Top cakes for the love of horses.

Standing horse cake

Standing horse cake By mlee000
This is my horse I’ve entered in a local competition, in novice class – as it’s my first year. It took a good 5 days to do, as I was trying to figure everything out as I went. The legs & under tummy is a stainless steel frame and the body, neck & head is cake. I modelled him on a famous racehorse, but he’s maybe a little chubby to be built for speed – I used photos of the real horse and bought a horse magazine for reference. He’s about 10.5 inches long from front to rear legs. First go at airbrushing, which is more scary than what I thought.

By springlakecake
I am really happy with the way this turned out. So much so that I am excitedfor the person to pick it up, however, I wish I could keep it here..LOL! Idid this in exchange for a freezer my husband got from a co-worker last year.I was inspired mainly by a cake done by Michelle’s Cakes that I found onher website. I enjoyed looking at many other horse cakes posted here as well.

Cowboy cake

By Kitagrl
My boss and I worked on this one together today. Got the inspiration from Cake Corner.


By torki
I was asked (heavily persuaded) to try and make a replica of a horse statue for a display.After a few hiccups….amputation of the first set of legs….This is the finished product…. DH actually confused him for the real statue!!! I’m pretty happy on how he (Harry) turned out.He is made from gumpaste….thanks for looking :-)


By Anoel

3D Horse B-Day Cake

By cjcj
First try at a 3D horse cake. The head and legs are RK treats (first try working with also). The ears, eyes and spots are fondant. The whole cake is covered in buttercream icing smoothed down.

Horse stable

By toskanaloewe
This is the birthdaycake for my brother. He has 5 horses and a school, to learn drive horse carriage. All is done with fondant, and the horses are air-brushed.

Cow Girl Birthday Cake

By cupadeecakes
This cake is based on a design by Ana Beatriz Carrard that I saw on Pinterest. Bandana tier is covered in fondant, belt buckle, horse heads, and cow girl hat was all made from modeling chocolate

A Horse, Of Course

By Mac
THis cake was sculpted from a 1/4 sheet cake than put on another 1/4 sheet cake. Rice Krispie ears covered in choco-pan. Rest of the cake is all BC.

Copper Horse

By kneadacookie
These were samples I made for a perspective customer’s bat mitzvah. i’m not a huge horse person, so any comments would be fabulous!! toba’s glace over butter cookies

Wild horses for Charlotte

By SplendorCakes
Big credit has to go to Cynthia’s Custom Cakes, whose wonderful handpainted grassy/flower idea I pretty much copied.


By bittle
Hand sculpted fondant horses. Used stylofoam and wires for support

carousel horse

By hockeymom
I used the “Wilton” horse pan, and marked out the saddle, blankets, straps, etc for the horse, and then piped it in. The carousel pole is a plastic dowel, covered in the gold foil and then stuck into the cake.

Horse Cake

By Aedans_Cakes
I made this horse cake for a meeting of my local University Equestrian Network. I put it under birthday cakes because I would totally love this cake for my birthday! Its tiers are 4in and 6in. Its chocolate malt cake with vanilla malt buttercream frosting. I now have a whole new respect for people who can get perfectly smooth buttercream!! So melty!! The horses are piped milk and dark chocolate. I think next time I am going to make a rearing horse for the top. Thanks for looking!

Quarter Horse

By diane706
The horse was 2 ft tall and 2 1/2 feet long! The head and legs were sculpted with RKT and the body and base were cake. The entire horse was covered in and detailed with chocolate fondant The jumps, flowers etc were made from gum paste.

Horse Cupcake Cake

By SGordon
Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes.

Horse Cake Pops

By cdmolina83
Chocolate cake pops in the shape of horse heads. Used candy melts for the manes and hand painted the reins on. TFL!

Horse Running on the Beach

By laventure
Marshmallow fondant covered cake, fondant and icing horse, cinnamon sugar and brown sugar sand, piping gel ocean and water, icing waves and clouds. Fondant sky and ocean painted over white fondant and blotted with paper towel for textured look.

Horse Cookies

By Kitagrl
Last year at Christmas I gave my kids teachers each a certificate for a free round cake, two dozen cupcakes, or two dozen cookies. One of them just now ordered hers LOL. I’m not very patient with cookies and tend not to spend the time it takes to get them perfect, but I think the little girl will like them just fine. I do like doing cookies every once in awhile, but not too often…my wrist doesn’t enjoy alot of piping!

By SugarRushCustomCookies
Horse Portrait

By luvmykids2bits
Traded this cake for horseback riding lessons for my daughter! Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and marshmallow fondant. Horses are hand painted.


luvmykids2bits Says... 2014-02-28 11:52:22

Wow! That's my cake! :) Thanks!

grammy1963 Says... 2014-03-03 08:51:00

This is incredible! How did you get the horse to stand? How would deliver something like this without damage? Terrific job. I would be interested in a .tutorial.

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