I am thrilled to announce our first ever Limited Edition Hardcover Book!

The Adore 2013 Limited Edition Book has been over a year in the making and I could not be more excited to finally announce it.  This book spans 256 pages of some of the most beautiful and creative cakes we have featured in Cake Central Magazine through the entire year of 2013 (Volume 4).

This beautiful book is a curated showcase of amazing cakes featured in Cake Central Magazine throughout 2013. This highly collectible book allows you to experience the talent and creativity of some of the world’s most inspiring cake artists as only Cake Central Magazine can present them.

This is a very short print run, limited to only 1,000 copies. Each book is individually hand signed and numbered by me.

Get your copy today, before they are gone!

We also have a holiday package available! Get your CC goodies by Christmas if you order by Dec 16!



scorpio1966 Says... 2013-12-04 14:07:28

how do I purchase one? I am in British Columbia, CaNADA, and would love a copy , Is it available for Canadians?

Jackie Says... 2013-12-04 14:21:28

pjheun Says... 2013-12-04 20:55:10

*Gasp* Is that.....? Oh my goodness!!! Are those actual pictures in the book? Eeeeeeeek! I'm so excited to get mine! Already pre-ordered one!

CbyA Says... 2013-12-06 08:37:52

I placed my order! Wo-hoo!! But my question is, when will it arrived? Since I want to give them as Christmas presents. Thanks in advanced! Ana.

FromScratchSF Says... 2013-12-08 19:15:07

So excited and can't wait to get mine!!!!

GloriCreations Says... 2013-12-16 09:57:41

I ordered mine on December 6th and still have not received it Spoke with someone at the post office and they post office has no record of it except for what the tracking number says and that's that they only have record that it was supposed to be mailed on December 6th nothing else. I even have alerts to be sent to my email and so far nothing. I paid full price sad :(

LeanneW Says... 2013-12-17 09:33:28

GloriCreations, The book will be shipping in the new year, this is a pre-order, with a publication date of February 10. If you have questions about your order please email

Thank you,


scorpio1966 Says... 2014-01-30 10:12:30

I ordered my book just before christmas but still have not received it, how long does it take ? The credit card has been charged. Carolyn Abbotsford , B.C. Canada

Gtiki Says... 2014-02-27 02:46:30

When is this book going to ship?

Anie2623 Says... 2014-03-04 18:13:50

I placed my order so long ago that I can't remember! But I never did get the books.... HELP!

Anie2623 Says... 2014-03-04 18:33:49

I just found my receipt and I placed my order on Nov. 28, 2013! Got the confirmation but nothing else! I was supposed to receive all my "CC Goodies" by Christmas if the order was placed by Dec. 16th. Go figure. Never got a thing... :-(

MelaMang75 Says... 2014-03-24 13:31:03

I've never received my order even though I paid for it. I've emailed support twice and have never heard back? Someone please help!?!

weeshiv Says... 2014-03-24 15:55:06

I have also ordered a book and not received it. No replies to my emails or facebook posts. Does anyone know what is happening and if money will be refunded due to non receipt of the book?

Anie2623 Says... 2014-04-10 17:49:56

I've emailed 4 times and have also posted messages on FB requesting information on the book, to no avail. Not a single word! This is ridiculous! My credit card was charged on Nov. 29, 2013 and I expected the book and goodies before Christmas, as advertised, but here we are April 10, 2014 and no book, no goodies but what's worse, NO EXPLANATIONS, NO REPLIES TO THE MANY INQUIRIES!! What is going on? Will someone please at least have the COURTESY of replying to our many questions? Really, I would have expected so much better from CAKE CENTRAL. What a disappointment.

bacibaci Says... 2014-04-19 00:16:00

Looks like I'm in the same boat. I've sent several messages to a few different email addresses as well as on Facebook and not even a response back. Such a disappointment. At least inform us of the status. It's late, on backorder..something! I would have expected at least some sort of correspondence by now. I share Anie2623's sentiments. At least have the common courtesy to get in touch with those of us who purchased goods that we are rightfully entitled to. You can obviously see these responses as you had no problem responding in the thread as to where and how to purchase. But now it's time to deliver…and you've all fallen off the face of the earth! Beyond disappointed!!

lisgomp Says... 2014-04-19 07:47:39

I placed my order on December, 2013. It has been four months, as some comments posted above, My credit card was charged on December,the same day I placed the order , I have written costumer support at least five times inquiring about my order and have not gotten a response, no explanation , nothing. There is no way to reach these people? I want my money back, this is totally irresponsible behavior from Cake Central!!!! !

lisgomp Says... 2014-04-19 08:05:26

Maybe we need to take legal action, this is ridiculous!

carmie00 Says... 2014-04-19 14:05:41

It says on the site it is supposed to ship April 10, 2014. So, maybe soon.

EnticingCakeBoutique Says... 2014-05-03 21:07:59

I still have yet to receive my book. I am so upset because first they mentioned February and then it said April and NOTHING has come in yet!! Atleast if they gave us another possible date or responded to everyone's concern it would help conserve their integrity as a company. At this point I will NEVER order from CC again! AND I STILL WANT MY BOOK!! I Agree with the legal action because if you multiply all the $ multiplied by the thousands who ordered. That's a big chunk and they have not delivered as promised :(

alexoxford Says... 2014-05-05 08:10:30

My husband pre-ordered the book for me as a Christmas gift. As with all of you, we have received no direct communication whatsever from Cake Central as to when the book will finally (if ever) be available. The only way I learned about the February and then the April ship dates was going on to the website and finding it. This is absolutely terrible customer service. I have also emailed them several times and received no response. In case someone from Cake Central does do us the courtesy of responding my order ID# is 13344, placed on December 11, 2013. I also have a subscription to the online magazine which I will not be renewing at this point. Totally not acceptable!!

dianabb1775 Says... 2014-05-05 12:30:09

I have just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Seattle WA. They readily took my money back in November 2013 and still no book! I have removed them from my facebook, emails, subscriptions and pretty much anything that is attached to them.

I'm extremely disappointed with this company. This is not how you run a business. You have to contact your paying customers, or is this how they keep their business alive? Shame on you for cheating good, hard-working people out of their money.

WhiskMeAwayCakes Says... 2014-05-13 13:57:26

I paid for this book on 12/9 and still have not received it. Id appreciate a response, even to tell us that production is delayed and when we will get the book. I will be filing a complaint with my bank to get my money back in June if I havent heard anything, as it will have been 6 months since I paid for something I have yet to receive.

alicfisher Says... 2014-07-09 07:40:58

Where is my book that I have paid for over seven months ago? I cannot believe this is happening to me again. I paid for a subscription just before Cake central decided to stop printing and never received my refund and no access to the digital magazine. Have I seriously been ripped off a second time? I feel like such a fool and can't believe that Cake Central are doing this again. What can be done about this?

Gtiki Says... 2014-07-09 18:55:17

I received my book today in the mail, yay!

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