Halloween Spooky Cake Contest

gsa-25-gift-certificateAll registered members are encouraged to submit a photo of your best Halloween Spooky cake. All voting will be done by the site members and the 1st place winner will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to Global Sugar Art

1st Place

It’s A Boy, Charlie Brown! Halloween Birthday Cake by CakesUnleashed

2nd Place

The Witches’ Kitchen by ddpie

3rd Place

Monster coming out of the ground! by pbjoachim

4th Place

Spooky Halloween/Zombie Attack Cake by CAKE_goodness

5th Place

Scary Harry by diane706

6th Place

Mackenzie turns 5 by MacsMom

33 Responses to “Halloween Spooky Cake Contest”

  1. amelia99, you may want to check your message inbox to see if it was deleted. I accidentally posted my cake pic to the halloween gallery thinking it was the contest gallery, realized it was the wrong spot, and posted it to the contest. I received a message explaining it was deleted from the contest due to multiple postings. If you made the same mistake that I made, that could be what happened to your picture. I hope this helps. Good luck in the contest! :-)

  2. I am not sure aboute my uploaded picture into the Spooky contest gallery. In rules is vriten not to upload the same picture into my galery on this website, but it happened. I only uploaded the picture into Spooky contest galery not into my galery, but the picture appeared there too. Is it ok??????

  3. Hi ramira, I am new to all this, but I am learning fast (I hope!). When you said your picture is in your gallery, do you mean it is in the link called “my photos”? My understanding is that it is ok to be in “my photos” because that is like a storage of all of your personal cake pictures that you post to the website. When I accidentally posted my picture to the holiday section, I had to go to “my photos” to redirect it to the spooky contest section. :-)

  4. It’s not letting me add additional photos of my cake (in the original form). It says I am allowed to add 6 more views but when I upload the additional views it says “only 1 entry allowed”. ??? I’ll try again tomorrow, I s’pose.

  5. I do not see any contest drop down menu too.The contest entry end date is not mentioned.Am I late?The only option was to post it in Holiday section.Please help….

  6. I uploaded a photo to the Halloween holiday folder earlier this week. I do not see a Halloween contest folder when I browse folders. My cake is not in the contest folder. Help.

  7. Is anyone else having trouble voting on the Spooky Cake Contest? I tried to rate a cake and get an error saying this picture is not eligible or something like that. There are some really incredible cakes in the contest and I want to vote!

  8. I am unable to vote as well. I really want to vote I have been looking forward to it. I myself did not enter but love eeryone’s work so far and I really want to vote

  9. When you upload your photo, int the drop-down menu to find the correct categiry you should find “contest”. If it’s not there, it might be because the voting has already begum (Oct 28th).
    I’m bummed because it won’t allow me to upload more than the original photo, and the other angle shows the tilted effect of it! Grrr….

  10. so if they uploaded a picture for the 2009 contest, and the date says they uploaded it back in 06, 07, 08 that means it doesn’t qualify for the 2009 spooky contest?

  11. I seem to have had the same problem with a lot of the other people. I uploaded a photo of a cake to enter the contest but it didn’t show up . Was mine even entered? Congrats though to the winners!

  12. congrats to the winners! i hope i can join u in the next contest ill keep trying! my cake is cauldron but i couldnt up load it on time, so is in halloween category ! is the one with the human body parts!

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