_sad.gif Hello...
I have a wedding cake slated for June 4, 05. It is a 3 tier cake with the 2nd tier on the bottom tier cake, then pilars for the top tier.
The cake the bride wants is to feed approx. 100 people. Then the bride told me that there is approx. 10-15 more people added.
NOW I am totally confused on what cake pan sizes to use for this project.
Can anyone suggest for me the correct pan sizes to use?

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Lisa Posted 14 Apr 2005 , 8:00pm

I think Earlene's chart is very helpful.

tcturtleshell Posted 14 Apr 2005 , 8:08pm


I've been using the Wilton chart... Earlene's has less servings doesn't it? I'm totally confused now.

The wedding cake I'm doing for next weekend (23rd) is supposed to feed 200. I'm making a 8", 12", & 16"........ Will that be enough cake?? I am also making a groom's cake that will be 10" & 14". I'm worried now.... Will that be enough??

Thanks, ~Tina~

Lisa Posted 14 Apr 2005 , 8:13pm

This is what Earlene wrote about that:

I baked a square grooms cake using Wilton's figures for the servings. When I was icing that cake I realized that they were going to be short of servings. I measured and sure enough they needed about 6 more servings. I baked a smaller cake and stacked the two cakes to be sure she had enough. Then I began wondering about the other pan servings. I used a washable pen and marked off the bottom of several pans and found that I could not get the servings from the cakes that the Wilton's chart figures showed. This chart was made as a result of that. I felt I was not being honest with my customers in the servings they were receiving. I didn't measure every single pan. I measured some of them and then estimated on the others.

tcturtleshell Posted 14 Apr 2005 , 11:16pm

By Earlene's chart I will only have 150 servings. BUT that will be ok. Because I went over on the servings w/ the groom cake. It will make up for the difference. I really trust Earlene's chart more! Wonder why Wilton says more slices? Go figure.

Thanks Lisa~

CarolAnn Posted 14 Apr 2005 , 11:45pm

Okay, guess my question is where do I find Earlene's chart? I've figured fine for the wedding cakes I've made but would like to compare it to Wilton's.

m0use Posted 15 Apr 2005 , 12:56pm

The link for her chart is in the reply that Lisa posted right in the beginning, it's a link that should open up for you in a separate window.

Godiva Posted 17 Apr 2005 , 1:03pm

I think here slices are slightly bigger...Wilton goes by that standard 1x2x4 (or3,5). I think she cuts 2.5 to 3" in, instead of 2. That's what I did when I measured my pans, and came pretty close to Earlenes...

measure the circumsference of your cake pan and divide by 1. Those will be the servings for the first cut....then move in the width that you want on both sides...i.e. 2.5 x 2=5....If your cake is 12", your inner circle will be 7", and then you measure your 7"pan and do the same....

This way you will be sure of what you are offering and that it'll be enough servings.

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