What better way to celebrate the fashionista in your life than with a cake filled with her favorite designers? From T.J.Maxx to Louis Vuitton, our cakemakers have covered all the biggest brands. Check out these Top Shopping Bag Cakes and keep your eyes peeled for inspiration the next time you hit the mall!


Shopping Theme
Shopping Theme By tido
For a shopaholic who loves designer labels. Shopping bag is chocolate mudcake. Gucci handbag and wallet are RKT covered with icing sheet. Bank cards are gumpaste with icing sheet and rice paper receopt. I was off with my stripe measurements and had to live with it…sigh…long story. Anyway…I still loved how it turned out and so did the lady who placed the order. TFL.

Quilted Shopping BagJoin Instructor Michelle Bommarito

as she teaches you to sculpt cake, quilt fondant, and make gumpaste tissue paper in her Carved Shopping Bag Cake Class! This carving technique can be applied to similar cake projects, such as handbags. Once you master this carving technique the possibilities are endless! Register now for classes coming up in January 2014 in Miami, FL.

Dillard's Service Award Cake

By morrisaz2004
Dillard’s Western Div. asked me to do a shopping bag cake for their Service Awards. The gold “D” award on top of cake is what the actual award looks like. Cake is cut from sheet cakes and then I placed fondant panels on all sides, to create bag. Handles are made out of gumpaste. Tissue paper is made out of fondant/gumpaste mixture.

Shopping Bag Cake

Shopping Bag Cake By jessicamaponte
Shopping Bag Cake

Tiffany Bag Cake

Tiffany Bag Cake By natimf30
A Tiffany bag cake in chocolate with peanut butter buttercream. All fondant decorations and hand painted letters.

Hollister Shopping Bag

Hollister Shopping Bag By fh-cakes
Hollister Shopping Bag, Ballet Sippers, iphone and her favorite 3 cd’s…all edible..

LV Shopping Bag

LV Shopping Bag By nunuk
Ordered by one of my customers whose mother in law like to go shopping.

Shopping Bag

Shopping Bag By baker101

Shopping bag cake

Shopping bag cake By luckylibra
White cake with bc frosting. Gumpaste shoe, bag and necklace. The jewel on the shoe was from Global Sugar Art. Fun cake to make. The shopping bag is 50/50 gumpaste fondant left to harden for several days. TFL

Gucci Shopping Bag

Gucci Shopping Bag By cathy230
My customer ordered this cake for her boyfriend….she wanted a wallet and sunglasses to be falling out of or around a Gucci shopping bag. Everything is edible…..the sunglasses were made out of gumpaste and the wallet was a combination of fondant and gumpaste. The cake was French Vanilla. TFL!

Shopping Bag & Shoe

Shopping Bag & Shoe By fullhouse

Shopping bag cake

Shopping bag cake By shaonh
Ok… so this one was all guess work when doing it. But it turned out well.

Tarjayy Shopping bag and purse

Tarjayy Shopping bag and purse By thesweetestthingcs
The birthday girl loves to shop at target but she calls it “tarjayy” to sound more fancy haha! so i made the shopping bag to look more like the bags you get at the mall and stuff. Sponge cake with dulce de leche filling with chocolate ganache icing.enjoy!

Guess shopping bag

Guess shopping bag By rosie2
Vanilla flavor with apricot filling. Iced in white choc ganache and fondant. Edible images. Clothing, make-up, flip-flops, tissue, coin purse and handles were made out of gumpaste. For some reason I found this cake pretty easy to make–baked one evening and decorate the 2nd evening. The b-day girl love it! TFL

Bebe Shopping Bag Cake

Bebe Shopping Bag Cake By cupcake-cutie
3 tiers- WASC, vanilla, and strawberry cake filled with vanilla butter cream

MAC Cosmetics Shopping Bag

MAC Cosmetics Shopping Bag By maywest

j crew shopping bag cake

j crew shopping bag cake By momz2busy
Created for a shopper Mom- the Dad just wanted flowers in there somewhere so here’s what I came up with. Red velvet with cream cheese buttercream.

Victoria's Secret Shopping Bag Cake

Victoria’s Secret Shopping Bag Cake By aprilismaius
A red velvet bridal shower cake styled like a Victoria’s Secret Bag. The customer had me change the words to Bride to Be.

