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alicegop Posted 18 Feb 2007 , 4:35am
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I created an excel spreadsheet for pricing my cakes (if you want a copy just email me: [email protected]), I don't do cookies, although I am thinking about branching out. I would like to make an excel spreadsheet like my cake one but for cookies.

So... especially since I don't make cookies, can anyone give me feedback about what I should include? What structure would you like to see? What would be helpful?

I will of course offer it up for free once I get it done!


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MichelleM77 Posted 18 Feb 2007 , 7:07am
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I don't have any advice, just starting out, but am interested in it.

alicegop Posted 18 Feb 2007 , 4:45pm
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Michelle, email me and I'll add you to my cookie matrix group so that when I do create one you'll be the first to get a copy. I'll give you a copy of my cake matrix if you can look at it and tell me what would be good for cookies and what wouldn't be. I can't just modify the matrix I have since it references words like "cake" and I would have to change all the formulas or leave the word "cake" in it.... which I would prefer NOT to do. So... I want to take the best parts of my cake matrix and put it together with the elements of cookie making and come up with something really cool.

So I need to know
(a) what kinds of supplies go with cookie making. With cakes you have the cake circles, filling, fondant, gumpaste flowers, etc... all those things you want to account for in your costs and also what you charge for. (bags, sticks... what else?)
(b) what types of things do you charge extra for
(c) how do you do your cookies, there is a platter price, a individual bagged cookie price
(d) how could I do cookie bouquets. What type of formula can I use to price the cookies.
(e) cakes are different sizes, should I account for different size cookies?

I don't make cookies... yet... so I am leaving stuff out. Please, what are all the things you want to consider and I will try and make something you can use!

kbselig Posted 18 Feb 2007 , 5:08pm
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I would also be interested in this, I have tried to do one myself, but I am not very computer literate. I will pm you if that is ok.

antonia74 Posted 18 Feb 2007 , 5:13pm
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1) packaging materials (price per bag, per yard of ribbon, per sticker to seal or brand the bags, price of boxes & padding for orders to be packed)

2) break down the price per cookie (ingredients, baking time, labour, extra detailing like inscribed names/sugar flowers/dragees)

3) time/labour for packaging factored in

4) delivery/pick up

5) price per cookie = $1 per square inch, which works well for pricing

MichelleM77 Posted 18 Feb 2007 , 5:17pm
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I think Antonia74 is much better qualified than I am at this point! LOL! I have 1 cookie bouquet under my belt and am currently practicing wedding cake cookies for a July wedding. I have a lot to learn, but will help if I can.

alicegop Posted 18 Feb 2007 , 5:33pm
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antonia74 thanks! That helps alot. Should get me started icon_smile.gif

alicegop Posted 18 Feb 2007 , 6:54pm
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Here are the supplies I have so far. What additional supplies are there and can anyone help me with prices for the items I don't have already?

Cellophane bags  200  bags  1  bag  1   $5.00
Cookie Sticks            
Ribbon  250  yards  1  foot  3   $2.00
Personalized Tags  300  labels  1  label  1   $14.00
Buckets/baskets  1  bucket  1  bucket  1   $1.00
basket bag  100  bags  1  bag  1   $24.00
Foam  1  block  1  block  1   $1.00
Tape to secure foam            
Cellophane wrapping            
Twist Ties            
Paper or Foil Shreds  1  oz  1  oz  1   $1.00

MichelleM77 Posted 18 Feb 2007 , 10:53pm
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$1.99 for 20 cookie sticks (from the Wilton website).

Omicake Posted 18 Feb 2007 , 11:06pm
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Hi Alice,

I've never sold cookies, but I might in the near future, so I can't be of much help.Anyway I'm very much interested in your cookie matrix and your cake matrix as well.Please, include me in your list.

alicegop Posted 19 Feb 2007 , 5:04am
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Okay, I am going to post my PROTOTYPE of the cookie matrix. I just made it today. Remember I do NOT make cookies, so I made up the percentages that go in the blue boxes (based on information some of you emailed me and from this thread, so it was an educated guess...) so I really need feedback. If you want a copy of my matrix once it is improved (and any updates there after) you'll need to email me at [email protected] and say you want the COOKIE matrix (and not the cake matrix, or maybe you want both... just let me know). They are FREE, I just like an excuse to play with Excel.

So, please check out my spreadsheet and give me feedback!


