Alice in Wonderland Cake Contest

gsa-25-gift-certificateAll registered members are encouraged to submit a photo of your best “Alice in Wonderland” cake. All voting will be done by the site members and the 1st place winner will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to Global Sugar Art

1st Place

3D Mad Hatter Cake by CakeDiosa

2nd Place

Alice In Wonderland~the mad hatter by ohnoono

3rd Place

3D hand sculpted Mad Hatter cake by Gonzuela

4th Place

Alice in Wonderland by Naera

5th Place

Mad Hatter by faithfulpilgrim

6th Place

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland Cake by cathylica

23 Responses to “Alice in Wonderland Cake Contest”

  1. hello i’m new to this trying to enter a contest thing. do any of you know the date that the last entry is? i can’t seem to figure it out. thanks for any kind of help i can get.

  2. I have never done this so I have a few questions. I have a cake I did and I posted the picture in my photos, can I enter that one. Also how recent of a cake does it have to be? could someone please help answer my questions. thanks

  3. @dustybrooke1 I believe you can enter it as long as it has not been entered in another contest. Just change the gallery to the “Contest – Alice in Wonderland” Gallery. As far as how recent, I don’t think that’s an issue either.

    Anyone correct me if I am wrong.

  4. I finally registered thinking I will enter one of the contests:) Kind of scary since everyone is very creative. Does anyone know the last day I can enter for the Alice in Wonderland contest?

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