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AgentCakeBaker Posted 19 Mar 2005 , 8:45pm
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Hi all

I'm new to the forum and would like some help. A client has asked me to make some cupcakes for a bridal shower this Thursday. The bride's colors are sage and ivory and she needs 36 cupcakes. Does anyone have any ideas as how I should decorate the cupcakes? I was thinking of putting roses on top of each cupcake. Secondly, what colors should I mix to get the color sage? Maybe willow green would get me closer to sage.

What do you guys think? icon_smile.gif

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ilithiya Posted 19 Mar 2005 , 11:40pm
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For the sage color, I'd try a very light tint of Wilton's Moss Green or Americolor's Avocado first. The Willow Green looks a bit too yellow / not grey enough for my idea of sage.

If it helps, mine are going to be frosted with the 1M large star tip, lightly sprayed with purple aerosol color at an angle, then I'm going to drop either a #104 rose or a lily-nail petunia on top, a couple of #352 leaves and a tiny sprinkle of coordinating sanding sugar sprinkled onto the top of the rose.

Hope this helps some!

AgentCakeBaker Posted 20 Mar 2005 , 12:28am
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Thanks for the advice Illy. I've never seen a moss green paste in my cake supply store. Where do you get your moss green color paste from?

I do have tip 1M so I will add that design before I add the rose. Thanks again! icon_biggrin.gif

ilithiya Posted 20 Mar 2005 , 12:43am
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I got my Moss Green from the Wilton site, but any cake dec shop that carries the Wilton colors should have it.

Country Kitchens ( has both the Moss Green and Americolor's Avocado.


cupcakes Posted 20 Mar 2005 , 2:25am
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Hi, I turn my cupcakes into flowers. I use tip 70, a leaf tip. I pull out leaves that look like petals as I go around the cup cake. I make the next row a little shorter and a little more up right. I keep going so it looks like a flower.In the center I put tip 16 stars. It looks like a pretty flower and I do them in all colors. Hope that was helpful. icon_smile.gif

AgentCakeBaker Posted 21 Mar 2005 , 5:51pm
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Do you have pictures of the cupcakes that you mentioned? It sounds like your cupcakes are beautiful!

cupcakes Posted 22 Mar 2005 , 12:09am
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Hi, I wanted to let you know that I posted a picture of a couple of my cupcakes in the galleries under wedding mini cakes and the title of my picture is cupcake flowers. I really did not know how to get my picture to this site, but with my husband's help I hope you can view it. I also crushed up white cake sparkles and sprinkled them on top. I hope this was of help to you.
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m0use Posted 22 Mar 2005 , 1:45pm
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cupcakes- those are just beautiful!

AgentCakeBaker Posted 22 Mar 2005 , 7:42pm
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Your cupcakes are very nice. Very creative. I will definitely try this on my next set of cupcakes. Thanks for all your help!

cupcakes Posted 22 Mar 2005 , 7:49pm
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Hi, thank you for your kind words for my cupcakes. I have a couple of others and as soon as I get some pictures I will put them on the site. It is always fun to think "outside the cake box". I don't like to put a little something on top of an iced cupcake .I like my cupcakes to look like something in this case a flower. Always fun to look at things in a different light. icon_smile.gif

AgentCakeBaker Posted 22 Mar 2005 , 8:15pm
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I found the moss green color in my local cake supply store. I was able to get a sage color from moss green, of course with a little adjusting. Thanks for your help.

ilithiya Posted 22 Mar 2005 , 9:13pm
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Hey, no problem! That's what any of us are here for. icon_smile.gif Post pics when you can? icon_smile.gif


sweetie Posted 27 Mar 2005 , 4:48am
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Thanks cupcake for posting your pics. The idea came in real handy when my mother called late Thurday night asking me to bake a cake and cupcakes for Saturday for a church function for Easter. She mentioned something about flowers on the cupckes or whatever I wanted was fine. I remembered your flowers and tried them myself but I used the "s" tip # 97 instead and they turned out beautifully. My husband said they were my best cupcakes yet and my mother was like a kid getting that special something. I couldn't believe her reaction! I will post them when I can. Thanks again for sharing.


cupcakes Posted 27 Mar 2005 , 1:29pm
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Thanks Sweetie for your post. It was great to hear about your cupcakes. I can't wait for you to put a picture up. I will try the tip 97 as well.

sweetie Posted 27 Mar 2005 , 8:20pm
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Ok, I posted them under uncatorized, other. Thanks again.


cupcakes Posted 27 Mar 2005 , 10:09pm
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I loved your cupcakes sweetie, I can understand why they were such a big hit. Thanks for sharing, hope everyone has an opportunity to look at them.

m0use Posted 28 Mar 2005 , 2:26pm
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Very pretty!

cupcakes Posted 28 Mar 2005 , 9:25pm
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Hi, I just added my Sunflower Cupcake to the site. I put it on wedding cakes- mini cakes. It is such a quick cupcake to make and a lot of fun to give as gifts.

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