Somebody Stole My Photo!!!!!!!!!

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Kitagrl Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 4:11am
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I know hotlinking is common from websites but I found somebody who actually stole my soccer ball photo and is claiming it to be their own work!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wrote them and told them they should remove it asap. is the link I am referring to.

I recently took the photo off my website though because I have updated photos in its place. I will post it though on here... I know its mine because its MY old table and MY center "lazy susan" in the photo! They don't even have the photo nice and square on their site.


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Cady Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 4:20am
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Holy Cow that is the same picture!! Now thats just wrong

JamieL Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 4:23am
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How scary! How did you even come across it on her site?

cakesondemand Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 4:26am
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O.M.G I guess we should all watch out for that happening. icon_eek.gif

Cady Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 4:27am
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They probably never thought in a million years that the owner of the cake would have come across thier web site. I just looked through your other cakes and WOW your good!!!!!

Lizzard1 Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 4:31am
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OMG!!!!! How rude that stupid lady! Can you get anymore cheap? That sucks! keep us posted! How did you come across this sight.

MommyEdzards Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 4:32am
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Whoops! I bet they are embarressed! That is not very nice nor very professional of them. thumbsdown.gif

chefdot Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 4:37am
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omg! that's crazy! it's an awesome cake but if you liked it so much which obviously she did, then she could have just made her own version of it. you have to keep us updated on what she says. i'm so curious as to how she will handle that. she is evil! icon_evil.gif

auntiecake Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 4:39am
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It's hard for me to understand why someone else wants to take credit for another persons work. The real truth will come out when she gets an order and maybe it wont look like the picture. Then she will have some explaining to do! I agree not very professional and rather risky!

Kitagrl Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 4:41am
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It was totally by accident I found it! I was checking my "latest visitors" hits and I was checking to see what rank I had in a Yahoo search and her website caught my eye, because it was listed as "sculptured cakes" and I always love to look at websites where people post pictures of their creations. So I checked it out and my cake stared me in the face!!!

However upon further checking it looks like the cake page is actually no longer really in looks like a broken link because if you go "home" it seems she no longer offers cakes. (Guess she couldn't make the ones in the photos haha)

I do want to ask a friend how to avoid my photos being downloaded onto others' computers.

veejaytx Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 4:48am
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Wow, that is pretty brazen theft! Some people obviously have more nerve than sense! Janice

Alien_Sunset Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 4:48am
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there is no foolproof way to prevent people from downloading photos onto their computers.

things that work for one browser don't for another.
or if they do work, there are easy ways around them.

your best bet is to do what you did with the photo above, put a watermark with you specific information, across an un-editable part of the photo.

Kitagrl Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 4:49am
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Actually it looks like she stole all four photos...if you look, each cake is done using a different level of skill, from the "beginner" look of the caterpillar to the "advanced" look of the alligator or whatever that is.

surfergina Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 4:49am
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My goodness! I checked the website and from what I'm seeing, I believe most photos on the website were copied and pasted because each picture got a different quality to it, meaning different type of camera.

What I suggest you to do, but first of all, you did the right thing by adding your watermark on it. You need to contact your internet provider and ask them how to protect your photos. There is a special software that can prevent people to copy and store in their hard drive. Most photographers have that to protect their works. There is another software that alert you thru email that someone copied your photos and take you to their website, but I think this method is expensive.

Click the link below to read more info about protecting and copyright your photos:

Even though I'm a beginner cake decorator, I thought I'll share my computer skill with you. Good luck thumbs_up.gif (would it be nice if I'm advanced cake decorator?) LOL

bakersofcakes Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 4:56am
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Wouldn't this count as false advertising? BBB complaint here?

I had someone swipe an eBay pic of mine once & they weren't even selling the same dish. Actually, they were selling 1 dinner plate & my pic was of 4 B&B plates. Boy, the nerve!

