How Do I Transfer A Drawing Onto My Cake?

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faded_dress Posted 14 Sep 2005 , 12:49am
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Thanks icon_smile.gif Yes I did place it directly after and I used my finger to go over it. I'll keep your tips in my mind though and try again!

lng_1978 Posted 30 Sep 2005 , 6:25pm
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I can't wait to try my hand at FBCT! Will have to let ya'll know how mine turns out!


Cady Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 12:45am
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I'm going to have to try one for ds b-day now that i have all these wonderful tips!

Sweet-Treats Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 1:26am
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can anyone tell me how the FBCT taste when its on the cake. does it melt? i have never tried this before and i am just wondering if it melts and does it make your cake soggy.

Fancymcnancy Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 12:28pm
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No, it doesn't melt, it just softens a little bit as it thaws. Mine kept their shape and tasted just like the rest of the buttercream on the cake.

Good luck icon_biggrin.gif

Sweet-Treats Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 1:27pm
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Thanks! Fancymcnancy icon_smile.gif

jeanne2978 Posted 11 Nov 2005 , 8:08pm
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Hi Dawn:

Thanks for the instructions. I live in Hawaii and found that the BCTs tend to have condensation because of our humidity. Is there a way to prevent this?

I also found that using overhead transfer sheets work really well. The BCTs come off very nicely...and you can reuse these sheets.


kmcdonald85 Posted 11 Nov 2005 , 10:31pm
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I want to transfer Disney's Ariel onto a cake for my daughter's birthday. I have done a transfer before, but I am concerned with the facial features coming out correctly? I have previously done cartoon characters that this didn't apply to. She is more human like? what do you think??

vitade Posted 12 Nov 2005 , 12:31pm
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I think it will still be okay. I would THINK if you use a smaller tip to get the details on her face and make sure you do them in the right order there should be no problem. If your like me, it can't be worse than free drawing it. LOL

havenleigh Posted 12 Nov 2005 , 7:49pm
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If I have the picture I want to transfer already printed out, but it wasn't done in reverse mode, is there any other way to continue with the process, or do I have to reprint it in reverse mode?

vitade Posted 14 Nov 2005 , 10:38am
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Well, you'd have to either have to be able to see through your page and use it back side up or copy it once on parchment and then flip that over to do your icing.

Depending on our design, if there's no writing or set design, say like a flag, and it really wouldn't alter your idea, then you could just use it the way it it. Does that make sense?

Randa_000 Posted 26 Nov 2005 , 6:35am
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Tonight I did 2 buttercream transfers, my kids birthdays are 11/21/95 & 11/25/ I made each one of them their own first attempt at this...everything went well....I outlined the pictures on waxed paper, then I filled it in, I froze it, baked, torted and stuffed a cake, made cupcakes for the CCC.

As I am ready to make the transfer, I was getting very excited to see how this would all turn out...but when I removed the wax paper it looked like my marker was running out of was splotchy...I should have used more frosting......

Other than that I think for my very first 2 cakes I did ok...

What do you think???

havenleigh Posted 26 Nov 2005 , 8:05am
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Thanks for your response vitade...and yes that made sense. Randa you did an excellent job. I love the spongebob one. I have yet to try the CCC. Hope to do one soon.

vitade Posted 26 Nov 2005 , 1:20pm
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Are you kidding!?! Those are GREAT!! What type of marker did you use. You could put your design under a peice of wax paper , tape it down and then outline it in black icing with a tip #2 or #3,then fill in without having to tranfer your drawing to the wax paper. Truly I think those look awesome!!!

vitade Posted 26 Nov 2005 , 1:21pm
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Are you kidding!?! Those are GREAT!! What type of marker did you use. You could put your design under a peice of wax paper , tape it down and then outline it in black icing with a tip #2 or #3,then fill in without having to tranfer your drawing to the wax paper. Truly I think those look awesome!!!

Cakeshots Posted 16 Jan 2006 , 3:59pm
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Will the transfer work for the side of a cake? I'm doing a baby-block styled cake, and wanted to try the buttercream transfer for the letters on the side. I just want to make sure they won't droop off.

Your cake is awesome, by the way! thumbs_up.gif


sweettreasures Posted 20 Jan 2006 , 8:44am
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Someone asked a question that I'd like to know the answer to also. There wasn't any answer, unless I misread something or skipped over it.
Do you let the layers of colored BC dry before using the next color? Also, I'm really amazed that the colors don't spread out.

