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MainCake Posted 6 Dec 2005 , 7:00pm
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What do you all think about "First Desserts" as a cake/confection business name? Please tell me this is an original idea! Or let me know if it's not. I really want an original name for my business. I'm in no way ready to open a shop right now, but it's my ultimate goal. I held a contest at my work a while ago and got a lot of good suggestions, but none really jumped out at me. I ended up choosing "Takes the Cake", but that name is already being used by a lot of different people and in many variations. I'm not completely happy with it. I want a name I really love before getting too far into it. I love First Desserts, but I will only really, really love it if no one else has it.

I'm open to any opinions, critisizms, info regarding the name, etc. Let me have it!

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charleydog Posted 6 Dec 2005 , 7:02pm
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Ok I'll bite...just for the record this MHO!!!
I sthat name significant to you in some way? I am not crazy about it, it doesn't pop out at me...I am so not creative, but I do like "dessert first" better... sorry to not have many ideas...

Good luck

MainCake Posted 6 Dec 2005 , 7:13pm
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No, not significant to me. I just like it. It kind of implies #1 (although, I'm far from #1 talent wise) and also that I do more than just cakes. It sort of rhymes, but isn't really cheesy (at least I didn't think so). I have seen 'dessert first' as a name already. I was thinking of the store window 'First Desserts Bakeshop' "Easy as Pie... Better as Cake" or "Our desserts are first [choice]"

PinkPanther Posted 7 Dec 2005 , 11:02pm
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I like the name! icon_smile.gif My only concern is, if you do pies as one of your other desserts, the saying about "easy as pie - better as cake" kind of implies that your pies aren't as good as your cakes. See what I mean? Just MHO though! Good luck! thumbs_up.gif

JennT Posted 8 Dec 2005 , 7:56pm
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What about...Just Desserts? As in the saying...they'll get their just desserts? Sort of a play on words. Or maybe Your Just Desserts? Just typing out loud icon_rolleyes.gif
A long time ago there used to be a place in Atlanta, near the Roxy Theater, I think, called that....they only served sweet stuff, were open from lunch until 1 order to get the theater crowd after the shows...they served coffee too. It was wildly successful, but it's closed now, I think. I know you won't be opening a shop, but just thought I'd share that with you.
As for your suggestions of First Desserts or Desserts First...I like the second option better. icon_smile.gif

beany Posted 9 Dec 2005 , 4:50am
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I agree with JennT. I like "Just Desserts" better than "First Desserts".


I think that your business name is a good one, but it doesn't scream at me.

Did you have any other names in mind? Share them with us and maybe we can help.....

rainbowz Posted 9 Dec 2005 , 5:29am
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"Just Desserts" is a cake cafe around here, neat Toronto. Since it's a relatively obvious phrase, it's also likely used in a lot of other places.

A quick google shows the name popping up in relation to cakes in several states. And countries.

MainCake Posted 9 Dec 2005 , 1:49pm
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rainbowz, do you mean "Just Desserts" or "First Desserts" pops up everywhere when you google?

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