BTW, your cake is amazing!!! thumbs_up.gif

Alien_Sunset Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 5:03am
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and the wide difference in photo quality. your photo and the doll photo are obviously don't take photos for a living, in somebody's home, photos. the other two look like staged professional quality food artist photos.

cakefairy18 Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 5:06am
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I left a "feedback" message for the chef...I think we all should...and I think we should all let her know that we know what she's doing and shes not going to get away with it...

i think my comment made that very clear to her...

Kitagrl Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 5:11am
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The only thing is she may not know the page is still up....

The rest of her site does not match and does not seem to include links to that page. The only way I found the page is it comes up quite high on the "sculptured cakes" search on Yahoo.

I do think she should remove the page, even if the links are dead. Because it still takes people to her home page. I would have a hard time trusting that her work is good if I know she is stealing pix.

sweetchef Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 8:45am
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How do you add the watermark? I have a website packed with pictures, and this is something I'm always worried about! I do a lot of decorated cookies, so I have to make samples of each one to show the designs. It's a lot of extra work, money, and time for those pictures, so I would be furious if they were stolen! That's too funny that she didn't even cut out your kitchen items!

I'd definitely report her to the BBB. Chances are, if she's stealing pictures, she probably can't really make those she's got a trail of angry, cheated customers!

tanyascakes Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 8:56am
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That is so, so cheap and lazy!!! I can't believe that someone could be so low and underhanded! I would definitely report her to the BBB! That is such a slap in the face. But at least she has good taste in cake thievery!! LOL I hope that she learns her lesson from this. So sorry that it happened to you, Kita.


sweettreasures Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 9:11am
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My guess would be that she is a member here at CC and feeds off everyone's unique creations. I would highly suggest using a watermark when posting ALL photos on the internet.

God works in mysterious ways and it's really strange that you found that site. I can't imagine how you felt. That is really a low blow from her.

Take it as a compliment that your soccer cake was so well done and beautiful that it promoted someone to 'steal' it as their own. However, it should have not happened at all.

lastingmoments Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 9:46am
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Actually all photos are copyrighted since you hold the negative or memory card thats one way to back it up if she ever said that it was hers.

I hate people like that ....I often think about this and think maybe i should post my pictures but its not that I dont want to share because i do because im proud and i think you guys are the only ones that know what goes into my cakes and appreciates them, since my family does not get it. So i keep posting dont let it get you down just remember to add your name and hopefully she wont strike again.

beany Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 9:49am
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How rude! And disappointing.

Can you report them? Is there an organisation that deals with kind of thing? Dob them in for sure!

Tamanna Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 9:57am
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The stegosaurus cake picture is also a stolen. check it out

The moment i looked at it i knew i had seen it on another site when i was looking for ideas for my daughters teletubby cake.
She is a big theif. I cannot handle this!!!

Lazy_Susan Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 10:53am
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If I were you I would give 350 degrees Chef a phone call. They have their phone number on their home page.

Lazy_Susan icon_wink.gif

Kitagrl Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 1:23pm
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I KNEW I had seen that dinosaur cake before!!!!!! I am a big fan of the secure cake store site and love to get ideas from them. (Actually my Eeyore cake and my lamb cake are done by using a cake from their site...)

The least she could have done is at least try to make them and take her own photos!

Kitagrl Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 1:28pm
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Hey I was looking at her "press releases" and I could not find anything on them that would show what paper or news station they were "released" to.

To me her whole site is kinda strange.

adven68 Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 2:08pm
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Wow....securecakestore is amazing! I can't believe she used other people's photos.

flayvurdfun Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 2:13pm
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Originally Posted by Kitagrl

Hey I was looking at her "press releases" and I could not find anything on them that would show what paper or news station they were "released" to.

To me her whole site is kinda strange.

I think maybe you should watermark all of you creations on your site if this has upset you so, and rightfully so, I would do that as soon as you can, and then repost them, on there. You put a lot of work into your site, and your cakes.

Kitagrl Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 2:15pm
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I think I will try to do that today....I want to redo my website but that will take too much time.

I wouldn't say it really upset me that bad...its just odd, and surprising, and disappointing that someone would do that.

I'm sure she isn't getting tons of business from my cake pic, its just one of my earlier ones anyway. Its just the principle.

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