For two decades, cakemakers have marked their calendars for the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show (OSSAS), a prestigious cake competition in Tulsa, OK. This year’s ballet theme inspired dozens of extraordinary cakes, and cakemaker and OSSAS 2012 Grand National Champion Vivian Pham created a definite showstopper. Innovative and stunning, this video provides a look at the process behind each detail on Vivian’s cake, all showcased in a captivating time-lapse video.

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Vivian Pham 2013 OSSAS Cake

I wanted to share with the world how passionate I am about cake decorating. This video wasn’t meant to be a tutorial, but if people can gather some insight from this than that is great. This cake took over 300 hours to finish.It is a dummy cake, but everything that is covering the dummies are edible.

This was my third year competing at the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show, directed by Kerry Vincent.

2011- 6th Place and Gold (

2012- Grand National Champion (
2013- 9th Place and SIlver

Overall I am very happy and proud of how far i come. Cant wait to show you guys more.

Photographer – Blurred line Photography

Music – in order
Eyes On Me- Final Fantasy
Melodies of Life- Final Fantasy
Every Heart- BoA
Tung Hua- Guang Liang
One Summers Day- Spirited Away
Canon in D- Pachelbel


Greektina Says... 2013-11-12 13:06:05

What an amazing insight to the love and artistry of your work. I am speechless.

airamx Says... 2013-11-12 19:16:11

Amazing! Beautiful! All the best in your cake adventures!!!

enga Says... 2013-11-12 19:48:00

OOOOhhh my goodness, that was beautiful and fascinating to watch. You are so talented!


Cakes By Carole Says... 2013-11-12 23:56:42

What a Masterpiece! You have incredible talent and must have endless patience. Congratulations and you deserve the accolade you are getting! Well done!

SPCOhio Says... 2013-11-14 16:02:15

You have such vision. I'm not sure that part of the craft can be taught, and I think you just simply ARE an artist. This is what sets you apart from so many others. Brilliant.

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