Top Cinco De Mayo Cakes

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with these top cakes that highlight Mexican culture.

Cinco de Mayo Cookies

Cinco de Mayo Cookies By tyalynn

Another view

By jayme1980
Taco cakes made for an early work party celebrating Cinco de Mayo!

Mexican Wedding Cake

By EM411
I entered this in a cake competition. I was inspired by all of the bright, beautiful colors found in Mexican pottery. I couldn’t figure out what do do for the bottom tier and then I found this awesome pattern in the Wilton 2013 Yearbook. I cut circles out of fondant and folded them into triangles. The second tier from the bottom is like a pattern found on an embroidered Mexican dress. That layer is royal icing with a fondant gerbera daisy. The next tier is made of modeling chocolate ruffles which remind me of the dresses during Cinco de Mayo. The top tier has hand painted pottery dishes that were made of gum paste and painted with gel paste colors.

Cinco De Mayo Cactus'

By dcallar
Made for Cinco De Mayo celebration. Thanks to Colette Peters. The needles got tedious so I only put one in each. Had a problem with the bc frosting falling off once piped on.

Nacho cake for Cinco de Mayo

By mazdamoose
Thanks so much for all the inspiration from fellow CCers! I made two 9 inch cakes and cut them into ovals to fit on the platter. Made all the chips out of fondant with oreos crushed into it. The meat is just crushed cake. The lettuce is green fondant that I ran through my mozzarella cheese shredder. The cheese is white chocolate I tinted yellow and shredded on a cheese grater. Olives are fonant. Tomatoes are gummy worms, and buttercream guacomole and sour cream! SO much fun to make!!

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta cookies

By bonniebakes
this is my entry from the Great American Cake show this past weekend. The standing cookies are on cookie “supports” (triangle cookies “glued’ to the back to make a stand). all decorated with RI except the pinatas – all fondant. Boy did they take a long time!!

Cinco De Mayo

By jillycakes
Cinco de Mayo cake for a first birthday party. Sombrero, maracas and chili peppers are made of gumpaste, and the blanket is fondant. Thanks for looking!

Cinco de Mayo

Buttercream icing with fondant sombrero, peppers, and blanket. Maracas are store bought.

Cinco de Mayo

By texa
Cake for fun to put in the teacher’s lounge for Cinco de Mayo. 8″ top layer, choc. w/raspberry; 12″ bottom, vanilla w/strawberry. BC icing, MMF peppers and small accents. Clock on stove says 1:56 — that’s AM. Can we say “obsessive”? :) Much inspiration from several cakes on CC, especially tripletmom!!!

Cinco de Mayo Cake (front view)

By doofusmongerbeep
Another view of the Cinco de Mayo margarita cake.

Cinco de Mayo Cake

By mjs4492
12″ yellow cake with raspberry filling. Everything is edible except the candles. The sombrero is a small little cake (Wilton mini mold pan) covered with fondant. The brim was 50/50 gumpaste/fondant. The chili peppers are made out of fondant. Wilton’s “Fiesta Margarita” cake was my inspiration.

Mexican Fiesta cookies

By endymion
Ever since I saw bonniebakes’ Cinco de Mayo cookies posted on CC, I wanted to make some of my own fiesta cookies! (Thanks for the inspiration!) Made for a Mexican-food-themed potluck at work.


By scrapbookermom
Cactus cake made for a teacher appreciation luncheon on cinco de mayo. The pot is chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache filling, and the cactus is RKT. I used the buttercream dream icing recipe found on this site, royal icing for the spikes, and fondant flowers. My yummy sand is made from graham crackers, brown sugar, cinnamon, and “sugar in the raw”.

Cinco De Mayo cake pops!

By deliciousdesign
These were super fun to make! The margarita glasses are lime cake – very tasty :)

cinco de mayo

By skmaestas
My daughter’s birthday is on Cinco De Mayo so thought I would make her a mexican cake. Confetti cake torted with buttercream. Fondant decorations. I put sugar on the chips to make it look like salt. I heated up some piping gel and poured it over the salsa to make it look more realistic.

Margarita and Salsa

By I_AM_PAM_10
Since my son’s bday is so close to Cinco de Mayo, I decided to try something more difficult. The frame is wood and PVC piping. The cake is 24″ tall. The margarita cake is strawberry margarita with a margarita glaze and frosted with buttercream and covered with fondant. The chili’s are white chocolate and all the other decorations are fondant.. The bulbous part of the “glass” is RKT. The salsa bowl is DDCSC, frosted with buttercream and covered with fondant. The “salsa” is chipped white chocolate (tinted). This was the most difficult cake I’ve ever done. I first used the ball pan to make the bowl, but it fell apart into 5 pieces as soon as I applied the fondant and had to rebake and decorate a cake at midnight.. I hand carved the next one with more success. I think it turned out great. TYFL

Cinco de Mayo

From the Wilton yearbook. Thanks to mjs4492 for some advice. White cake with Bavarian cream filling.

By DiFabulous
Cinco de Mayo

Mexican Wedding Cake

By WickedGoodies
Fiesta cake for a Mexican themed wedding. Finished with piped buttercream and modeling chocolate carnations.


By daberge
This was such a fun cake to do. Makes me want to eat Mexican food every time I look at it.

Mexican Fiesta cake- three tiers

By cakeage
Mexican inspred fiesta/wedding cake.

Mexican Fiesta Cake

By Mycupkates
Hola! The cake is for a Mexican themed birthday party. The drunken man sleeping after a big fiesta… inspired by Cakesaurus’s Mexican theme cake. Thank you for looking.

Mexican / TexMex Fiesta!!!

By noosie
Sombrero cake for TexMex/Southwest engagement party!!!

Hello kitty with sombrero

By LoriMc
Two 8″ rounds of chocolate cake covered in buttercream. FBT on top.

Fiesta Cake

By Felixs Nana
Fondant and Gumpaste Maracas and Chili’s, Vanilla Cake torted with lemon curd, Strawberry filling in middle of cakes with Cream Cheese frosting.

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Thanks so much for adding my Margarita cake to the Top Cinco De Mayo Cakes! Imagine my surprise and delight when I scrolled down and saw it there! I almost deleted the email before going in to see the cakes. Happy day!!

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