Designer Shopping Bag and Shoe Cake

Designer Shopping Bag and Shoe Cake By shamsd

Amie's Favorite Things

Amie’s Favorite Things By anna902
For my sister-in-law’s 30th birthday, i put together a collection of things that I know she loves. The Victoria’s Secret box, the Bloomingdale’s shopping bag and the Chanel makeup purse are all cake. The Starbucks cup is RKT covered in fondant. The makeup and makeup brush are gumpaste. Thanks for looking!

shop girl

shop girl By eneq
10″ fondant covered cake for friend’s birthday. made painted shops of the places she liked. vines also hand painted. all other accents also fondant. 6″ shopping bag. 4kidsrspecial and i made this cake together–it still took us a LONG time.

Louis Vuitton Gift Bag

Louis Vuitton Gift Bag By robbbbbbin
Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate truffle filling – chocolate fondant bag and tissue paper

By cakesbyelaine
bebe 3D shopping bag with money, credit card, receipt, satin bow, tissue, bling fondant cake

Shopping bag and Magazine

Shopping bag and Magazine By rosie2
Cake for my nephew’s girlfriend. This cake came out huge! I made 2 layers, one was vanilla flavor with strawberry filling and the 2nd layer was chocolate with cream filling. All edible except cake-board. Tissue, pearls, scarf, sun glasses, case, credit card and receipt are all gumpaste. Her picture is an edible image and I also put her pic on the visa credit card. She got a kick out of her pic on a ‘fake’ magazine :) TFL

60th Birthday Cake/DSW Shopping Bag with Gum-paste High Heel Shoe

60th Birthday Cake/DSW Shopping Bag with Gum-paste High Heel Shoe By jimmyca
60th Birthday Cake/DSW Shopping Bag with Gum-paste High Heel ShoeBlack, Pink & White ThemeVanilla Cake w/ American Butter-cream Icing

Shopping Frenzy

Shopping Frenzy By carolinedoodles

Gucci Shopping Bag

Gucci Shopping Bag By pattyasken
Created this for a birthday girl turning 18, needless to say she loves to shop!

By mrswendel
*18th birthday cake. 8 inch and carved 6/7 inch cake, covered in fondant. Tiffany bag on top is fake as client wanted to keep it along with the 18.

Nordstroms Bag

Nordstroms Bag By cakeladie1

Way To Shop!

Way To Shop! By morrisaz2004
Macy’s Shopping Bag 2.0. Cake is two 10″ Square cakes, cut in half and stacked. Vanilla bean cake with fresh strawberry filling. Bag is made out of MMF panels and put on with white chocolate. Handles and accessories are made out of fondant and tylose. Gems made out isomalt. TFL

Bloomingdale's Bag with Accessories

Bloomingdale’s Bag with Accessories By chilz822
Bloomingdales bag filled with money, polo short to match the clients attire for the day, Gucci tie, LV Wallet, Gold Card, more money… and a special message on the receipt. Triple 1/4 sheets in margarita, coconut, and pineapple with cheesecake

Pandora Gift Bag

Pandora Gift Bag By gillicious


Rosie2 Says... 2013-10-25 10:11:38

Yayyy I'm so excited!! two of my cakes were selected in this category. I never think my cakes are worth of any mentioning so this is awesome!!! Thank you Cake Central you made my day!! :)

Kadesan Says... 2013-10-26 00:48:48

Beautiful cakes! Can someone please explain to me the easiest most effective way to make the fondant tissue in the shopping bag cakes? Thank you.

maybenot Says... 2013-10-27 15:52:39

I usually roll out extremely thin strips of 50/50 using my KA pasta roller. I store the sheets in a zip log bag [2 gallon] on clear flexible cutting mats. I cut them into squares--about 4x4--and then pinch/shape them and fill the top of the bag.

luckylibra Says... 2013-10-28 12:22:03

I am so excited!!! I have never been on a "top" list of anything ... :) So pleased my cake made the cut.

Rosie2 Says... 2013-10-28 14:52:35

I know what you mean Luckylibra!! :)

Rosie2 Says... 2013-10-28 14:58:21

Hi Kadesan, I do mine pretty much like Maybenot except I don't pass them through the pasta roller. By hand I just roll gumpaste very thin and then cut squares to reseamble tissue paper. Then I pinch them to give the look of crunched tissue. Let it dry for a day or so and arrange them on your cake as desired. I usually make extras since I always break some in the process. Good luck!!

Kadesan Says... 2013-10-29 07:33:24

Thanks a lot ladies (and gents?)!

eatcakes13 Says... 2015-04-22 23:04:57

Everyone did such a great job! Cakes look great!! How do the cakes get picked?

visa3 Says... 2015-04-23 11:38:53

These cakes are truly amazing !!!

love everyone of them

I would love to know what products and method for making/ painting 

the gold colors thanks in advance 


tido Says... 2015-04-24 11:49:12

Thanks for featuring my cake. I'm really happy :)

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