Help!!! My Cookies Absorb The ............

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_ChristyB_ Posted 30 Oct 2005 , 12:40pm
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smell of my house! My sister told me that it tasted like my house smelled. I live in S. Georgia and I wonder if the humidity or something is to blame. It hasn't been too humid here lately, but I am at a loss! I know the cookies have to dry over night when you decorate them, so I leave them out. Does anyone have any ideas here to help me? TIA!!

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cindy6250 Posted 30 Oct 2005 , 12:45pm
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I never leave my cookies sitting out. Just let them cool and them put in container. As long as they are cool, it is fine to put them in a box. Maybe letting them sit out is the problem.....

_ChristyB_ Posted 30 Oct 2005 , 12:58pm
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Thanks Cindy! I am talking about while the icing is drying out so they can be stacked. Any suggestions for that?

bonniebakes Posted 30 Oct 2005 , 1:04pm
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I don't leave my iced cookies out overnight to dry. Instead, I put them in a single layer in tupperware-like containters. I have to spread them out in a LOT of containers, but I also don't have to worry about atracting bugs (especially in rainy wather). You can also stack the containers without worrying about hurting the cookies.

cindy6250 Posted 30 Oct 2005 , 1:08pm
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Sorry Christie,

I must still be half asleep...hee hee

bikegal Posted 30 Oct 2005 , 1:19pm
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If you have a large cookie sheet you can put the cookies in your oven to let them dry. Just remember not to turn on your oven while they are still in there. icon_razz.gif


sweettreasures Posted 30 Oct 2005 , 1:52pm
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That's really interesting to say your cookies absorbed your house smell. What does your smell like that it would absorb into cookies? That's really weird.

DiH Posted 30 Oct 2005 , 3:43pm
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Hmmm, could it possibly be that the cookies haven't taken on the smell of your house... but rather, your hands? Latex gloves could be a real simple solution.

Cake_Princess Posted 30 Oct 2005 , 9:17pm
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Hope your house smells like Vanilla. LOL... OK seriously, could it be your sister's imagination? I leave my cookies on the racks on my dining room table to dry and I have never encountered anything like that.


peg818 Posted 30 Oct 2005 , 9:37pm
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I have had cakes and cookies take on the odors of the house, when there are really strong odors. Like this summer my husband was painting with some really strong oil based paint (he was in the basement) and i had a cake that i did (thank goodness it was just for us) But yep it tasted like paint, and thats not good.

_ChristyB_ Posted 1 Nov 2005 , 12:30pm
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Thanks ya'll! My mom suggested I get the large containers that can be slid under your bed for storage and it works perfectly.

As for the smell in my house, we love the Glade oils that you plug in, so my hubby always has them plugged in and I think that is what she means. I think everyone's home ahas a "scent" to it. I don't mean stink or anything, but like when you walk in your mom's home and it "smells like home". Does that make sense?

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