How To Use Russian Piping Tips


Learn how to make beautiful buttercream flowers in a flash with the new "Russian Piping Tips". With just a few tips, buttercream, and gel color, you can have a blooming garden of frosting in minutes.

In this Fast & Fabulous video learn how to use Russian Tulip and Rose Tips with a solid and center stripe to your icing color!


  • Russian 6 Petal Tulip Tip
  • Russian Tulip Bloom Tip
  • Russian 5 Petal Tulip Tip
  • Russian 3 Petal Cream Tulip Tip
  • Russian Spring Tulip Tip
  • Russian Velvet Tulip Tip
  • Russian May Tulip Tip
  • Russian Delicate Petal Tulip Tip
  • Russian Tulip Flower Tip
  • Russian 10 Petal Rose Tip
  • Buttercream Icing Vanilla 1-1/2 Pounds
  • Spring Assortment Premium Food Color Gel Kit 
  • Russian 7 Petal Rose Tip

Comments (13)


You are a always up with the newest trends, and give great tutorials about them. After being called snooty for not being a fan of the Russian tips, I decided buy some to have on hand for myself, and a set for my mother(she likes things quick and easy). Thank you for the tutorial.


@littlejewel I felt the same way, like maybe it was cheating. But I'm impressed with the results when you add some artistry to using them, especially with bag striping. And the way I feel about all buttercream piping,  choosing your colors makes so much difference! There is an art to using these tips. I love the final result, and you can't dispute the efficiency. I ordered the biggest set, can't wait to play with them. It helps that my family are the type who eat buttercream right out of the bowl, they're going to love all that IMBC!


Thanks a million. I purchased a set of these but have yet to get them out and use them because I didn't know how. Your a lifesaver. - Cindya Lovett 


Love these tips.

Your video makes it much easier and neater in getting the colors in the flower center than the traditional striping the bag method.

Thanks much.


These look very pretty.  And I'm not intending to be a critique by any means, but I'm kinda thinkin' that's an awful lot of frosting someone's just gonna scrape off the top.  Who really eats all that frosting?


I think it does depend on what kind of buttercream is used. Do they not answer any of the commented questions?  I would also like to know about the buttercream used. I've heard IMBC works best but whatever they used in this video looks great! Thanks for video!


I believe it's a very thick buttercream. At the beginning it says to add powdered sugar to your buttercream to make it stiffer.  I do not see how IMBC or a non-crusting regular buttercream would hold the petals up.  Also, the part in the video where he makes the striped "insert" for the pastry can tell it's a very stiff buttercream, as it doesn't stick to the plastic wrap. He can almost form that shape with his hands. 

What I want to know is...what size tips are for cuppies and what are for cakes? I am assuming you need a small one for the cuppies...?


Wow beautiful. Love the colours. Anyone know how to get the pink shade? What's  the colour? 



It's probably not IMBC. Chef Allen of GSA probably used the kind of buttercream he sells on his website. They're more likely American buttercream - not my liking...too sweet if I have to eat that much of it on my cupcake. I once saw a video done by Renee Conner using one of these tips with SMBC. It came out pretty good. If anyone else is successful at using these tips with either IMBC or SMBC, please let us know. 

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