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susanmm23 Posted 23 Mar 2005 , 2:19am
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Ok i think this stuff is called color mist. i have only tried it once and was very very very disappointed. I bought the black... didnt want to try to color with the wilton icing color. Now maybe i did something wrong but the color in the can wasnt even black. There really wasnt any color at all just a bad smelling liquid came out. I wouldnt even call it gray Did i get a bad can or is black a bad color to use this product for??? has anyone had any luck with this product and if so can you give me some pointers.

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marknrox Posted 23 Mar 2005 , 2:28am
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I have used it before and never had the problem that you describe. Maybe it was expired??? Did you spray it on thick enough? The only problem I have had with it is it taste kind of pepperminty, which really didn't go too well with the sugar cookies I was putting it on. I used it on a cake and it was fine.

Don't give up on it, maybe try to get a different brand...I used Wilton's brand.

ccbakes Posted 23 Mar 2005 , 2:29am
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I have used the red,green,blue and yellow..They're ok if you don't have the equipment for airbrushing.

susanmm23 Posted 23 Mar 2005 , 2:37am
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trust me i couldnt have prayed it any thicker in one spot. The icing started to break down from being so wet. WE tested it on paper, fondant and icing same results on all. Not matter how much we shook it. Maybe it was just a bad can.

Lisa Posted 23 Mar 2005 , 2:48am
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I've used the Wilton green in the past and I was really upset about that minty taste icon_razz.gif . The can didn't even warn you. Have they changed that yet? I've also used the black and had the same problem susanmm23 did--watery! The orange did the same thing. The blue worked well though. I've since gotten an airbrush which costs about as much as 50 cans of spray but mine never runs out or tastes like a candy cane thumbs_up.gif .

briansbaker Posted 23 Mar 2005 , 2:50am
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I've use the black color mist on the what was suppose to be my Skateboard I made. It came out just fine..I even used the red spray for the spiderman I made. I was actually thanking my god for it.. LOL because the red I tried to make was a deep pink..

briansbaker Posted 23 Mar 2005 , 2:52am
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Sorry me again, I was trying to watch Starlet and type at the same time..Maybe you should call wilton or write them and I am sure they will send you your money back or a coupon..good luck next time!

mommykicksbutt Posted 23 Mar 2005 , 3:28am
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You did nothing wrong! It is the product that was used! Wilton spray can colors are the worst! AmeriColor is FAR SUPERIOR. It is a smaller can and has 3X the amount in it. It is like Wilton in the fact that just when you think you have shaken it enough you'd better shake it some more. Wilton is the only one that I've encountered that "splattered" out of the can instead of a super fine aerosol that should emminate out of the container. I'm not saying the AmeriColor is perfect but I have had a lot fewer problems with it. I only use the Wilton spray cans if I'm desperate. Yes, the spray cans are cheaper than an airbrush, although that is now on my wish list for the holidays, I figure after buying enough of the spray colors I very well afford an airbrush and be done with the canned stuff.

P.S. After you use the canned colors and there is still some left in the can, turn the can upside down and spray it to clear the nozzel out. Then rinse off the nozzel. This will keep it from clogging up and save you problems the next time you want to use the can.


susanmm23 Posted 23 Mar 2005 , 4:20am
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Im glad i did nothing wrong. After the first spray test and it came out like water i thought i must need to shake it more. So like 30 minutes later and with the help of a friend we continuously shook it. Still the same result as the first spray. So we thought maybe we need to get it going first. We sprayed on paper, then tried the icing again. Wrong again!!!!! I dont think i will ever use this stuff again. I would much rather spend the time using the icing colors. I too have the airbrush on my holiday list.

