Top Frozen Cakes

Disney’s movie Frozen has inspired many Winter wonderland, princess, and fun animated cakes. Check out our top Frozen cakes.

By KO-sCakes
Disney Frozen cake. Modeling chocolate characters on top tier, Sven and Olaf. Hand made isomalt snowflakes and icicles. Modeling chocolate trees on bottom tier.
Frozen Themed Cake

By whitecrafty
10″, 8″, and 6″ cake covered with marshmallow fondant. Olaf, Sven and details made with marshmallow fondant as well. Trees made with white chocolate. Thank you for looking!

FROZEN : Princess Elsa and Olaf

By SSN_sweets
My daughter’s birthday party was supposed to have been this weekend but has been postponed to next month but I couldn’t wait till then , so I thought I will post two of the toppers I had done for the cake to know what you think about it and whether they need any improvement now that I have some more time :-) .She wanted a princess cake, hence Princess Elsa… from FROZEN :-) Thank you for your support and encouragement and Thank you for looking

Frozen cake

By cecika
Elsa – Frozen

Disney's 'Frozen'

By BabyGotCakes
‘Frozen’ Two Tier covered in fondant with fondant accents. Characters are handmade from fondant. Thanks for looking!


By CbyA
Olaf from “Frozen”Big Cookie 10x6in.

By ginnyklewis
Olaf (Frozen) – yellow cake, chocolate buttercream filling, vanilla buttercream frosting. The “snow” on top, border, and snow balls are fondant. The blue is a smoothed buttercream finish. The “6″ and name are made of gumpaste. Olaf is RKT covered in fondant, “sticks” are floral wire covered in royal icing.


Frozen By alanscakescraft
Olaf & Sven from Frozen

Frozen cake

Frozen By cupncake1
I enjoyed making this cake, it was 2 eight inch, 1 seven inch and one six inch carved then I cut out the center and inserted the dolls which I wrapped in saran and placed in a tube which was also wrapped in saran. Thanks for looking :)

Frozen By acakedecorator
Olaf cake (from Disney’s Frozen). My first standing fondant figure. Sugar cone trees.

Disney's Frozen

Frozen By kashmiere
Cake iced in buttercream, snowflakes and topper made with gumpaste/fondant mix. *

Frozen By gettingstarted
Elsa frozen doll cake with Olaf. I was inspired by another frozen cake that I had seen.

Disney's Frozen Cake

Frozen By Sweetypants

Frozen Theme

Frozen By KimmysKakes
8″ & 6″ rounds covered in fondant and airbrushed. Fondant and gumpaste accents. My client is supplying the toppers. :-)


Frozen By nancysmom

Frozen theme cupcakes

Frozen By MamaNenascakes
used boiled sugar as crystals

Olaf (Frozen)

Frozen By hapci03
Olaf (Frozen)

Frozen Cake

Frozen By L Abeille
Cake inspired by the Disney movie Frozen with Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Krystoff, Sven and a waterfall

Disney Frozen

Frozen By Les1974
After seeing the film my children decided that Mummy should attempt a cake.

Frozen By seb1079
Disney Frozen cake, Ombre fondant ruffles, Isomalt sugar gems, fondant toppers.

Disney Frozen

Frozen By treatz
I gave been doing this little girl’s birthday cake every single year, and each time, she is so overwhelmed. I used lights to bring out the castle even more. All the melting snow is fondant. I used white sugar flakes on the whole cake to create a more snowy effect

By koobs84
The castle is made from fondant and painted with edible pearl dust mixed with lemon extract. Once dry, I assembled it together on the top of the cake

Olaf's Winter Wonderland

By SweetPea0613
One of my favorites this year! Tri color buttercream cake with fondant details. Olaf and trees are fondant as well. Can you spot the Hidden Mickeys???

Snowboarding Olaf

By morrisaz2004
I had the honor of doing this cake for another caker. I love Olaf! Olaf and trees made out of gumpaste. TFL

By SweetCarolines
WASC cake with Boston cream filling. Plaque is hand painted; Olaf is gumpaste.

Sculpted Olaf Cake

By TraditionallyUnorthodox
Chocolate and vanilla cake with fondant accents.

Frozen Birthday Cake with Elsa, Anna and Olaf (and the castle, too)

Frozen Birthday Cake with Elsa, Anna and Olaf (and the castle, too) By ittybittybakery
Frozen cake for twin boy and girl. The only thing the boy wanted was Olaf. The girl, on the other hand, wanted just about everything else from the movie! I cut her off at Elsa, Anna and the castle. The magical spinning snow in Elsa's hand was the last straw.

Frozen - cake

Frozen Birthday Cake with Elsa, Anna and Olaf (and the castle, too) By cccris

Olaf - Frozen

Frozen Birthday Cake with Elsa, Anna and Olaf (and the castle, too) By milenehabib
Olaf handcrafted in sugar paste

Frozen Birthday Cake with Elsa, Anna and Olaf (and the castle, too) By eliza3
Happy 7th Birthday!!Kaylie is huge fan of the Frozen movie. Her favorite character is Elsa and of coarse Olaf.When she saw her cake her remark was "Best Cake EVER". =)This was my first Frozen movie theme cake. Let my little girl side come out with this cake. OMG and Olaf was so much fun to make. Elsa hand carved and hand painted.5",7",9"Top Tier:Chocolate cake with bavarian filling with chocolate buttercream.Middle Tier:Vanilla cake with cream cheese and strawberry filling with vanilla buttercream.Bottom Tier:Chocolate cake with strawberry filling and chocolate buttercream.

Frozen Dessert Buffet

Frozen Birthday Cake with Elsa, Anna and Olaf (and the castle, too) By lisjmar1983
My Frozen CakeQueen Elsa stained Glass window design13" high

Elsa Cake

Elsa Cake By fireflycakes
My Birthday cake with a handcut Elsa from Frozen on the top x


Frozen By teeny82

By juditreding
Olaf From Fozen

By stylishly-sweet
Disney frozen Elsa cake.

Another Frozen Cake! :)

Another Frozen Cake! :)By cakesbyraewyn
I know!! ANOTHER Frozen cake but Amelia LOVES Frozen and I REALLY wanted to build a Snowmaaaaaan……AND make Olaf standing on his hand…….this is why I LOVE making cakes for friends and family….I can do things I REALLY want to do haha!Happy 5th birthday Gorgeous! :) xx


Frozen By jitkap

Olaf and his Flower

Olaf and his Flower By morrisaz2004
It's always difficult doing an original design, when something is so popular. Ice mountains, snowflakes and lettering is done with isomalt. Everything else is done in fondant and/or gumpaste. TFL

disney frozen

disney frozen By treatz

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It is an honor, Thank you so much for sharing my Princess Elsa and Olaf among these amazing "Frozen" Cakes :-) So Happy........


I'm confused. If recreating a disney character violates copyright laws why is cake central featuring these cakes and tutorials that do just that?


What a surprise to be scrolling down the pics admiring all the great work and then see mine! Thank you very much! It's an honor to be among so many talented cake artists!


I'm curious as well, BDesigns..................could they have received the permission they needed? The cakes are absolutely gorgeous.

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