Behind the Scenes: Vivian Pham's 2013 OSSAS Cake

For two decades, cakemakers have marked their calendars for the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show (OSSAS), a prestigious cake competition in Tulsa, OK. This year’s ballet theme inspired dozens of extraordinary cakes, and cakemaker and OSSAS 2012 Grand National Champion Vivian Pham created a definite showstopper. Innovative and stunning, this video provides a look at the process behind each detail on Vivian’s cake, all showcased in a captivating time-lapse video.

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Vivian Pham 2013 OSSAS Cake

I wanted to share with the world how passionate I am about cake decorating. This video wasn’t meant to be a tutorial, but if people can gather some insight from this than that is great. This cake took over 300 hours to finish.It is a dummy cake, but everything that is covering the dummies are edible.

This was my third year competing at the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show, directed by Kerry Vincent.

2011- 6th Place and Gold (

2012- Grand National Champion (
2013- 9th Place and SIlver

Overall I am very happy and proud of how far i come. Cant wait to show you guys more.

Photographer – Blurred line Photography

Music – in order
Eyes On Me- Final Fantasy
Melodies of Life- Final Fantasy
Every Heart- BoA
Tung Hua- Guang Liang
One Summers Day- Spirited Away
Canon in D- Pachelbel

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OOOOhhh my goodness, that was beautiful and fascinating to watch. You are so talented!



What a Masterpiece! You have incredible talent and must have endless patience. Congratulations and you deserve the accolade you are getting! Well done!


You have such vision. I'm not sure that part of the craft can be taught, and I think you just simply ARE an artist. This is what sets you apart from so many others. Brilliant.

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