Awesome! Magical! Sweet! Cake Contest

Are you magical, awesome, or sweet? Or all of the above? Upload a picture of a sweet treat to prove it!

Win an autographed copy of Cakespy Presents Sweet Treats For A Sugar-Filled Life (a book by Jessie Oleson) by entering this contest

See more awesome cake spy art here:

All registered members are encouraged to submit a photo of your best Awesome! Magical! Sweet! cake. All voting will be done by the site members

1st Place

CCCCCC – Cake Central’s Cupcakes Cartoon Cake by Panel7124

2nd Place

Sugar Coma by ddon722

3rd Place

alice in wonderland by Liis

4th Place

Baby Tox Box by smcakes

5th Place

What He Wants to Be When He Grows Up by rosequeen

6th Place

3rd birthday dragon cake by mizzbar

54 Responses to “Awesome! Magical! Sweet! Cake Contest”

  1. How can we enter contest when we cant upload pics???!!!! Please look at how many of us our in the forum upset over not being able to upload pictures! It is very frustrating!!!

  2. I just went through all contests and realized that most of the winners have been selected from the first pages .most of the people who vote for the winner don’t have patient to vote all pictures at each pages so the first pic pages have more vote than other pictures.

  3. I have to agree with Nadia38. It doesn’t seem fair that waiting until the last minute to upload your photo (placing it on the first couple pages) makes you more likely to win. I was trying to vote on the last day of the last contest and I got cut off at 8:30 in the morning because it said it was already the next day! ( I live on the West coast of Canada, not sure where the site is run from.) Maybe it would make more sense to base the winners off of the average score or have a panel of judges that look at the average score and make the final decision? Just a thought.

  4. Accidentally uploaded the pic that doesn’t show the entire cake. I tried to delete it but it don’t let me. How can I fix it?. The does say the whole cake must be shown. Thanks for any suggestions .

  5. i also want to add that if people are not able to post correctly to this, then it shouldnt be ran as far as choosing a winner. It should be postponed or added dates to the dates for entry due to error and people not being able to upload, or find the upload period because page i am taken to when i click upload doesnt even have a upload button.

  6. Managed to upload in the end but after about 4 attempts and it accepted when I put nothing in the description box which may have made a difference – for those having difficulty – the upload is on the purple bar at the top of the screen that you are redirected to – good luck

  7. Here is a direct link to upload your photo

    You can also reach the upload page by clicking the “galleries” tab at the top of the page, then ‘Upload Picture” in the purple bar below the tabs.

    As for the comments regarding waiting til the last minute to upload your photo for more votes: The contest does not work this way. It is pointless to wait until the last minute, this has no effect on the number of votes you receive.

    Once voting commences, the order of the photos are randomized. The order you see the photos in is not the same order I see them, or your neighbor sees them in etc.

    When the contest is over, the results are no longer randomized.

  8. I tried to enter the last contest but as everyone is saying above, it wouldnt let me post it. I was considering doing a cake for the current contest even though I dont have any orders for this type of cake. Affraid that it wont post again Im not sure if it is worth the effort. :/

  9. Ok, I kinda understand the frustration with the voting but I choose not to whine about it. When I vote I view the entries everyday as they come in, that way I see them all. I write down my favs then I find them and vote.

  10. Tried every way to get a photo uploaded but it wont upload—-does anyone out there know how to do it????????????? When I get to Confirm it acts like its uploading then tell me it can’t find the web page???????????

  11. Hello,
    please help me! I’d like to change my entry photo because I managed to create a special cake just for this contest. I tried a few times, but it seems that I couldn’t do it myself. Could somebofy please tell me how to do so? Thank you very much!

  12. i would LOVE this contest but cant see the enter contest button. can someone help me? i need help by the end of the day because this contest ends by september 20th 2011 and thats TODAY! please help me.

  13. In reference to a comment earlier in this thread about the photos being randomized once the contest starts, and that what you see isn’t the same as what your neighbor will see, is apparently an inaccurate statement. My 2 roommates, looking on their computers, have the exact same views of all the entries as I have. If your cake was positioned on page 3 prior to the contest starting, it remained on page 3 once it began. The pictures do not appear any different now than they did prior to commencement of the contest and my roommates are seeing them in the exact same order on both of their computers as I am on mine. I think it would have been great had the pictures been shuffled throughout the contest but apparently that is not the case. My hope is that members will take the time to view all of the photos and rate them, as I have seen lovely cakes on all of the pages including the last pages. Takes quite a bit of time to go through them all and rate them, but it’s well worth it if you love seeing beautiful displays of peoples talents. Hope you all have a great day!

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