Good for kids young and old, crayon cakes are fun and perfect for any celebration.

Paint and Crayons Birthday Cake
Paint and Crayons Birthday Cake By maywest
I was given total creative freedom on this fun arts and crafts birthday party cake. Love how it turned out! So fun with all the bright colors. Crayons and other details made of fondant.

Harold and the Purple Crayon

By Windwhistler
Chai cake, cinnamon BC, and homemade marshmallow fondant. The crayon is just purple food coloring. Kind of wish I had planned for more color in this cake or at least put it in front of a sky blue background.

Crayon Cake Pops!

By mzunique
These were also made for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party. Let me just say, they were not easily made! I used instruction from the wilton cake pop book. They are very time consuming to make, but so worth it! If you look closely you will see they are nowhere near flawless but cute nonetheless. Everyone loved them! TFL :)

Crayons for the teacher

Crayons for the teacher By staceyc3
6″ and 9″ iced in BC. Candy star sprinkles, gumpaste / fondant bow and crayons. Names piped with black royal icing. This is a repeat of a cake I did last year, but I think this one turned out lots better.

Box of crayons

Box of crayons By kiraboo
This was made for a friend’s art-themed birthday party. The box is two 12×15 layers, carved on one side for the crayons. The lid, flaps and black on the crayons are fondant, the rest buttercream. The crayon tips are ice cream cones. It was a pain having to mix all those colors, but lots of fun. Thanks for looking! :)

Crayon Cake

Crayon Cake By abromavm
A crayon cake for a two-year old’s “Color” themed birthday party.

Crayon cake

Crayon cake By tguegirl
Thanks to kiraboo for the fantastic original inspiration and instructions! I saw it and had to try it. I donated this to a local homeless shelter for their monthly birthday party for kids. The kids loved it and insisted on eating specific colors of crayons. The crayon tips are fondant-covered ice cream cones.

Crayon Cake

Crayon Cake By tace
This was made for a 3 and 4yr old girl’s “Coloring Themed” birthday. BC with fondant accents


Crayons! By cookienormous

crayon cake

crayon cake By dials
a friend asked for a crayon cake for her sons sign language class graduation.its made from vanilla cake, buttercream and fondont crayons

Crayon Topsy Turvy

Crayon Topsy Turvy By boscakes

5 foot crayon cake

5 foot crayon cake By mareg
8 in rounds. chocolate and wasc. Covered in bc with fondant decorations. tip covered in fondant.

Kindergarten Teacher Appreciation

Kindergarten Teacher Appreciation By tinytammi
For my daughter’s class on the last day of kindergarten. All fondant. Crayons are fondant/gumpaste. Apple is RKT covered in fondant.

Basket for Teacher

Basket for Teacher By joanne914
This was made for a student teacher in my building that completed her student teaching today! :-) I didn’t write on the “chalkboard” because I couldn’t remember how to spell her last name…lol…and had to take my “piping bag” to school with me! I checked with her cooperating teacher and added her name at school! :-) Thanks totally to Lambshack for her crayon cookies design that I saw in the gallery! Crayons are NFSC covered in fondant and RI accents. Chalkboard is RI. Thanks for looking.

Sesame Street

Sesame Street By soph917
I am so grateful for the awesome tutorials I found here on CC. I had a client who had very specific requests for this cake, and I was able to actually pull them off thanks to cake central! Specifically, the Elmo tutorial from Liis, and KalliCakes crayon tutorial.


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really cute colorful cakes.

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