ValMommytoDanny Posted 19 Feb 2007 , 5:13am
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Thanks!! This is really great! icon_smile.gif
I am going to give it a whirl today.

alicegop Posted 19 Feb 2007 , 6:43am
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If anyone would like to help me out but doesn't have excel

here is the link to Microsoft to download the excel viewer.


Lambshack Posted 19 Feb 2007 , 6:56am
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I would make sure to include the 'detail' work. I sell a lot of cookies (still a hobby!) but whenever you go into adding luster dust with a fine-point paint brush, you are talking some serious time. Also, hand applying dragees in just the right places, or having to duplicate a logo or 'character' just so in order to make it look correct. For instance, Mickey Mouse's smile & eyes, or Hello Kitty's nose in the right spot, Thomas's eyebrows so he doesn't look mad... etc etc etc. Those are things to take into consideration. As far as personalizing the cookies, it takes no more time than adding basic decorations. I scripted "Katie & Matt' on 95 chili pepper cookies and it took less than an hour... but I am very comfortable with writing. Someone who has less experience or is timid about their handwriting could easily factor in three hours for the same workload. Seems very subjective, so not sure if that will fit into your matrix, unless you have different burden rates based on ability (i.e. Rookie - more time, Experienced - less time). Does that make sense?

Also, include luster dust, everclear, personalized gift tags, delivery costs.

Lambshack Posted 19 Feb 2007 , 6:59am
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Oh, I forgot, I want a copy of both your cake and preliminary cookie matrix too! I think that's great that you are willing to share. I am so not an excel person, but I can work with a pre-created spreadsheet!

Another thought...Did you factor in length of oven time based on # of cookies ordered? Over will be on for most of the day with a very large order - you can only roll out and bake so many cookies at a time.

alicegop Posted 19 Feb 2007 , 7:05am
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Good points Lambshack

I'll add those items. The detail work would be under extra decoration. Should I call it something else?

Hmmm, oven time. For cakes larger cakes take longer..... clearly my spreadsheet doesn't account for oven electricity, although I do have a place for you to enter in how many hours and the cost per hour (for overhead like electricity or if you are renting a place)

email me at [email protected] and I'll give you the cake matrix. I don't want to post it online because I'll make updates so once I come out with an updated version I want people to have the current version and not old versions that might have a typo. Thanks for understanding! icon_wink.gif I promise I only keep your email address to update the matrix, nothing else!

MichelleM77 Posted 19 Feb 2007 , 3:39pm
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Slightly off topic here...I was looking at the Luster Dust on another site and it said it was not edible. Is it okay to paint on cookies then? Is "Luster Dust" just being used in a generic sense about any kind of powder used to decorate cakes and cookies?


alicegop Posted 19 Feb 2007 , 4:12pm
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Ummm, luster dust is a food product. It is perfectly safe to paint on cookies and cakes. Just look at all the postings of people who have it all over their cakes, no one has died yet to my knowledge. NO WORRIES!

MichelleM77 Posted 19 Feb 2007 , 4:35pm
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That's why I was confused, but check out this website where it says it's nonedible:

"NOT EDIBLE, DO NOT USE ON COOKIES AND CAKES Luster dust gives subtle color with a high sheen metallic-like finish. Contains two or more of the following: Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Carmine, Mica. Not water soluable. Developed for the cake decorating industry, Sparkle Dust contains only ingredients that are non-toxic and are ideal for use with gumpaste or rolled fondant. These dusts are not a food product and should not be considered as such. Intended for use in dry form, they may also be mixed with oil-based flavorings or alcohol for painting and highlighting. Contains 2 grams. "

alicegop Posted 19 Feb 2007 , 4:42pm
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hmm, learn something new everyday. Well a lot of people use it extensively on the cakes.........

keonicakes Posted 19 Feb 2007 , 4:43pm
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forgot to give you me email. [email protected]

MichelleM77 Posted 19 Feb 2007 , 4:47pm
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Maybe it's just for parts of the cake where you wouldn't really eat it, like on my avatar cake where she put it on the hard sugar monogram on the top layer??? That website says that Sparkle Dust is edible, but Luster Dust isn't. It's so confusing because it says it's for cake and cookie decorating supplies, but says this stuff is not edible. LOL!!

