How To Make Gold Icing

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ReAnnon Posted 25 Nov 2005 , 2:48pm
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I have a number of magazines that show gold decorative accents. I know that some of these accents are colored with 'shimmer powder'. But the others look as if they have been made with actual gold icing. The color is very deep and very metallic. Does any one no how this is done?

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Lisa Posted 25 Nov 2005 , 2:51pm
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They've probably been painted with gold luster dusts (mixed with lemon juice or vodka). Accent pieces made from fondant or royal and painted with the dusts will look just like gold. Really pretty.

MelC Posted 25 Nov 2005 , 3:20pm
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I agree with Lisa... also, if you're making gold, tint your icing yellow first, pipe it, then paint it, or if you're after silver, tint it grey first. Your colour will come out much easier, and if you're not absolutely perfect when you paint the lustre powder (mixed with alcohol or lemon extract) it's less likely to show up!

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MrsMissey Posted 25 Nov 2005 , 8:59pm
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Here is a link to a recipe I posted for gold might help you!

Sory Posted 25 Nov 2005 , 9:41pm
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MrsMissey, as usual, saving our lives! Thank you very much, Madam! thumbs_up.gif

SquirrellyCakes Posted 25 Nov 2005 , 10:08pm
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Don't know who has tried this mixing the piping gell with the lustres, it does get a shimmer to it and look a bit metallic and all, but I don't find that you get as good a result as painting it or dry brushing it on, in my opinion. It becomes a bit more like those sparkle lip protectors.
Hugs Squirrelly

Cakepro Posted 25 Nov 2005 , 10:22pm
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In this cake, I hand painted over the buttercream scrollwork with ground 24 karat gold mixed with lemon extract. I've also painted on color flow and royal icing pieces with ground 24k gold. It's absolutely gorgeous!


Many of the metallic luster dusts shouldn't be eaten, but real gold can be.

~ Sherri

MrsMissey Posted 25 Nov 2005 , 10:22pm
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Originally Posted by Sory

MrsMissey, as usual, saving our lives! Thank you very much, Madam! thumbs_up.gif
Bye!! I belive that recipe came from my Kerry Vincent cake decorating book! icon_lol.gif

Lisa Posted 25 Nov 2005 , 10:33pm
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Sherri...your cake is gorgeous! You did a fantastic job painting over the buttercream and real gold...luxurious icon_surprised.gif Where do you buy that and is it expensive?

MrsMissey Posted 25 Nov 2005 , 10:41pm
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That is gorgeous! I just bought some of the 24karat stuff. It was $9. for one of those tiny little containers!!

Cakepro Posted 25 Nov 2005 , 10:43pm
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Thank you! icon_smile.gif

I bought it at a local cake supply shop here in Houston, called Make-A-Cake. It's the same size as the usual little luster dust pots and was $7. I thought it was going to take a lot to paint on that cake so I bought three pots and only ended up using half a pot. A little goes a long way with very good, solid coverage.

It looks really fabulous on chocolate cakes! I'll look around on my other computer for pics I did of gold on chocolate.

icon_smile.gif Sherri

Lisa Posted 25 Nov 2005 , 10:45pm
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$7-9 really isn't that bad. A little goes a long way and to be able to tell people you used 24K gold icon_biggrin.gif

Cakepro Posted 25 Nov 2005 , 10:49pm
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Oh yeah...people who feel they're getting "haute cuisine" with real gold pay nicely for these cakes. icon_lol.gif Gotta love that!

MrsMissey Posted 25 Nov 2005 , 11:19pm
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..yes, it does sound impressive. I haven't impressed anyone with it is still in the container!!

Sory Posted 25 Nov 2005 , 11:53pm
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You're welcome MrsMissey!
Sherri, your cake looks fantastic! It's beautiful! thumbs_up.gif

cuillere Posted 26 Nov 2005 , 9:08pm
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Mrs missey thank you for the life saving recipe, I ll probably paint with the 24k on top of it, It'll be much easier that way.
Cakepro your cake is fantastic, I m glad you mentioned the 24k I always find it at the specialty store I shop from, thank's for the feedback.

ReAnnon Posted 27 Nov 2005 , 4:32am
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Thank you so much for all the feedback! I am going to be making a cake in the shape of a dollar sign. I thought that the gold would add a fun touch. Thanks again!

traci Posted 27 Nov 2005 , 4:44am
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Sherri...your cake is absolutely gorgeous!!! I will be picking up some of that the next time I go to make-a-cake! Did you wait for your scrolls to crust/dry before you painted them???

