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lnvarma Posted 10 Feb 2006 , 4:30pm
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I was wondering if those of you who use Silpat think that it is worth buying? What does it exactly do?


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cakefairy18 Posted 10 Feb 2006 , 4:31pm
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NOTHING sticks to it...NOTHING

I want one sooo badly

princessjellybean Posted 10 Feb 2006 , 5:18pm
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I love is worth the hefty price...i have only 2 and would get more...if i ever start to bake more it!!!!!!!

Dale Posted 10 Feb 2006 , 5:29pm
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Someone posted this link earlier. Really good prices on Silpats. I might order some from here as they are much cheaper than I see elsewhere.

itsacake Posted 10 Feb 2006 , 5:34pm
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Wow! Those are great Silpat prices. I paid $19.99 for my half-sheet-sized ones. I got two recently and would love 2 more. Thanks for posting the link, Dale!


slingmama Posted 10 Feb 2006 , 8:07pm
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I love mine and never bake without one. I used a 20% off coupon at BB&B, so the price was easier to swallow.

ashianadotkom Posted 11 Feb 2006 , 4:39am
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Originally Posted by wao102375

I love mine and never bake without one. I used a 20% off coupon at BB&B, so the price was easier to swallow.

Me too!!

crolfes83 Posted 11 Feb 2006 , 1:07pm
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Can someone tell me how you use the silpat?
Is it meant to roll your dough out on? Can you cut your cookies out on it?


Dale Posted 11 Feb 2006 , 5:18pm
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A silpat is a flexible cooking sheet made from silicone and glass weave. Nothing sticks to it! You can cook on it, roll out dough, cookies, fondant, etc. It can go straight from the freezer and into the oven. You can use it over and over. Once you get one, you'll want more! Best invention since toilet paper. You cant even cook on toilet paper. You'll see all sorts of silicone cooking mats on the market, but none come even close to a SILPAT. If you buy one and dont like it, then you'll be the first.

cookielicious Posted 19 Feb 2006 , 3:00am
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LOVE my silpat. I would buy 5 more of I could. It's really worth it though. I have a cheaper version I use to roll out cookies on and I bake them on the silpat.

Brendansmum Posted 19 Feb 2006 , 4:33am
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I bought an Exopat{?} off of is made just like the silpat, but a lot cheaper.It even looks like the silpat.I love mine, I use it to bake and roll ourt my rolled buttercream icing.I know that kitchenaid has a version of the silicon mat,but I'm not sure how they are.

Cakeman66 Posted 19 Feb 2006 , 4:40am
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those prices on the Link above are great for Silpats.

Now if they carried them @ Michael's or Hobby Lobby, and you could use the 40/50% coupons on them.

lemoncurd Posted 20 Feb 2006 , 2:04pm
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Thank you for sharing that website. The prices are fabulous!

I've heard that they are coming out with off-name Silpats for significantly less, but I haven't seen them yet. From what Ive heard, they are fine for doing most general things, like baking cookies.

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