Has Anyone Tried Oreo Truffles??? Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

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TamiAZ Posted 16 Dec 2005 , 8:32pm
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I made these today and they are soooooo good and super easy to make!!

Oreo Truffles

1 package [3 sleeves] Oreo cookies, crushed
8 ounces cream cheese, softened to room temperature
1 package white [vanilla flavored] almond bark [see TIP below]
Using a hand held mixer or a food processor, mix crushed Oreos and cream cheese together until well combined. Roll mixture into walnut - size balls and place on plate or tray lined with wax paper. Chill in refrigerator for 1 hour.
Melt the white almond bark in a pan set over a larger pan of steaming water [also known as a double boiler] Stick a skewer or toothpick into one of the truffles and dip it in the melted white almond bark, coating it completely. Set coated truffle back onto wax paper - lined plate / tray; remove skewer. Repeat with remaining truffles. Allow truffles to harden completely; about 15 minutes.
TIP Look for white almond bark [in name, there are no almonds in it] at your grocery store [where I found mine] or a candy supply house or catalogue. White chocolate is not advisable as a substitute as it will dry yellow. The almond bark is also easier to temper [simply melt it, you can even melt it in your microwave] and it dries more quickly

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Fishercakes Posted 16 Dec 2005 , 8:40pm
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Oh that sounds yummmmmy! icon_lol.gif

I think that I might try these this weekend for our Christmas Baskets.

Thanks for the recipe!!

Nitu Posted 16 Dec 2005 , 8:45pm
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Sounds delicious.
I will try it.
Thanks for shearing with us.


llj68 Posted 16 Dec 2005 , 8:53pm
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I've made cake truffles that were Oreo before. I had chocolate cake and added buttercream. Added too much and didn't have any more cake--they were squishy. Was digging in the pantry to figure out what I could use to dry them out a bit and came across a box of Oreo crumbs. Added that and they were DELISH!


TamiAZ Posted 16 Dec 2005 , 9:00pm
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Your welcome... I made one batch of the regular oreos and one batch with the peanut butter filled oreos..Those were scrumptious!! icon_biggrin.gif

Loucinda Posted 17 Dec 2005 , 5:16am
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We did them with the white almond bark, and then sprinkled crushed peppermints on them.....beautiful and yummy!!!

JennT Posted 17 Dec 2005 , 6:01am
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I got this recipe from Pampered Chef, back when I was a rep a few years ago. Absolutely ADDICTIVE!!! lol icon_eek.gificon_rolleyes.gificon_razz.gif They are sooo yummy....very decadent and rich. I've never known anyone who tried one and didn't like it. A friend of my MIL's dips them in semi-sweet chocolate...good, but not as good as the white chocolate IMO. I made some last year for my Christmas goodie gifts & after I dipped them I sprinkled on crushed peppermints on some, red & green sugar on others...then on the rest I piped on little holly leaves, Ho Ho Ho, etc. People raved over them & asked for the recipe. If you have a food processor to do it in, it's great....just whiz the oreos until they're crumbs, throw in the cream cheese & let it go until it forms a ball...sort of like dough does in a stand mixer....once it's ready it just all comes together at once into a big ball. I found that chilling it before forming the balls made it a little less sticky to work with. Really easy & quick treat! thumbs_up.gif

VACakelady Posted 17 Dec 2005 , 6:23am
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Someone posted this recipe in the Christmas Cookie Recipe Exchange thread. I made them and they were awesome. I took some to work to keep me from eating them all and I got an order for 6 dozen!!! I'm planning on dipping some in mint chocolate too. I was also considering instead of using the peanut butter oreos, I might stir in some peanut butter in place of part of the cream cheese. It's worth a try!

JennT Posted 17 Dec 2005 , 6:28am
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Both the mint chocolate & the peanut butter addition sound GREAT!! I'd definitely try swapping out some of the crm cheese for the pnutbtr!! Let us know how they turn out thumbs_up.gif

llee815 Posted 17 Dec 2005 , 7:03am
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Sounds delicious! I'm putting it in my "GOTTA TRY IT" section. Thanks for the recipe.

m0use Posted 19 Dec 2005 , 10:38pm
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They are very delicious and so yummy!

cakelady52 Posted 19 Dec 2005 , 10:55pm
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Wow sounds yummy I think I will try them in Jan. I'm so bake out!!!! need to take a break.

blittle6 Posted 19 Dec 2005 , 11:00pm
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I tried them and they were YUM!!!!!


sue_dye Posted 19 Dec 2005 , 11:08pm
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How long do you think they can be left out of the refrigerator ?

mjsparkles2001 Posted 19 Dec 2005 , 11:10pm
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what is almond bark?

blittle6 Posted 19 Dec 2005 , 11:18pm
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Almond Bark is very similar to candy melts.

I wouldn't leave them out too long because of the cream cheese. I'd store them in the fridge then take some out and bring to room temp to eat.


sue_dye Posted 19 Dec 2005 , 11:22pm
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almond bark is a block of chocolate that you use as a coating, it comes in white chocolate and brown chocolate. You can find in in the baking section of the store.

sue_dye Posted 19 Dec 2005 , 11:23pm
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Thanks blittle6

VACakelady Posted 21 Dec 2005 , 2:18pm
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I just made a few and dipped them in Wilton's Mint chocolate candy melts. OMG OMG! They are so good. I think if I were to do a whole batch like this I would add a drop of mint extract to the oreo mixture too. If you like mint chocolate or mint oreos, you've gotta try this.

ashianadotkom Posted 31 Dec 2005 , 2:26am
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Hey ladies

Does anyone know how much white almond bark cost.
I have never used it before and don't know where to look!


Loucinda Posted 31 Dec 2005 , 2:47am
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Walmart has it for $1.50 for a 24 ounce package.

cakefairy18 Posted 13 Jan 2006 , 2:51pm
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how can these be stored and for how long??

gma1956 Posted 13 Jan 2006 , 5:45pm
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They are excellent!!! I have tried peanut butter cookies with chocolate bark and they are good too. My grandsons like the peanut butter the best, but my DH likes the Oreo ones the best. You could probably try numberous variations of this with any flavor sandwich cookie.

They are very quick too.

Quick to make and Quick to disappear!

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