Fondant Too Dry!

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ninnygirl Posted 3 Feb 2006 , 6:25pm
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I can't seem to keep my fondant from getting too dry. I buy pre-made fondants but if I roll it out, it will start cracking! Would this not happen if I made my own fondant, or is there some tip to keeping it from drying out?

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thecakemaker Posted 3 Feb 2006 , 6:29pm
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Are you kneeding it well before attempting to roll it out? Maybe it's old fondant?


niki97062 Posted 3 Feb 2006 , 6:34pm
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This is a crazy idea, but have you thought of putting a humidifier in your room? It might ruin your hair but so what. icon_lol.gif

Are you rolling it out on too much powdered sugar?

I've never used the packaged so I'm not sure.

Justcakes Posted 3 Feb 2006 , 7:13pm
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If your fondant is cracking just add a dab of crisco/shortening to it. I put a bit shortening on my hands and then knead it into the fondant. Also, make sure your fondant is well sealed when not in use and don't leave it exposed to the air too long when you are working with it.
Are you rolling it out on cornstartch? That will dry it out too. I use powdered sugar.

rach1 Posted 3 Feb 2006 , 7:16pm
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I use fondant icing all the time..

You must knead it..really well if you dont it will crack....

If it cracks when you are putting it on the cake just get some hot water and put a tiny tiny amount on and then get some icing sugar on you finger and rub in will take the crack away..
Another way if it is just a hairline cracks is get some white fax/trex on your finger and again rub in and the crack will disappear....

It works most times..but if you knead enough this shouldnt happens to me sometimes say on a round cake where the paste is going over the rounded edge and then I get my smoother out and smooth over and buff then if that doenst work and the cracks are still very visable i try one of the two..if they are tine sometimes best left alone..

Hope that helps


Wendoger Posted 3 Feb 2006 , 8:59pm
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I am very new to fondant as well but crisco was the miracle worker for me. I have been practicing making ribbon roses and sometimes where the fold is they would crack a bit, untill I started using the crisco, which I learned from this website icon_wink.gif

vie Posted 3 Feb 2006 , 9:45pm
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Originally Posted by rach1

I use fondant icing all the time..

Another way if it is just a hairline cracks is get some white fax/trex on your finger and again rub in and the crack will disappear....

Rach, what is fax/trex I have never heard of that. Oh and thanks for the trick for cracks with the hot water and icing sugar.

Justcakes, you said you use icing sugar to roll out your fondant instead of cornstartch. Doesn't your fondant get hard or sticky?


Justcakes Posted 3 Feb 2006 , 9:53pm
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Nope I've never had a problem with it getting sticky or hard. In fact, that's what keeps it from sticking to my board as I'm rolling it.

rach1 Posted 4 Feb 2006 , 8:28am
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Trex is a white any white fat brand you have in the Us you can you....

Also I also roll out on icing sugar..cornstarch will dry out your icing...but only use a small amount..the more you use the more likey you are to get cracks.

MissBaritone Posted 4 Feb 2006 , 8:43am
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Trex is the UK equivilant of Crisco

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