Prada, Coach, Michael Kors and more, these purse cakes look like the real thing. You might not even believe they’re cake!

Michael Kors purse
By patisseriejaja
This is my second 3D purse. It is not easy as a flat cake but I am happy with the result. It is a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache all covered with fondant. I put a picture of the cake before covering it with fondant to show the shape that is under.
White louis Vuitton

By adven68
Fondant covered, hand painted (pain-in-the-you-know-what!!!)….got me to hate Louis Vuitton….ugh! I was so looking forward to making this cake and it turned out to give me such a hard time.!!

Olivia's Sweet 16

By amberhoney
The young lady’s mum asked for something funky coloured. I suggested a pink and green purse and she pretty much let me do whatever I liked (aren’t they the best customers!!)

Tiffany purse

By thecakemaven
This cake was made from an 8 inch round, with the top and bottom cut off to form the purse. Covered in fondant and adorned with embossed accents to mimic real leather. The gumpaste handle and fondant button latch complete the look.

RR Purse

By anxeli
This is my first purse cake. I found one I liked on the internet and I copied it the best I can :) . The color scheme and the combination of textures won me, the gold next to the green leather … The diamonds are big sugar crystals. The golden accents are gumpaste, the rest is MMF, except the little holder of the trademark tag, made of floral wire. It was so bizarre cutting and eating it :) , I added a little picture, looks to real to eat …


By mamakaat
I have a bag almost like this, And I wanted to make it ever since I started caking last may. So Stephanie’s 24th birthday was the perfect oppurtunity. It took some time, but I had sooo much fun making this bag! Thx for looking :)

poppy tote

By eneq
made for friend who loves purses. made her her own “brand” of purse. 8″ square carved, iced with SMBC and covered with fondant. fondant and dragee accents. TFL

Juicy Couture Bag

By Anna902
My first sculpted handbag. Juicy couture logo is hand-painted. Thanks for looking!

Coach purse cake!

By Adevag
My first attempt at a purse cake. For a friend’s girlfriend’s birthday to match her own Coach purse!

Purse Cake

By CorinasConfections
Purse cake I made for a cake decorating class that I taught a couple of days ago. Thanks to anna_bananna for the inspiration! TFL! :)

Tania's Bag Cake

By katharry
This is the second of three cakes for a polka dot mad friend.

Vintage Money Purse

By mrsmudrash
I created a set of cupcakes, money and a purse for my husband’s school auction last night!! I was REALLY happy with how the purse and the money turned out…sooo fun and very real looking!! I hand painted the tree on the purse and used edible images for the money. The purse was chocolate cake with chocolate hazelnut buttercream and chocolate ganache. The money was stacks of rice crispy treats covered in modeling chocolate. The 12red velvet cupcakes were filled with cheesecake and topped with cream cheese SMBC. The 12 coconut cupcakes were filled with white chocolate coconut custard and topped with white chocolate SMBC. The set raised size=”featured-medium” align=”left”,400 for the school!! I was shocked and thrilled!! So fun!! TFL!

Crocodile purse cake

By LadyViola
Crocodile purse cake with sugar pearls and sugar rose.

Painted Purse

By snowshoe1
This birthday cake is hand-painted using the cocoa butter method. The cake board is decorated in fondant, and edible inscription, and gumpaste jewels.

Ruffle Purse Cake

By mrsmudrash
I made this for a friend’s birthday! My first zipper! It was fun!!! I hand painted the black edges along all the ruffles. Thanks for looking!

chanel purse and leopard heel

By bdrider
Fondant/gupaste accents. TFL!


By bhv333
This was my first vegan cake order. Chocolate cake with coconut pecan caramel filling.

Birkin Bag

By SarahsSweets2006
Hermes Birkin bag, retail ,000.00 US…. on the hand of every celebrity, including Victoria Beckham who owns one in every color. Covered in fondant with fondant and gumpaste accents (mercedes keys, credit cards – neiman marcus of course), and Ipod. Definitely my most time consuming cake thus far but fun!!!

Coach satchel

By KimmysKakes
This was made from a 2-layer 12″ square cake, stacked and carved. Covered in fondant with fondant accents. The handles are gumpaste. Hand cut Cs using a stencil. :-)

Purse & Shoe

By cakelady11215
From a class I took w/James Roselle and Marina Sousa. Lots of fun, loved the outcome but it all fell apart in the ride home :(

Satchel Handbag Cake

By DeliciaDesigns
An original design satchel handbag cake. Sculpted red velvet cake with whipped cream cheese buttercream frosting.

Michael Kors purse cake

By alittleslice
3d Michael Kors purse cake by Christina Pagan & Yesenia FigueroaFeeds about 25 people.Find & Instagram @alittleslice

By malou1021
I think I wouldbe alright if all I did we’re purses. They’re so fun to make.

By Araucaria
Mini Purse made with lace mold en sugarveil!Love it!!


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Lovely handbags of cake,how do l learn on step to step basic

malou1021 Says... 2014-03-06 21:07:32

Wow! I can't believe mine was added to this awesome collection.

pasterita Says... 2014-03-17 18:31:09

todas me encantaron!

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