My Turkey Cake Was A Success!

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Chef_Mommy Posted 23 Nov 2005 , 10:58am
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I made this cake with the instructions that Mrs. Missey posted (Thank you so much) and here is what it looks like. Everyone was so impressed I am so excited because I have been getting compliments for the last few days and it feels great! icon_biggrin.gif
I made this for a friends pot luck dinner when she walked in with the cake the hostess asked her why did she bring another "turkey" and when she said it was a cake they couldn't stop talking about it. She had to take the knife to it because no one else would they said it was to pretty to cut. I thaught that was funny.

Thanks again to Mrs. Missey for the instructions.


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stephanie214 Posted 23 Nov 2005 , 11:02am
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You did a great job thumbs_up.gif

bigboots Posted 23 Nov 2005 , 11:58am
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Great job thumbs_up.gif

irisinbloom Posted 23 Nov 2005 , 1:40pm
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WOW, I can understand why they thought it was a real turkey, great jobicon_smile.gif

MrsMissey Posted 23 Nov 2005 , 1:46pm
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...your very welcome! You did a great job!

Lisa Posted 23 Nov 2005 , 3:23pm
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You did do a great job!

solidezca Posted 23 Nov 2005 , 4:58pm
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My husband's birthday is tomorrow... Thanksgiving day! I started baking this cake yesterday! I did not find the egg pan, so a football pan will have to do the trick! anyway! my problem is that I do not understand how to attach the ice cream cones to the turkey!! Do I have to put some sticks in it? if so, then how? or is it wire of some sort? Please help... I will start decorating my birthday turkey tonite! any advice will help. icon_cry.gif

Misdawn Posted 23 Nov 2005 , 5:00pm
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How did you make the skin look so real?

frstech Posted 23 Nov 2005 , 5:02pm
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tell me where to find mrsmissey's recipe !! please 11

BritBB Posted 23 Nov 2005 , 5:03pm
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Fabulous job! Wish I were so talented.

prettycake Posted 23 Nov 2005 , 5:18pm
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icon_smile.gif Hi Missy,
is that the one from that Wesbite: Family...something ? where can I get the instructions for this ? I got one yesterday, but it didn't have the "wings" part....can I have the one for this onw... PLEASE >>>> icon_smile.gif
thank you very much

llee815 Posted 23 Nov 2005 , 5:27pm
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Great job!

Chef_Mommy Posted 23 Nov 2005 , 6:25pm
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solidezca :
I didn't use anything to hold it together just frosting. I used sugar cones for the wings and cake cones for the drumsticks. I cut the sugar cone more on one side than the other and when I put it on the "wing" it just stayed the same for the drumstick. Here is a picture of how I cut the sugar cone.

I used a tan colored buttercream for to frost it once it crusted over some I mixed some warm water and brown paste color in a spray bottle and I sprayed this all over I let it set then I repeated this one more time once that was dry I mixed ( in another spray bottle) warm water, brown color paste and dark corn syrup and sprayed this all over I let it dry and repeated once more and thats how I got this color.

frstech & mahal:

Here is the link to where i found the instructions.

Hope this helps please let me know if you need anything else or if I missed anyones questions.


frstech Posted 23 Nov 2005 , 7:08pm
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thank you so much, have a great holiday

kmcguire Posted 23 Nov 2005 , 8:31pm
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Great Job....looks so real

rengirl1978 Posted 23 Nov 2005 , 11:43pm
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Wow! Yours looks great! For mine, I couldn't find an egg shaped pan, and my silly spray bottle wouldn't mist, so I had to dribble it on! LOL Good job!

Chef_Mommy Posted 24 Nov 2005 , 12:10am
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I am so excited I got 2 orders for this cake. I hope they come out the same way this one did. wish me luck!


SquirrellyCakes Posted 24 Nov 2005 , 6:43am
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Wow, another wonderful turkey cake, you folks sure know how to talk, er bake turkey! Terrific!
Hugs Squirrelly

Tamanna Posted 24 Nov 2005 , 6:54am
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Your cake looks delicious as turkey and cake.

MrsMissey Posted 24 Nov 2005 , 2:58pm
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Originally Posted by mahal

icon_smile.gif Hi Missy,
is that the one from that Wesbite: Family...something ? where can I get the instructions for this ? I got one yesterday, but it didn't have the "wings" part....can I have the one for this onw... PLEASE >>>> icon_smile.gif
thank you very much, I just made up the instructions as I was going along..I guess you could say I "winged it"...LOL!!

Here is the link to my instructions!!

...scroll down on that page and you will see it there!

wendysue Posted 24 Nov 2005 , 3:47pm
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jmosquera, Love it! : )
Tell me, what type of software do you use that allows you to put your business name accross your photo?

Chef_Mommy Posted 25 Nov 2005 , 10:05am
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Thanks to everyone for all your great comments you are all wonderful. I made 3 more cakes after this one and they came out the same way(heww, thank goodness).

I took one to my parents house my dad stopped me and said" another turkey? who brought that?" I told him "dad, this is a cake" he couldn't stop laughing because it really tricked him. I thought that was funny. it was great to see everyone so happy about one cake.

I use PhotoShop CS.


boween Posted 28 Nov 2005 , 12:00pm
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Fantastic work, Iam sure they loved it!!!

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