TWOODALL Posted 27 Jan 2006 , 6:41pm
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I have a question. How long before the cake is eaten can we apply the frozen transfer?

chaptlps Posted 27 Jan 2006 , 6:53pm
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sweet treasures
some people like to have it dry between colors but I personally don't think it necessary, for the reason being that, you want the colors to join or fuse in some way so that the transfer will be one cohesive piece. And unless your buttercream is really really runny, there shouldn't be a prob with them running into each other. I basically just draw the picture on the backside of my parchment, flip it over and start filling in, then toss it in the freezer, take it out and flip it over (beings the picture is on the other side of the parchment it comes out right side up when flipped) otherwise you would have to reverse the picture, but then again I do all mine freehand and then fill in. As for it melting off the side of the cake? I don't think that would be a prob if properly adhered to the side of the cake and that the base frosting isn't too thin. I wouldn't try to put one on the side of a whipped frosted cake. It just can't handle the weight.
What I have done in the past for fondant accents on the sides of a cake is to place little pieces of spaghetti (like toothpicks) into the image and the cake until it got firm and the frosting crusted. Then carefully pulled out the spaghetti (makes smaller holes than toothpicks)

MomLittr Posted 8 Feb 2006 , 1:39pm
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Question, was wondering if you let the outlines firm up at all before filling in the colors. This process is interesting, however I worry that when you push down to spread the colors, they will blend into the outlines


Stogz Posted 8 Feb 2006 , 2:07pm
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I am attempting my first buttercream transfer for a cake next weekend. I bought Wilton Black Decorating Icing in a 4 oz. tube. It is already to use. It says you can put any wilton tip on it. Would this work for doing the outline??

frindmi Posted 8 Feb 2006 , 2:08pm
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I want to try and use a FBCT for a valentine's day cake. My questions are:

Can I use the Wilton recipe (their class buttercream) to make the transfer? I have some extra one and was wondering if I could use it up for this.

The buttercream recipe posted by Dawn, do you use it for both the outline and the filling??

Thanks Dawn for your detailed explanations. I will post picture when finished.


LisaMS Posted 8 Feb 2006 , 2:59pm
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Do you mean OVER IMBC? I'm not sure; as I've never made that recipe. Antonia74 might can tell you.

Stogz Posted 8 Feb 2006 , 9:39pm
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just wanted to bump this up.

Will Wilton Black Decorating Icing that comes in a premade tube work ok for the outline of my FBCT??!!


TexasSugar Posted 9 Feb 2006 , 12:02am
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Yes you can use the Wilton Class Recipe for it. I have used all crisco icing with out a problem.

I have never used the tube icing for this so I don't know if it would or not. If no one else can give you an answer, you can always try it out. Make a dot about the size of a quarter and sorta thick on some wax paper and put it in the freezer. The only concearn about this icing to me is how well it will harden up in the freezer and if it will stick to the wax paper or not.

bellasmadre Posted 23 Feb 2006 , 1:42pm
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Im so glad I read this tutorial. It was very informative to me. I keep seeing all fo these wonderful cakes on here and Ive been attempting to draw things at home on my cakes. FREEHANDING haha. I just thought it took alot of pratice and I wasn't at yalls level yet. Which I not (im in course 1 currently) but this makes competle sense to me now.
What tip do you use to color in the image? And you don't do dots or stars just simply fill it in as you would with a crayon right?

Im looking forward to trying this soon!

sweetooth2 Posted 23 Feb 2006 , 6:00pm
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Hello this is my first post here so here goes. I'm planing on making a cake for my dad for his retirement and he likes Homer Simpson and I want to do a transfer with buttercream (this would be a first.. icon_confused.gif ) I've did
lots of cakes but never attemped this( a litle scary icon_eek.gif but I'm going to try..)

There are a few questions I have have about this technique. 1. When you freeze it should it be put in a cake box? 2. When you take it out of the freezer and you put it on the cake wouldn't it start to condence as soon as it sat out and hit warm air? Would you need to put it in the refrigerator right after untill serving time so this doesn't happen? 3. Could you use royal icing as your out line if you thined it slightly or would it crack and break?

I plan on making this cake next month so any help would be nice icon_biggrin.gif

TrinaH Posted 15 Apr 2006 , 7:22pm
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Just a quick question that I have and I saw it asked a handful of times but no one answered yet.....

What tip # are you using to fill in?

ConnieB Posted 21 Apr 2006 , 3:25pm
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I was just looking at the article about FBCT's. It states in the article that you must have a mirror print-out of the picture you are transferring. Where/How would I get that? usaribbon.gif


Kiddiekakes Posted 21 Apr 2006 , 3:29pm
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There is a function in your tool bar when you click on the picture that says flip or will automatically flip the image to a mirrior image and then you can print!

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