flayvurdfun Posted 23 Mar 2005 , 8:23am
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I use it all the time icon_razz.gif never had a problem ever! icon_razz.gif I just shoke it alot, and kept moving my hands from side to side. stop let it dry and did it again. I never used black though... I have and used spring colors, yellow pink and purple. Still have some and want to use it a little on the easter egg cakes for this week. But I am going to try americolor products once back in the states! thumbs_up.gif

blessBeckysbaking Posted 23 Mar 2005 , 10:15am
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I use the betty crocker brand they work so much better then wiltons brand wilton gave me color spots and the betty crocker sprays went on pretty even no spots

diane Posted 23 Mar 2005 , 12:56pm
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what brand is color mist? try a different brand. i have several colors, i think it's betty crocker, not sure, but they work great.

flayvurdfun Posted 23 Mar 2005 , 1:49pm
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see I didnt know Betty made some.... icon_surprised.gif we arent privy to alot of stuff on this base..... icon_cry.gif

susanmm23 Posted 23 Mar 2005 , 4:43pm
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Im not sure what brand it was. Its not sold by the wilton stuff in the store so maybe its not the wilton brand. I will have to check when i go to the store again. I threw the other can in the trash.

Mchelle Posted 23 Mar 2005 , 4:47pm
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Yes Betty sells them in the grocery store. I haven't tried them either. I think I will take the advice of others and try the americolor if needed.

Kiddiekakes Posted 26 Mar 2005 , 3:03pm
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Wilton does know about the problem with the sprays tasting peppermint.If you look on the can it lists oil of peppermint.I emailed them myself and told them it was horrible.They emailed back stating they were changing their formula and eliminating the peppermint oil.They said the new batch of sprays should be out soon...however I have seen it all over in cake supply stores and I spray a bit out and it still has the peppermint smell.Maybe it is just old stock but it should have been removed...Not sure if they even changed the ingredients after all!!

flayvurdfun Posted 26 Mar 2005 , 8:40pm
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See I cant do peppermint... I cant handle it... hives, swelling, ugh!

Kiddiekakes Posted 27 Mar 2005 , 3:49am
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I can't either flayvurdfun...it makes me feel nautious.I used it the other day to spray Easter cucpakes for my son's preschool class and almost threw up!! I tasted one later and the peppermint is gross...I really hope they change it!!

susanmm23 Posted 27 Mar 2005 , 5:13am
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The one i used was betty crocker....... i havent even seen the wilton ones. looks like i will be staying far far away from both of these.

tcturtleshell Posted 27 Mar 2005 , 6:13am
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I use the spray when I'm too lazy to color my icing. I don't really like it because it shoots out in spots! I have to try & get it even when it does that. I guess I could try Betty Crocker. Never have. Some say it is better & it has more in the bottle.

tanyascakes Posted 27 Mar 2005 , 6:14am
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Hi all. I had a friend pick 4 cans of Wilton spray color up for me when she was in the States. I was so nervous after reading all th horrible posts about it that I wanted to throw them all out. But this morning I read the ingredients list and no peppermint oil was listed. But I was still not convinced. So I opened the cans and sprayed some of each and there was no peppermint smell/taste. Whew!! What a load off of my mind. I was so happy to not have had the experience that some of you have had with these colors. But I am grateful that you all had listed your complaints. Because it would have been a rude awakening to find that I had pepperminted all of my hard work! I guess that I just lucked out by getting some that weren't yucky.

flayvurdfun Posted 1 Apr 2005 , 1:48pm
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OK i have to resend my last post here.....our commissary does carry the Betty Crocker brand spray....only the blue, but hey its a start...I bought some just to play around.

tanyascakes Posted 1 Apr 2005 , 8:53pm
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Gee, Flayv, you are lucky. The commissary here doesn't have any clue of what I am talking about! I even tried in Vilseck. No luck. But at least the PX in Vilseck has a tiny bit of Wilton stuff(albeit not much). So at least every once in awhile I can get some stuff. Otherwise, I have to go all the way to Wurzburg-2 hr drive. And that isn't easy with 3 kids, a job, and a military hubby. Have to keep trying though! icon_lol.gif

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