Who's From California?

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DiscoLady Posted 16 Feb 2006 , 5:31pm
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Just curious how many other Californians are in here?
I'm from Chino. icon_biggrin.gif

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BritBB Posted 16 Feb 2006 , 7:05pm
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Yup - well not from California (I'm a Brit), and live in San Gabriel (suburb of Los Angeles). icon_biggrin.gif

DiscoLady Posted 16 Feb 2006 , 10:17pm
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Hi neighbor...where do you buy your supplies?

BritBB Posted 16 Feb 2006 , 10:21pm
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Howdy! There are two cake shops that I get fondant - one in Montrose (bit of a drive), and another in Arcadia. But I mostly do cakes as a hobby, and will buy from either Country Kitchen or Sugarcraft mail order off the internet.

DiscoLady Posted 16 Feb 2006 , 11:21pm
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ahhh... I've ordered from Sugarcraft too.
If you're ever out in Montclair there's a great cake supply called Suzy's Sweet Tooth....good prices too.

cakesondemand Posted 17 Feb 2006 , 6:29am
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Well I use to be from S. Calif I was raised there but Im in B.C. Canada now. My brother lives in Oceanside. Miss the weather to much rain out here.

itsacake Posted 17 Feb 2006 , 6:19pm
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I'm in San Jose!

Anyone planning to go to California Cake Club's Cake Camp in September?

DiscoLady Posted 17 Feb 2006 , 6:26pm
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I've never heard of this Cake Camp but it sounds interesting. Please tell us Californians more about it. Do they have a website?

itsacake Posted 17 Feb 2006 , 6:42pm
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Well, I don't know too much about it either and I'm dying to find out more. The website is:

There isn't much there yet, but will be by the end of the month, I'm told. It is put on by Calfiornia Cake Club, whose website is:

It is a series of mini-classes which this year will tke place September 3 - 6 at the Riviera hotel in Las Vegas. I heard that Nick Lodge, Colette Peters, Autumn Carpenter, Debbie Brown, Geraldine Randlesome and other instructors will be there.

I don't know how much it will cost to register. I'm hoping they will post soon. I also don't know if you have to be a member of the club to go--but membership is only $20.00 per year, so that is not too big an obstacle, I don't think.

I REALLY want to go (And I need a roommate--anyone think they might want to go and share a room with a crochety old lady who snores?)

I'd love to hear more from anyone who knows more.


DiscoLady Posted 18 Feb 2006 , 2:03am
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Well, depending on the cost, I would love to go!
But I can't promise the roommate thing just yet.
I'll check out these two websites in the meantime.
Thanks for the info!

TheCakeShak Posted 18 Feb 2006 , 11:09pm
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icon_lol.gif Hello you all.....I too am from So. California......Been here for 13 1/2 years. And love it.....(Except for those shakers.......)

I buy my supplies from "Fun 4 All Partys" store.....They have a HUGE selection and at great prices too........

DiscoLady Posted 19 Feb 2006 , 12:38am
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Oh goodie!
I looked at your cake photos and you're like the fondant bow queen!! Nice work!
Where abouts are you from?

dawnrunner Posted 19 Feb 2006 , 6:27am
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I am so glad there are several others from California on this site. I am from the desert area near Palm Desert.

TheCakeShak Posted 19 Feb 2006 , 4:27pm
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icon_lol.gif Hey there Discolady and Dawn......I am from Riverside..........

You all are not too far from me.........Thank you for the compliment on the fondant bows....I really appreciate it much..........

dawnrunner Posted 19 Feb 2006 , 4:47pm
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You all seem to have several choices where you can get supplies, out here we are limited to Michael's or Wal Mart. Never thought to go looking in the thrift stores (for cookie cutters etc.) which we have all over the place.
Crash, howdy neighbor! You are a little over an hour away. I don't mind the earthquakes as much as I do our "hot" summers!

DiscoLady Posted 19 Feb 2006 , 8:04pm
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Have you California girls heard about the cake show coming up in San Diego in march? Maybe we could hook up and go...

dawnrunner Posted 19 Feb 2006 , 8:14pm
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Disco ~ That sounds interesting, can you give me more info? If the $$$ are right it just may be a possibility for me.

DiscoLady Posted 19 Feb 2006 , 9:10pm
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There are two events coming up, but you must be a member of the California Cake Club. Membership is only $20 per year. They have a group in San Diego and one in Orange County. Here is their web address:
If you look in their calendar section it will give you details on San Diego event..including registration forms.

Another big event coming up in Vegas in September is called Cake Camp. Here is the address; not really any info there yet but you can add it to your favorties and check back for prices later.


They sound really interesting!!

DiscoLady Posted 19 Feb 2006 , 9:15pm
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Originally Posted by dawnrunner

You all seem to have several choices where you can get supplies, out here we are limited to Michael's or Wal Mart.

Have you tried ordering online? I've used a site called Sugarcraft.com for several items. They have everything under the sun for cakes there.

TheCakeShak Posted 20 Feb 2006 , 12:32am
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icon_wink.gif I order online also...I order from www.orientaltrading.com, wilton, sugarcraft, kitchencrafts, pastrywiz.com, cincinnati cake co?. I have to look up that one, I have their magnet on my fridge.

I will also have to look up the time/date on the San Diego cake thing...I would be interested in going....but don't know if I can yet........I have been so darn busy with my husbands company...... icon_confused.gif

dawnrunner Posted 20 Feb 2006 , 2:10am
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Disco/Crash, I haven't tried ordering anything for baking or cake decorating on-line. I don't like to order from companies that I don't know, unless someone uses them a lot and can vouch for their merchandize. But I will check out the site you gals recommended. Thanks.

blessBeckysbaking Posted 3 Apr 2006 , 11:24pm
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Hi all I'm oh so late on finding this post but I too am in so. calif. in monrovia right next to Arcadia

marina34 Posted 3 Apr 2006 , 11:56pm
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I'm in Lincoln, CA. About 20 minutes north of Sacramento.

margery Posted 4 Jun 2006 , 6:19am
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Crashdummy--i'm in riverside too.

mrsfish94 Posted 5 Jun 2006 , 3:58am
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I'm in Modesto.

Rodneyck Posted 5 Jun 2006 , 4:02am
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San Francisco reporting for cake duty! icon_biggrin.gif

Jorre Posted 6 Jun 2006 , 6:45am
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I'm in So CA. About 1 hour north of LA in a small farming area.

Laroux Posted 7 Jun 2006 , 4:17am
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Hi Girls!

I'm also in California. Live in Hanford which is a half hour drive to Visalia. (sp?)

So exciting to have other decorators in this area!!! thumbs_up.gif


4Gifts4Lisa Posted 7 Jun 2006 , 6:03am
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I'm in Placerville...about 45 minutes east of Sacramento!

lilthorner Posted 7 Jun 2006 , 2:19pm
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Im ringing in. born and rasied in the bay but i reside in Sacramento! and Iknow marina34 personally.. she is the reason im here.. showing me her beautiful cakes ( i had to join to see thm full size.. it was all down hill from there!)

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