Lambshack Posted 19 Feb 2007 , 5:10pm
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There is 'highlighting' dust, which is completely inedible - really toxic - meant for things that will not be eaten - and it is really shiny - looks like liquid mercury.

Luster dust, petal dust, and sparkle dust (or glitter dust) is NON TOXIC, which means that while it won't hurt you if you eat it, it really is not a food product. Kinda like crayons, glue, and play doh - not intended to be used as food, but it won't hurt you if you have some. (I don't recommend this!) Also has something to do with having no nutritional value at all...

I think we're all safe. The cakes probably have more chemicals leaked into them from the pans we all use than the luster dusts do. And I always say if you're gonna go down, go down with Everclear! That's got to be more deadly than the dusts! LOL

MichelleM77 Posted 19 Feb 2007 , 5:45pm
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LOL!! Good point!! I've got to try this Everclear stuff.

cookiecreations Posted 19 Feb 2007 , 5:59pm
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I use shrink wrap bags, could you add those to the matrix? They're $12 for 500 and the shipping cost is approx $7-$13 depending on region. Also, I bake my cookies on parchment paper, $3 for 30 sq ft.

I'd love to get a copy of the cookie matrix, my email is [email protected]


alicegop Posted 20 Feb 2007 , 12:26am
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Okay I included parchment paper

I need prices on

Tape to secure foam
Cellophane wrapping
Twist Ties

Also for your consideration: I have it set up to figure out the cost of supplies and then there is a cost you charge per inch of cookie (this is your talent and labor) so then there is an additional percentage cost for adding sticks, extra design, personaliziation, etc... The suggestion was to make it a flat fee and I understand that idea... but really it is a flat fee since it is a percentage of your base charge, but it allows you to see it relative. So.... I know many of you charge a flat base fee for adding a stick and what not, but would you consider a change of perspective to have it relative to what your time is worth? Or should I just change it to be a flat fee added in per cookie..........

If you charge $1.30 an inch of cookie and then .25 per cookie for a stick then that stick so that quarter is almost 20 percent of your base price. So now your cookie costs 1.3+.25 = 1.55 or you can do 1.3(100% + 20%) = 1.55 so there is no difference.

But I'm a math teacher...... so I like percentages. It helps me to realize what that twenty five cents it. Less abstract. I am adding 20% to the price of the cookie which tells me I put in that much more effort........ Helps with the extra decoration charge too. Rather than trying to figure out what dollar amount to charge extra, ask yourself what percentage more difficult is it. That makes it easier to price different cookies too. If I charged 30% decoration fee on these plain cookies then this really difficult cookie is 75% harder than a normal cookie.

Thoughts please icon_smile.gif

UGoCakes Posted 20 Feb 2007 , 12:34am
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alicegop, I haven't gotten into cookies yet but would be interested in the cake price sheet you have. I just sent you an email. thanks

loveqm Posted 20 Feb 2007 , 12:42am
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alicegop I just sent you my email address...thanks again!

cookiecreations Posted 20 Feb 2007 , 12:53am
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Interesting... parchment paper. A good idea. (have you tried one of those silpats, I've heard they are good and reusable). So... help me out. For 60 cookies how many feet of parchment would you estimate you use?[/quote]

Down the road I plan to invest in silpats, good investment! I estimate that I would use 10 ft of parchment for 60 cookies. That estimate is based on average size cookies, 6 per sheet. Others probably have much bigger trays.

Other prices: most cello bags come with twist ties ($3.99 for 50 for me). I get 150 custom made labels for $10.

I ship alot of cookies so would you be interested in including shipping/packing materials in the matrix? Is the cookie matrix strictly for cookie bouquets or is it to include decorated cookies i.e. delivered on trays, boxes and/or in baskets??

Thanks for doing all this work!!!!

alicegop Posted 20 Feb 2007 , 1:11am
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Cookie creations this is all really good info!!!!!!

It is for ALL, not just bouquets. Shipping and packaging is a great idea. Can you tell me how much that costs? How could I write a formula for that? Is it a flat fee, is it based on anything in particular?

Okay, I am going to post an update..... since I am still in the information gathering stage.

I am looking for people to enter their cookie orders and see how my prices compare. Can you tweak the base price and the the percentages to make it come out right?

I also resolved the above dispute on percents vs. added costs, but just having it automatically SHOW the added per cookie cost ALSO. Win Win!

Remember, don't change anything in yellow, anything in blue is an assumption which can and should be changed!

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