Also...have you heard of Amazin Cake Supplies on Bissonnet??? I will be going there on Monday to purchase a cake plateau. icon_smile.gif

m0use Posted 27 Nov 2005 , 1:25pm
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Thanks Mrs.Missey for this..the Make-A-Cake website has some really cool cake pics on it, I love the dragon sitting on the castle cakes- that is some talent!
And the pics of the warehouse are cool, I would love to go there!

cuillere Posted 27 Nov 2005 , 1:31pm
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Oh my god I just checked the make-a-cake site icon_surprised.gificon_eek.gificon_surprised.gificon_eek.gif that's like a cake decorators heaven. I live in NJ and I wish I can find a place like that.

traci Posted 27 Nov 2005 , 6:51pm
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I love going to problem is that there is just too much stuff I want in there!!!! icon_smile.gif

Cakepro Posted 27 Nov 2005 , 7:44pm
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Hi Traci ~

Thanks for the compliment! Yes, the buttercream had crusted before I painted. It was a "snow white" buttercream - meaning "Crisco-cream" so it crusted well. LOL

Enjoy going to Amazin' Cake Supply tomorrow! I've been there once (to buy 20# of Satin Ice fondant before I found it for nearly half-price at Swiss Chalet foods icon_confused.gif ). Watch out buying any extracts or food products...the manufacture dates of some of their Magic Line extracts were from the late 90's!

Do you know that Amazin' Cake is just a few blocks away from Make-A-Cake? You might want to hold off going until Tuesday, when M.A.C. is open. icon_biggrin.gif

traci Posted 28 Nov 2005 , 2:43am
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I thought about that...but I have a bride coming to look at the plateau. She wants to see what I get so she can decide if she wants her cake on it. Do they sell cake pans and cardboard drums there??? I also need to pick up a 14 in drum for a 50th birthday cake I am doing on Saturday. Where is Swiss Chalet Foods??? Is that in Houston or online???? Anyway...thanks for the info. icon_smile.gif

Cakepro Posted 28 Nov 2005 , 3:04am
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Oy ~ I hope you're charging enough for the rental in order to recoup your cost. Are you talking about one of the gold or silver ones? Yes, they do have board, boxes, and drums there, and for better prices than Make-A-Cake.

Swiss Chalet Foods is a wholesale outfit that sells Satin Ice fondant by the case (40#) for $89. It's product number 90449 and is called Royal Satin Rolling Fondant. They're located at 7200 Wynnpark, Houston, Texas 77008-6030
Phone: (713) 868-9505
Fax: (713) 868-1172

and their web addy is They have a lot of confectionary products but they're in bulk since they're wholesalers. You can request a catalog and price list if you call them.

I'm watching the Great Holiday Cake-Off on FoodTV and just spied a 20# tub of Satin Ice fondant. icon_biggrin.gif

cuillere Posted 28 Nov 2005 , 4:14pm
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Can you believe I missed the holiday bake off.

MrsMissey Posted 28 Nov 2005 , 4:33pm
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Cakepro..thanks for the info. I just requested a catalog from catalogs!!

traci Posted 28 Nov 2005 , 8:30pm
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I got lucky and turned on the Holiday Cake show right when it started. Next weekend I think they are having a Gingerbread house special.

Sherri, I loved the Amazin Cake store. I decided to buy the 14 in round silver plateau since I am sure that I will get lots of use out of it. I am also going to purchase the big 18in. as well. I also bought a couple of cake pans along with some Americolor, pearl dust, and some other odds and ends. I noticed that some of their stuff is a better price than Make-A-Cake. The next time I need fondant...I will keep Chalet Foods in mind. It seems like most of my customers just love buttercream!

cande Posted 28 Nov 2005 , 11:00pm
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I found this information at


Q. How can I make gold (or silver) icing?

A. There is no coloring agent yet available that can be mixed into icing to create the metallic colors. The only way to achieve a true metallic gold (or silver) is to use some form of non-toxic dust. There are several types of metallic dusts and application methods:
Brush the dust onto fresh icing using an artist's paintbrush.
Mix the dust with vodka, gin, Everclear, or clear vanilla extract to make a paste, and paint it on.
Mix the dust with melted cocoa butter or Everclear and paint it onto compound coating or chocolate.
Cover the surface with clear piping gel then sprinkle on the dust.
Apply the dust using an airbrush.

traci Posted 29 Nov 2005 , 1:14am
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Thanks cande! icon_smile.gif

ann31 Posted 13 Mar 2013 , 7:06pm
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Hi Sherri,

I am going to make a 50th wedding anniversary cake and would like to know if the gold colour you use is edible and what brand did you use so I can use that in my cake as this is for my Inlaws anniversry cake.



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