Your Slice: What's Your Favorite Tool For Making Flowers?


Making flowers is an enjoyable pastime, a labor of love or a necessary evil in cakemaking, depending on how you look at it. No matter how you feel about flower making, one thing is certain, having the right tools makes all the difference. We want to know what are your favorite flower making tools?

What are your favorite flower making tools?

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What's my favorite tool for making flowers, good question? I'd have to say ball tools because a yr. After interning to learn this craft...I found them in the clay isle of Michaels and i was able to get the money to afford the tools. I later brought the foam mat and tiny cutters. I love making flowers! Life can be harsh but candy flowers make it sweet, literally!


I agree, making flowers and have them come out perfectly is awesome even though I still struggle with the Wilton rose. I am taking cake decorating classes at Micheals, now doing Course 4 but thinking of doing Course 2 again just for the flowers


A ball tool, a vein tool and a set of rose petal cutters and you can make most any flower... oh and the foam mat, the non stick pin, those molded cardboard trays apples come in for forming. Actually I have a lot of stuff for making my flowers but it is less than I used to have when I thought i had to buy a special cutter for each type of flower.

The apple tray must be my favourite because its free!

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