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thecakemaker Posted 29 Mar 2005 , 3:16pm
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I need more cake orders so I can try more of these cake recipes! I'm getting blamed for everyone gaining weight around here! icon_lol.gif


m0use Posted 29 Mar 2005 , 3:19pm
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LOL- I know it's hard to get my fellow employers around my cube to eat cake anymore.... but there are plenty of people on my floor that will still eat cake. All I have to do is put the cake out in the main hallway on the free for all food table and it goes fast!

thecakemaker Posted 29 Mar 2005 , 3:22pm
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Mine always goes ~ I just have to hear how i'm making everyone fat! icon_lol.gif You can always tell when one of the ladies is getting close to her time ~ i get asked "Don't you need to try a new chocolate cake recipe out soon?" or something along those lines. Of course I have to oblige them! icon_wink.gif


tcturtleshell Posted 29 Mar 2005 , 3:29pm
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m0use you mixed the buttercream recipe w/ the white chocolate? That sounds real yummy!! Does it crust good? I won't use it on this wedding cake but I might use it (if I like it) on the one in June. Sounds really good. I love the dr'd cake book too. The hummingbird cake is very good too! When I bake it from scratch I have to put about 15 ingredients in it. With the cake mix recipe I think I only use about 6 ingredients. Big difference! And it tastes just as good as the scratch cake but alot moister!!!!! mmmm good!

thecakemaker Posted 29 Mar 2005 , 3:32pm
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The white chocolate sounds yummy! Of course, anything chocolate sounds yummy to me! icon_lol.gif

m0use Posted 29 Mar 2005 , 3:42pm
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Tcturtleshell- when I made the icing I added about a tablespoon of meringue powder into the icing to make sure that it crusted. But I have made the Orange Cream Cheese icing but with lemon instead and it did slightly crust.
The best thing I guess would be is to make a trial run with the icing and see what happens. When I added the meringue powerder it crusted very well!

CarolAnn Posted 29 Mar 2005 , 4:04pm
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Can't recall where I saw all the questions/comments on crumbcoating so I'll make mine here. I don't have to crumb coat when I use Wilton's cake release. My sister won't use it because she thinks it's too expensive. Personally it's well worth it to me and with time I've learned how little I need to do the sides of my pan so a bottle lasts a long time. I saw a recipe someone posted for home made cake release and I'll have to look back in the posts and find it. It's sure worth trying. Now the spray stuff I would not recomend. I'm talking about Baker's Joy non-stick spray with flour. It went everywhere!! Plus it choked me!! Cake release glides on with a paper towel and bakes my sides evenly golden and sealed with no crumbs. I love the stuff.

thecakemaker Posted 29 Mar 2005 , 4:12pm
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I use the spray on store brand cake release. It works great and costs 1/2 as much as the name brand.


m0use Posted 29 Mar 2005 , 4:20pm
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Make your own... that is what I do and I love it .. I put Parchment paper on the bottom of my pans and then the cake release on the sides and it all comes out nicely and there is no broken sides...

1 cup white crisco
1 cup vegetable oil (liquid oil)
1 cup flour

Mix it all up with your mixer and put it in the container with a lid and sit in the cabinet... You may have to stir once in a while .. GET you a good pastry brush to paint it on with or a paper towel...

It is under the General Forum, it is called baking questions. The recipe was posted by Ladycake.

CarolAnn Posted 29 Mar 2005 , 9:33pm
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Thank you Mouse! I hadn't had a chance to look yet. I'm making some this evening. Ü

tcturtleshell Posted 30 Mar 2005 , 2:40am
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Hey Mouse,
I'm having the crusting problems after icing the cake. I haven't been using meringue powder but I am going to use it when I make the icing for the wedding cake. I guess it's not crusting because of the humidity in Louisiana. It's terrible! That orange sounds very good!

Carol Ann,
I use the cake release too. I won't use anything else. I use my hands to spread the release. I waste less that way. When I use a paper towel the towel absorbs too much of the release. I tried the sprays but they were to wet & made me choke too LOL!! Plus I think they stink! Won't use em'!

