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Bouncin4Bonjovi Posted 27 Jan 2006 , 3:42am
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What do you do with the royal icing that starts melting in your bag because your hands are too warm????

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JoAnnB Posted 27 Jan 2006 , 7:26am
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You can set it aside, let it cool, then re-whip it.

To help prevent that, use smaller amounts in larger bags, so you have room to hold the bag and not the frosting. Fill more than one, and switch back and forth to avoid the heat.

If you hands get really hot, hold them under cool water for a couple of minutes.

Cake_Princess Posted 27 Jan 2006 , 8:11am
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Originally Posted by Bouncin4Bonjovi

What do you do with the royal icing that starts melting in your bag because your hands are too warm????

Royal icing melting? Can you clarify this? Do you mean it's separating?

peg818 Posted 27 Jan 2006 , 1:29pm
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i wouldn't think that royal would melt because of the heat of your hands, my guess would be that the icing needs to be beat longer and/or that you may have had some grease in the bag and/or tip that is causing the brakedown.

MissBaritone Posted 28 Jan 2006 , 8:46am
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Royal icing certainly shouldn't melt with heat. It actually needs heat to dry it out. Can you clarify exactly what is happening

Bouncin4Bonjovi Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 8:20pm
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It doesn't actually melt, it just gets "runnier" as I pipe it out.

MissBaritone Posted 29 Jan 2006 , 9:38pm
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I'm not sure what is causing this. I do a lot of work with royal icing and it's certainly never happened to me (although I have had problems with buttercream doing this). If it did I think I would use smaller bags and just fill with a small amount of icing each time

gailsgoodies Posted 31 Jan 2006 , 5:54am
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Someone on another thread said that their royal icing was spreding after they piped the letters on a cake and it was suggested that they might have grease on the decorator tips. They suggested soaking the tips in vinegar. Hope it helps! Good Luck, Gail

Here is the link to the other thread:

jscakes Posted 31 Jan 2006 , 6:19am
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This may not be an answer, but I had problems with that happening when I started and my instructor asked what my recipe was. In the process of telling her, she wondered if it was the type of powdered sugar I was using, generic brand made with beets. I switched and haven't had the problem since. I just didn't want to pay the extra during class because it was, after all, just for practice!
Some may disagree with me, and that's okay, but it may play a part of your problem. ??

It does sound as if there might have been some grease someplace. What icing bags were you using? For the royal, I use the disposable or parchment papers that way I know there is no grease residue anyplace.

Cake_Princess Posted 31 Jan 2006 , 7:52am
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What is the humidity like in your area? Is you royal icing stiff to begin with? Are you measuring your quantities correctly? Is there grease on any of you utensils? Also, if your mixing bowl is plastic, switch it out for a glass bowl.

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