Caligrl Posted 30 Mar 2005 , 4:33am
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My favorite is Betty Crocker's Golden Vanilla. Once I discovered it I stopped finding it in the stores around me. I emailed Betty Crocker to see if they were taking it off the shelves but they said no and I should be able to get it a a whole list of stores. Well I'm still having problems finding it. What a pain. icon_cry.gif

flayvurdfun Posted 30 Mar 2005 , 5:12am
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I definately know how that is....our commissary does that, gets you hooked on something and stops selling it. In the states it happened too, but at least I could go to the Acme (Albertsons Grocery Store) and they would have it, they always had the new and good stuff, but you pay like 50-70% more for it, but it was worth it when I wanted something. I guess my mom spoiled me as I was growing up, because I would always get the name brand items, and wont try anything esle, I would do without first, so thats why i would go to Acme and pay more for what I wanted as long as they had it!!

jscakes Posted 30 Mar 2005 , 5:35am
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Caligirl, I too found the Golden Vanilla to be a favorite now. Have been using it for a bit, then Wally World decided not to stock it for about a month...it's back! So, I'm going to stock up on a few and keep in the freezer!

PureShugga Posted 30 Mar 2005 , 6:09am
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Originally Posted by thecakemaker

I use the spray on store brand cake release. It works great and costs 1/2 as much as the name brand.


I use the wilton cake release and its pretty expensive at 3.99 and coats 17 pans - what spray on do you use? And it really works just as effectively? I'm always looking to cut costs.

diane Posted 30 Mar 2005 , 12:08pm
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wow, this post has been viewed by a lot of folks. o.k. well let me add to it. i use whatever is cheapest, however, the commissary had a sale on duncan heinz and i went crazy! icon_eek.gif 77cents a box. talk about stocking up. i think i bought their whole supply. my cart was full, then i went back two more days and bought some more!! icon_lol.gif

CarolAnn Posted 30 Mar 2005 , 7:50pm
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Man am I easily influenced! I was at Wal Mart yesterday for about three things and bought some french vanilla non dairy liquid creamer to try in my buttercream, as suggested, and 6 DH cake mixes at 84 dents each. I'm making a french vanilla cake this afternoon and using the new icing recipe on it. Can't wait to try it. My stores here don't offer the variety of white cakes I've heard others talk about here, but I found french vanilla. Heck, I just love white cake. I'll find room someplace for the other mixes.
Guess I'll have to get me another tub and shelf for hubby to squeeze into the stairway. Ü

diane Posted 30 Mar 2005 , 8:34pm
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what new icing recipe?...and why not try that french vanilla non-dairy creamer in a plain white cake mix!

ump107 Posted 31 Mar 2005 , 1:42am
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Usually I just make my cakes from scratch but if I am in a rush I use Country Organics brand, I have found it works very well. It is available in the natural food section or in a natural food stores. It runs more than DH or BC usually a 1.99 a box but tastes very good. Those who eat my cakes (family, friends) always complement on the taste and texture.

tcturtleshell Posted 31 Mar 2005 , 2:40am
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Flayv & Diane~

DH cake mixes are $1 here at the commissary. I stock up on yellow, white & devil's food every month. For the past 2 months I have not been able to get them because the shelves were empty! They only had the kind w/ pudding in the mix but I don't use that kind. I finally got mad & asked an associate why the shelves have been empty for 2 months. She told me that a lady who decorates cakes comes in every Monday & buys at least 25 cakes at a time!!!!!! I was POed big time!! She said the lady calls & orders her cakes. BUT the commissary has just been ordering for her & not for the regular customers!! That made me madder! I don't care if she buys all those cakes that's her business what I do care about is that the commissary isn't ordering enough for me. I said I was going to complain but I keep forgetting. My hubby was at Super 1 Foods over the weekend & there DH was 99 cents. So he bought me several. might just start getting them from there. AAFES does some stupid things! I know, I used to work at the BX. There so screwed up!

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